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ESO Build: One-Bar Magicka Sorcerer DPS Build for PvE – Lost Depths

Michel Z September 14th, 2022 The Elder Scrolls Online    ESO Gold    ESO Items    ESO Power Leveling    ESO Help   

Are you looking for an easy-to-play Magsorc build for the Undaunted Event? This is what you need. In this guide, Exploration Gaming ESO shares a one-bar build that doesn't require a lot of blocking or dodge-rolling. Moreover, most of the gear pieces used are craftable and easy to get in The Elder Scrolls Online.

General Information

Attributes: 64 points to Magicka

Race: High Elf

Mundus: The Thief

Food and Potions: Bewitched Sugar Skulls and Tri-Stat Potions


Gear Setup


Non-Crafted Items

This build contains two non-Crafted items: Oakensoul Ring and Slimcraw.


Oakensoul Ring

Even got nerfed during Update 35, the Oakensoul Ring still gives you great buffs.



Slimecraw is slotted for the Crit Chance. You can use either the Shoulder piece or the Helm, but it should be a Heavy-weighted piece (for the Undaunted Mettle passive).


Crafted Items

This build also contains Crafted sets that are easy to acquire: Order's Wrath and Fortified Brass.


Order's Wrath

Order's Wrath is currently one of the best offensive PvE sets in the game. It adds tons of Crit Chance in addition to some Healing and Weapon and Spell damage. You only need three Traits to craft it, or you can have your friend make it for you.


Fortified Brass

The other Crafted set is Fortified Brass, a defensive set that adds all Health and armor. Making this set only requires four Traits researched. 



Compared with crafting by yourself or another player, buying sets from an MMO currency and item supplier is much easier.



Order's Wrath and Fortified Brass have three types: Light, Medium, and Heavy, so you need to mix and match it any way you want, depending on your Monster set piece weight. In this build, you will want to use five Light pieces, one Medium piece, and one Heavy piece.


On the Body armor, craft it all with the Divine Trait, and your armor Enchants should all be Magicka.


Your Destruction Staff should be a Lighting Staff with Precise Trait, and the Enchant should be Shock Damage.


You Jewelry can either be Infused or Bloodthirsty Trait. For the Enchants, if you have access to Prismatic Enchants, they are great on Jewelry pieces. Otherwise, put on Spell Damage.


Skill Setup


Crystal Fragments is your spammable skill, and you will also want to hit this skill when it procs.

Elemental Drain will debuff the bosses.

Unstable Wall of Storms is an AoE with an explosion at the end. 

Twilight Matriarch is an important pet that can be a Healer. You will want to hit this skill for a burst Heal, either for you or your Companion.

Endless Fury restores your Magicka if an enemy dies right after you cast this skill.

Storm Atronach is a powerful Ultimate skill. It lasts long and will fight whatever you are fighting, even if it moves around, making it a go-to Ultimate for Sorcerers.



Be sure to unlock the following Passives:

•    All your Racial Passives

•    All your Destruction Staff Passives

•    All your Class Passives

•    All your Light-Armor Passives

•    All your Medium-Armor Passives except the Improved Sneak

•    All your Heavy-Armor Passives

Which Passives to choose from the other Skill Lines is up to you.


Champion Points



Reaving Blows (slot): Heals you as you do damage, like Ring of the Pale Order.

Master-at-Arms (slot): Increases damage to all your most important fights.

Wrathful Strikes (slot): Adds Weapon and Spell damage to every attack.

Fighting Finesse (slot): Increases your Critical Damage and Critical Healing.



Boundless Vitality (slot): Grants Max Health.

Fortified (slot): Grants Armor.

Rejuvenation (slot): Grants Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery.

Siphoning Spells (slot): Gives you Magicka for every kill.



The Craft constellation has tons of leeway. You can pick whatever works for your playstyle.


Homemaker (slot): Grants a 10% chance of getting a second furnishing plan whenever you find a furnishing plan in the world.

Master Gatherer (slot): Reduces the time it takes to harvest.

Plentiful Harvest (slot): Grants a 10% chance of gaining double the yield from normal resource nodes.

Treasure Hunter (slot): Increases the quality of items you find in treasure chests.


Besides the four skills above, most people also use the Steed's Blessing for extra speed and Rationer that adds time to food buff.



A staff-wielding Ember is the best DPS Mage Companion for this build. Don't forget to keep your finger near the Twilight Matriarch to heal her. 


That is the easy one-bar build for Magicka Sorcerer. Please subscribe to Exploration Gaming ESO's channel if you find this guide helpful.


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