• A Guide To Diablo 4: Altars Of Lilith
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    Something new has come to the series after 25 years of gameplay, a new collectible. Diablo 4 introduces yet another collectible known as the Altars of Lilith. Players can navigate various locations in the sanctuary to find a series of statue-like objects representing the primary antagonist and daughter of hatred, called Lilith.


    However, it sounds more like good news for you to find this daughter of hate because she helps you perform better in the gameplay. Unlike what is obtainable with most collectibles in video games, this boosts all your bonus stats like Strength, Willpower, Intelligence, and Dexterity and improves your character. In this guide to the Diablo 4 Altars of Lilith, we will show you the locations to find these Altars. Plus, the exciting rewards you will be getting in this gameplay.


    Altars of Lilith Explained


    Altars of Lilith are objects that resemble statues that are distributed all over the Diablo 4 game. Locating these Altars can be tricky because they are often hidden in places where players must search before finding them.


    They are usually found in small crevices, inside buildings, edges of a cliff, etc. With the Altars of Lilith feature, players can increase all their stats for all characters. If you are looking for ways to boost character, the Altars of Lilith play a critical role in buffing stats for all characters.


    A Guide To Diablo 4 Altars Of Lilith content


    Here is a breakdown of all the boosts each Alter will give you:


    • Increase in Strength by 2
    • Increase in Willpower by 2
    • Increase in Dexterity by 2
    • Increase in Intelligence by 2
    • Increase in Max HP by 8
    • Increase in Maximum Obols Capacity by 5
    • Increase in Paragon Points by 1


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    Altars of Lilith and the Renown


    Interactions always exist between the Altars of Lilith and the Renown. The Altars of Lilith gives up to 10 times increase in Renown to characters. Every Renown zone progression has many Altars hidden there yet to be discovered.


    You must locate the Altars and click on them to claim the +10 Renown reward. Although it is not a requirement that players must collect all the Altars to be able to complete a Renown zone progression, it's still a great idea to collect Altars.


    Altars of Lilith Locations


    Locating all the Altars of Lilith is more challenging than you think. It's more than putting in effort in riding or walking to find them. During your adventure, you might stumble on some while staging a mount which is often possible. However, many of these Altars of Lilith aren't seen on the surface.


    You will only find a huge chunk of them hidden behind trees, objects, and elements or at obscure locations that are difficult to reach. Interestingly, you won't find them in places like towards the entrance of a Dungeon and the likes or areas of significant interest on the map. To increase your mount, you can buy Diablo 4 gold at a Trustworthy and reliable Mmogah store.


    This guide outlines five zones where you can discover the Altars of Lilith in Diablo 4. Here they are:


    • Altars of Lilith in Fractured Peaks
    • Altars of Lilith in Dry Steppes
    • Altars of Lilith in Scosglen
    • Altars of Lilith in Hawezer
    • Altars of Lilith in Kehjistan


    Altars of Lilith in Featured Peaks


    In the Fractured Peaks, you will find 28 Altars of Lilith in the region. Usually, the player gets to the first Altar before others begin to come out. However, the other Altars will appear only when you reach Kyvoshad city, and the mysterious man has left.


    Here are the buff stats you will receive as a reward here:


    • +12 Intelligence
    • +12 Strength
    • +12 Willpower
    • +12 Dexterity
    • +20 Maximum Obols
    • 280 Fractured Peaks Renown



    All the Altars give specific buff stats for every character in the game. This helps you know the buff you will get from any Altars of Lilith before clicking on them.


    Altars of Lilith in Dry Steppes


    The Altars of Lilith in Dry Steppes are scattered in hideout areas far away from where the player will cross. Most of them are hidden in corners and somewhere in a tunnel. Dry Steppes has 33 Altars of Lilith players can find and collect tucked away in the desert area of Dry Steppes. However, you can only access them once you complete a stronghold.


    You will receive one of these buffs after collecting an Altar.


    • +2 Strength
    • +2 Dexterity
    • +2 Willpower
    • +2 Intelligence
    • +5 Maximum Obol Capacity


    The Altars of Lilith are hidden well in corners on the map. If you can't find them in areas where you traverse, try searching some off-shooting sites.


    Altars of Lilith in Scosglen


    You will find 34 Altars of Lilith in the Scosglen location. Scosglen has 12 regions in its area where Altars are scattered. Three different Altars can be found in ten regions of Scosglen except for the other two locations. The remaining two regions, Highland Wilds, have six Altars, while Northshore has four Altars.


    Like other Altars in every location, they are hidden in obscure places, sometimes behind walls, foliage, trees, buildings, etc. It would help to keep your eyes open to fish them out of their hiding place and claim rewards.


    Altar rewards in Scosglen include:


    • +2 Strength
    • +2 Willpower
    • +2 Intelligence
    • +2 Dexterity


    Altars of Lilith in Hawezer


    In the Hawezar location, all 34 Altars of Lilith are scattered in various subsections of the jungle region. This is the first region you will pass through during your first Diablo 4's Act V campaign adventure. Hawezar has five regions in which you will find these Altar statues. They will boost your Strength, Dexterity, Willpower, and Intelligence.


    Here are the rewards you will get with Altars in Hawezar


    • +2 Strength
    • +2 Dexterity
    • +2 Willpower
    • +2 Intelligence
    • +5 Maximum Murmuring Obols


    Altars of Lilith in Kehjistan


    Apart from Fractured Peaks, this location has one of the fewest Altars. The Kehjistan zone contains 31 Altars of Lilith, with the smaller sections within the area having their Altars and the larger zones having five or six Altars. Every Altar you find increases your stat, helping you have better builds.


    You will receive one of these buffs after collecting an Altar.


    • +2 Strength
    • +2 Intelligence
    • +2 Dexterity
    • +2 Willpower
    • +5 Murmuring Obols



    Diablo 4 is undoubtedly an exciting game with many features to get you going on the gameplay. If you are looking for a more exciting collectible, the Altars of Lilith are scattered in various locations on the map. While collecting them can be tricky, doing so will earn you many valuable rewards to boost your character.


    With these Altars, you can get a stat boost in Intelligence, Strength, Dexterity, Willpower, and an increase in your Murmuring Obols capacity. You also stand a chance to get a 10-times boost of Renown in each location. Locating and finding these Altars is worthwhile and rewarding.