How to Make Some Easy Dark and Darker Gold

By Penny2023-10-03

Dark and Darker Gold is the main currency in Dark and Darker. You can use gold to buy items from merchants, such as potions, armor, weapons, or other useful items for your character. Here, we will introduce a few methods and tips to get some easy Darker gold in the game. If you are interested, keep reading.


dark and darker gold


Mine Ore

One of the methods recommended by GaroShadowscale Bold on his YouTube channel is that you can mine Cobalt Ore and Rubysilver Ore in the goblin cave by using a pickaxe, as goblin cave has Cobalt Ore deposits and Rubysilver Ore deposits. You can buy a pickaxe from the Merchants - Woodsman or Weaponsmith for 25 gold. Rubysilver Ore is worth more because it is the purple rarity, whereas Cobalt Ore is the blue rarity.


You can choose to mine ore in the bottom left corner of the map as there are fewer enemies and usually fewer players, but you'll often end up outside the zone. But if you are using Cleric, this isn't a big issue because you can use healing spells to recover from the zone damage. Look specifically for the red ore nodes while mining. Each node will usually have about two to three Rubysilver ores in it, and these nodes are clustered together so you can get a lot of Rubysilver. The mining process is very slow and loud, so be careful of other players, as they will hear you and attack you to steal your loot. Remember, play it safe; after all, if you burn through all of your healing and you're nearly dead by the time you get to circle, someone will finish you off and steal your ore.


After getting your loot, you can sell Rubysilver Ore for about 25 gold each on the trading post, which you have to be at least level 10 to do.


Treasure Hoards

You can use golden keys to open treasure hoards, which can drop high-tier legendary items. You can then sell these items for a lot of gold or keep them for yourself. To get golden keys, you need to defeat certain bosses in the dungeon, such as the lich, the skeleton champion, and the ghost king. These bosses are very strong and rare and require a good team and a good strategy to beat them.


Once you have a golden key, you can use it to open a treasure hoard. You can find treasure hoards by using your map or by following clues and hints in the dungeon. Treasure hoards are usually guarded by traps or enemies, so you need to be careful and prepared. You can also encounter other players who might try to steal your key or your loot, so you need to be ready for a fight.


Steal from Others

You can also kill other players and take their loot. This is risky but rewarding if you succeed. You can use stealth, speed, and critical hits to surprise and eliminate your enemies. You can also use traps, puzzles, and diversions to lure or confuse them. You can also team up with friends or allies to increase your chances of survival and victory.


Tips and Tricks

You can use your map to see the layout of the dungeon and plan your route. You can also use your translocator to warp to any room once per run.


You can use your stealth mode and smoke bomb skill to hide from enemies or ambush them. You should aim for backstab attacks whenever possible, as they deal more damage and trigger your perks.


You can use your rupture and weakpoint attack skills to apply debuffs to enemies and finish them off quickly. You can also use your poisoned weapon perk to inflict poison damage over time.


You can use your dagger expert perk to increase your damage and critical hit rate with daggers. You can also use your rapier sword for more range and damage.


You can use your cloth armor to increase your agility and movement speed. You can also look for armor pieces that have physical damage or critical hit bonuses.


You can use your gaols to capture enemies or other players and ransom them for gold. You can also use your segments to enter different types of sheol with different rewards.


You can use your lustreless scales, medals, and remnants to upgrade or augment your gear with special effects. You can also use your nyame gear for powerful stats and abilities.

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