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DFO Latest Events: Joah Ferrero's Magic Lamp and Creature Brawl

DFO latest events: Joah Ferrero's Magic Lamp and Creature Brawl are coming this evening. More and more interest events are coming to dfo game, so many fans keep high concern to this game, and take part in the game. Now the orders of dfo gold at mmogah are more and more. It is cited as the best place to buy dfo gold by many players.


Joah Ferrero's Magic Lamp

Period: Jul 3- Jul 17, 2018

Eligibility: All Character


Lamp Genie’s Weekday Item

Rub the Lamp (Mouse over it and drag back and forth) once per day and receive an item made by Genie.
You can receive one of two items.

Lamp Genie’s Weekend Item
Lamp Genie gives even better items on weekends, don't miss it!


Please Note    

You can participate in the event once per day.    

Event UI resets at fatigue reset time every day.    

If you touch the lamp, but do not claim your reward until the next day, you will not be able to receive the reward.

All items will be deleted at 09:00 (UTC) on Jul 17.


Creature Brawl

Period: Jul 03- Jul 17, 2018(UTC)

Eligibility: Lv.17+ characters


How to Participate

- Find 'Unethical Manager' in Hendon Myre.
You can also enter through the "Manager in Disguise" in Seria's Room.

- Participate in the Brawl.
There's no limit to how many times you can participate in the brawl. However, you can only receive rewards up to 5 times.


Brawl Rules

1. Participant: 
All characters will be transformed to a creature with equal skill and attack power upon participation.

2. Controls: 
Controls are the same for everyone except for creators.
Creator's will use W,S,D,A to move and mouse to attack.


3. How to Play:

- Control your character and eliminate other users and AI creatures. There is a five minute time limit. Game ends when the time runs out, when you run out of HP or when all creatures are eliminated

- Random Item Box will spawn periodically on the map. Random Item Box contains 1 of 8 possible items. If you get an item you already have, it will not be registered in the quick slot.

- As time passes, creature's attack will increase and poison gas will be released from all sides.


[Rank Calculation]

Please Note:

Game will only begin when 4 players have been matched.

There's no limit to how many times you can participate in the brawl.

However, you can only receive rewards up to 5 times.

The amount of times you can receive rewards will be reset every day.

If the random box contains an item you already have on the quick slot, it will not be registered.

All items other than Petit Friend Transformation Potion will be deleted at 09:00 (UTC) on Jul 17.


Lastly, for more dfo news you can visit our site:


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