Dark and Darker Warlock Guide – Skill & Equipment & Tips

By Penny2023-10-11

Dark and Darker is a fantasy dungeon PvPvE adventure game where you can choose from different classes, each with their own skills, perks, and spells. In this guide, we will focus on the Warlock class, which is a dark magic user that can deal high damage, curse enemies, and restore health from their suffering. If you need gold to boost your Warlock, MmoGah has cheap Dark and Darker gold for sale, and now we are holding an October promotion event! Go and get cheaper gold right now!


dark and darker warlock guide




Skill Tree

The Warlock class has four skill trees: Torture, Malice, Dark, and Curse. Each skill tree has its own benefits and drawbacks, and you can mix and match skills from different trees to suit your playstyle.


Torture: focuses on dealing damage over time and restoring health from your enemies' pain. Some of the skills in this tree are Blow of Corruption, Torture Mastery, Vampirism, and so on.


Malice: focuses on increasing your willpower and dark magic damage. Some of the skills in this tree include Malice, Dark Enhancement, Soul Collector, and so on.


Dark: focuses on enhancing your survivability and mobility. Some of the skills in this tree are Dark Reflection, Antimagic, and Phantomize.


Curse: focuses on applying curses to your enemies and making them suffer more. Some of the skills in this tree are Curse of Pain, Curse of Weakness, and Curse Mastery.


Spell Memory

As a Warlock, you can also use Spell Memory as one of your skills, which allows you to memorize up to 5 spells from different classes and use them in your dungeon adventures. Some of the spells you can memorize are:


Hellfire: Deals 50 fire damage to all enemies in a cone in front of you.

Shadow Bolt: Deals 30 dark damage to a single target.

Life Drain: Drains 20 health from the target and restores it to you.



As a Warlock, you can also use your skills and spells to create powerful combos that can deal massive damage or control your enemies. Here are some examples of combos you can use:


Blow of Corruption + Curse of Pain + Hellfire: This combo deals high burst damage and reduces the target's healing rate by 70%, making it harder for them to recover.


Phantomize + Shadow Bolt + Execute: This combo allows you to phase through attacks and projectiles, deal dark damage to a single target, and finish them off with a powerful strike.


Curse of Weakness + Life Drain + Rupture: This combo reduces the target's physical damage by 20%, drains their health and restores it to you, and causes them to bleed for additional damage.


These are just some of the possible combos you can use as a Warlock, but you can also experiment with different skills and spells to find your own style.



The warlock class has a dark and mysterious aesthetic, which is reflected in its equipment. You can choose from various types of weapons, such as swords, axes, daggers, or staves. You can also choose from various types of armor, such as robes, cloaks, hoods, or masks. You should look for equipment that matches your personal style and taste.


Here are some examples of equipment that you can use as a warlock:


Weapon: Dark Edge - A sword that deals dark damage and reduces the target's healing rate by 70% for 12 seconds. This weapon synergizes well with the Blow of Corruption skill and the Torture skill tree.


Shield: Dark Shield - A shield that reflects dark damage to the attacker and increases your magic resistance by 15%. This shield synergizes well with the Dark Reflection perk and the Antimagic perk.


Armor: Dark Robe - A robe that increases your health by 20%, your will by 10%, and your spell power by 10%. This robe synergizes well with the Malice perk and the Dark Enhancement perk.


Accessory: Soul Ring - A ring that collects cursed souls when you kill an enemy and increases your dark magic damage by 5% per soul, up to a maximum of 6 souls. This ring synergizes well with the Soul Collector perk and the Immortal Lament perk.


Tips and Tricks


To play as a Warlock effectively, you need to balance your health, will, and spell power.

Health is your life force, will is your resource for casting spells, and spell power is your bonus to spell damage. You can increase your health by equipping items with +Health or +Magic Healing stats or by using skills like Vampirism or Life Drain, and increase your will by equipping items with +Will or +Magic Regeneration stats or by using skills like Malice or Soul Collector. To increase your spell power, you can equip items with +Spell Power or +Magic Damage stats or use skills like Dark Enhancement or Immortal Lament.


Use curses to debuff your enemies and make them suffer more.

Curses are one of the warlock's specialties, and they can inflict various negative effects on your enemies, such as reducing their damage, healing rate, defense, or movement speed. Curses also deal damage over time, which can be increased by skills like Torture Mastery or Immortal Lament. Curses can also trigger other effects, such as restoring your health with Vampirism or increasing your spell power with Soul Collector.


Use dark magic to deal high damage and survive longer.

Dark magic is another type of magic that the warlock can use, and it can deal high damage to single targets or multiple enemies. Dark magic also has some benefits for your survivability, such as reflecting damage with Dark Reflection, phasing through attacks with Phantomize, or creating a clone with Decoy. Dark magic can also be enhanced by skills like Dark Enhancement or Soul Collector.


Use combos to unleash powerful attacks or control your enemies.

Besides what we’ve mentioned before, you can also experiment with different combos to find your own style.

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