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The job of a samurai is highly complex in Final Fantasy XI, and players may only become eligible for it if they have achieved or above level 30 in the game. Compared to their earlier versions, the Samurai underwent a radical transformation.


Due to the cutting-edge nature of their talents and capabilities, Samurais in Final Fantasy XI are sometimes referred to as "demon slaughterers." They also have the power to form a circle, referred to as a "Warding Circle," that boosts the defensive capabilities of their allies (against demon attacks).


When the creators first envisioned the Samurai, they envisioned him as a tank that evaded damage mainly via parries. Although parrying completely nullifies any damage that may be inflicted, it is a complicated ability to level up to a point where it is a practical alternative. This notion is supported by the fact that Samurai-specific armor has defensive capabilities and statistics that are most advantageous to the tank.


FFXI Samurai Guide


Samurai Explained

Beginning about the 12th century, the Samurai of medieval and early modern Japan were honorable soldiers. Officers and members of noble military families made up the majority of this group. They were extraordinarily well-trained in a one-on-one battle and adept with various weaponry. In addition, it was common knowledge that they always carried Katanas.


As deadly as they were quick, Katanas are perhaps the best swords ever. Despite its apparent simplicity, its design conceals incredible power and speed. Upgrades to your weapons are a great way to make quick work of adversaries and open up new game areas. Yet you may need to spend Gil on tools if you want to do this. And you can get a large amount quickly and conveniently through buying directly at MmoGah, a professional online ffxi shop.


Why You Should Choose Samurai

Rise of the Zilart introduces the Samurai to Final Fantasy XI. Samurai was initially weaker and had a significant damage input, suiting the skill chain creator. In late 2007, the Samurai underwent a series of modifications that put it in the lead. By The Treasure of Aht Urhgan, the Samurai's assault and defense were unsurpassed; combined with excellent tactical points and weapons abilities, he was the best. Samurai could be that efficient while yet being skill chain king.


The user might modify Samurai tactics for specific events. Samurai excels all other characters in MOEs like:

    • EXP/Meriting
    • Dynamis
    • Limbus


The Samurai performs well in non-melee-friendly events owing to its high TP and low DPS. Few events would be worse with Samurai.


Capabilities That Define a Samurai

When properly armed, Samurai is excellent for use in a fight since they harm the adversary; because the talents that the Samurai have built are still there, a player may improve their parrying ability to a relatively high degree.


Samurai's Inherent Weaknesses

A Samurai's effectiveness in one-on-one combat largely depends on the quality of their equipment, and the equipment that gives them that advantage tends to be rather pricey.


Ambuscade Mantles

You will need at least three TP in weapon skill and magic evasion to equip an ambuscade, Mantle. These are significant improvements over the game's previous Mantle's, and work on them must be completed as quickly as possible.


Ambuscade Gear

Next, we have the Ambuscade Gear. The perfect set is perfect for TP and may help with weapons skills. If you are presently missing essential weapon skill damage gear, the complete +2 set will get you quite far.


Omen Armor

Based on portents, all of the samurai artifacts are fantastic, but the +2 and +3 ones are beneficial since they improve the Samurai's finishing abilities. Get the Seekers and Wings of the Goddess quest awards since they are excellent for samurai weaponry. You'll need a head, feet, and hands of steel to level up your four-weapon skill.


Job Points

Finally, we have job points. Samurai has one of the best Su3 armor sets in the game waiting for it in the form of the Ken set, but getting 2100 job points will be a nightmare of a grind akin to the XP grind of the 75-cab era. Whether you're not sure you're ready for this, the apex guide on the BG wiki is an excellent place to start.


We'd want to discuss the role of the Samurai and the means through which it functions. The short answer is that, depending on the circumstances, it may be predicted to do significant harm in one of two main ways: When more than one party member is proficient with weapons killing. It's not worth everyone's time to build up a group skill chain; it's common practice to resort to straight Fudo spam or stupid spam. Seeing how quickly this knee goes down, I often find myself spamming Fudo in various events, particularly Dynamis divergences wave two and three NS and super bosses.


What Does a Samurai Do?

No other career in final fantasy xi has the equipment and weaponry that drains energy to pull off the massive multi-step skill chains that Samurai can. First, it features job qualities that aid with multi-sub skill chains. Merits and job points boost Sortie Peon Sansheng to improve TP and skill chain damage. Third, it gets access to the can +1 set, which features multi attacks to assist pull off skill chains quicker and magic evasion to avoid irritating status downs.


Effects generally restrict Dedes from closing skill chains and a high subtle blow to significantly limit the number of TP moves mobs may utilize, limiting the champ's chances of getting in weak. There are a few core situations where multi-step skill chaining is more accessible, more damage, safer, or easier to pull off. Take the new trove BC fight or the Shadow Lord master trials.


It is possible to coordinate a skill chain with the core rule, but that would increase its TP spam and make the fight significantly more deadly and annoying to pull off with Ken. Plus, one's crazy high magic evasion and stacking some magic evasion buffs.


Sam can avoid most enfeebling without using us. The three most popular multi-step skill chains for Samurai are the three-step for step and five-step. The three-step is presented in new kosheh, which makes light and Fudo too nearby. The fourth step is Fudo and nikasha, which makes fusion, then make light and Fudo to finish for double light or radiance with ionic.


This will always make radiance regardless of aftermath level when using an ionic. The fifth step is Fudo for distortion, then kasha for fusion, make light, and Fudo to finish for double light or radiance with ionic.


Four-step is are most recommended. We find it to be the perfect balance of damage and size. The three-step lacks damage and is only ideal in very short fights where what you are killing will be dead before you get a higher-step skill chain off. The five-step is too long and usually unnecessary to hit the 99k cap, while missing one hit is much more punishing than the shorter-step skill chains. The soulflayer of MU skied perfectly illustrates everything I just covered. Samurai has enough magic evasion to resist its AoE dispel move.


Samurai has enough subtle blows to limit its TP moves to only a handful. Samurai's ridiculous TV game is enough to overcome its potent TP spikes. Samurai can output massive DPS on its own by the four-step radiant skill chain. I believe this was the only documented useful melee tactic for the soul layer ambuscade, and it's only doable with Samurai. You probably think Samurai seems extremely Op, but you need many years to make it work.


Create Your Levels of Accuracy

First, a note about accuracy sets: Depending on gear and job point advancement, players should construct their own accuracy sets of at least three and up to five levels. Take your highest DPS accuracy set, record it, then put on your best accuracy. Subtract the most excellent DPS set accuracy from your highest accuracy set and divide by how many sets you want to build. This will give you a target for each incremental set you make.


Perfect WS Sets Fudo + Others

Depending on tope augment luck, this outfit will differ from player to player. You want as close to 15 strengths for skill damage as possible, while accuracy and attack are the frostings on the cake. We will need at least ten strength 511 skill damage to match topes' augments for dark matter. You'll need a v7 weapon skill damage to beat out taupe and fern augments, with anything higher being God-tier.

This will probably be your most expensive set to optimize. Still, it's arguably the most important because for no benefits so much from strength and weapons skill damage, and Fudo will account for so much of your overall DPS. Stronger photographs mean more significant progress.


You'll also need a magic accuracy set to land Kia's defense down, but that whole set is regular food. Oh, gear with Fama +2 as Samurai has few magical accuracy alternatives. I recommend consulting the BG wiki samurai guide for additional information on augments and gear growth.

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