• Diablo 2 Resurrected: How to Make a REAL Lighting-Based Immortal Sorceress
    By Ansley2023-01-05 00:00:00

    There are several new ways to make the toughest build in Diablo 2 Resurrected. The immortal Sorceress is a niche end-game build known for tanking endless amounts of damage and not dying. This time, we will give you all the resources that you need to build your favorite elemental version of the Lighting-Based immortal Sorceress for PvP and PvM.


    Poison Predicaments That Need to Be Solved

    There are only two scenarios where you need to worry about poison on this build. That is Poison Cloud and Rabies.


    Poison Cloud

    The Poison Cloud, which is a small area that Tomb Vipers or Plague Javelin creates, always deals one point of damage to your health. And the one point cannot be negated by our piece of gear, so it poses a big problem.



    If you get smacked by a Rabies Druid, who has skill Rabies and will always reduce a player's life from a high score to zero, this situation, which is unlike other added poison damage or open wounds, is more geared towards PvP. But even then, you can not evade a Rabies Druid and not let them get close.


    How to Achieve a Successful Immortal Sorceress Build

    Many people are a bit confused about the specifics of how to achieve a successful immortal Sorceress build. Some people put a few points into Energy Shield, slap on a Gerke's Sanctuary, and call their immortal Sorceresses. But this is not the correct build.


    In order for our Sorceress to be immortal, she must have the skill Energy Shield, which must absorb 95% of all damage. This is crucial to the build because you basically flip the damage mechanics with this, and then your Mana becomes your life total.


    In light of that, you'll also want to max Telekinesis on any of these builds so that your mana pool actually reduces all of the damage that goes to it. Otherwise, you will run out of Mana pretty quickly.


    Skill Tree for PvM

    For the PvM version, we recommend you practically go all Lightning spells and put one hard point into Warmth. This particular version allows you to be extremely efficient with your items and skill point distributions.


    So after you get Energy Shield to absorb 95% damage, you can max Sorceress's main skill – Nova and its synergy Static Field, and then you need max Lighting Mastery. If you have any remaining points, you can just put those right into Warmth.


    The two big things that you will apply to all of the other builds and variations of the immortal Sorceress are Energy Shield being at 95 percent absorb, and a maxed Telekinesis, which will reduce the amount of damage that goes to your Mana like its own little built-in damage reduction.


    Diablo 2 Resurrected How to Make a REAL Lighting-Based Immortal Sorceress content


    Stat Points

    The stat point allocation will look pretty similar through all of these different variations. You can put enough points into Strength to wear Gerke's Sanctuary and put enough points into Dexterity to have 75% or max block. This is also a very crucial part of the build. And the rest of your points go into Energy, and not a single point into Vitality.



    You can do some piece of gear for this lightning-based immortal Sorceress in a safe place sitting in town or in front of minions while he's blowing up corpses.


    The Magic Damage reduction comes in a lot of your gear, and at the same time, you can have a lot of Physical Damage reduction.


    Gerke's Sanctuary is a famous immortal Sorceress shield, which is good for actually a lot of reasons. Besides the damage reduction, all resistance is plus 30, and there is a naturally very high block percentage on the shield. All of these things are very crucial to the build.


    The Gladiator's Bane comes with a lot of inherent Physical Damage reduction and Magic Damage reduction. You basically want to stack as much Damage reduction as possible because stacking magic damage reduction is one of the ways that you play into fighting weaknesses. That's why you put Mal rune into your armor, shield, and helm.