Dark and Darker Rogue Guide – Stats & Perks & Skills & Equipment

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Rogue is a stealthy and agile class that specializes in using daggers, traps, and poison to deal damage and evade enemies. They can also pick locks, disarm traps, and hide items on their utility belt. Rogue is ideal for players who enjoy sneaking around, ambushing foes, and looting chests.


So here is a complete Rogue guide, including Stats, Perk, Skills, Equipment, and some tips for playing Rogue. Before diving into the article, we want you to know if you need some Gold in Dark and Darker to boost your Rogue, you can choose us, a professional game store that has been in the market for over 15 years.


dark and darker rogue guide



Rogue has the following stats at level 1: 8 Strength, 35 Agility, 5 Will, 12 Knowledge, 15 Resourcefulness, and 84 Health.


Recommended ones

The most important stat for Rogue is Agility, as it increases their movement speed, attack speed, dodge chance, and critical hit chance. They also benefit from Resourcefulness, as it increases their interaction speed, lockpicking success rate, trap detection range, and trap disarming speed. The other stats are less useful for the Rogue, but can still provide some minor benefits.



Rogue has 10 perks to choose from, each providing a passive bonus or ability. The perks are:


Ambush: The first attack within three seconds after ending stealth mode deals 50% additional weapon damage.


Backstab: Increases physical damage bonus by 30% when attacking from behind the target.


Creep: When crouch-walking, footstep sounds are reduced, and movement speed is increased by 5%.


Dagger Expert: Increase your physical damage bonus by 5% when attacking with a dagger.


Hidden Pockets: Items worn in utility slots do not appear on the waist.


Lockpick Expert: Ability to pick locks without a lockpick.


Pickpocket: You can steal an enemy's item.


Poisoned Weapon: A successful attack applies poison that deals 4 magic damage over four seconds. The poison can stack up to five times.


Stealth: If you are hiding, you can move ten steps while crouching or slow walking.


Trap Detection: Highlights nearby traps. Highlighted traps can be disarmed by the player.


Recommended ones

The best perks for Rogue depend on your playstyle and preference, but some of the recommended ones are:


Ambush: This perk allows you to deal massive damage with your first strike from stealth, which can often kill or cripple your target before they can react. This perk works well with any weapon, but especially with daggers that have high critical hit damage.


Backstab: This perk enhances your damage output when attacking from behind, which is easy to do when you are stealthy and agile. This perk also works well with any weapon, but especially with daggers that have high physical damage bonus.


Lockpick Expert: This perk lets you pick any lock without using a lockpick item, which saves you inventory space and money. This perk also allows you to access more chests and doors that may contain valuable loot or secrets.


Poisoned Weapon: This perk adds a poison effect to your attacks, which can stack up to five times for a total of 20 magic damage over four seconds. This perk is useful for dealing extra damage over time and weakening your enemies' health.



Rogue has four skills to choose from, each requiring a cooldown time before being used again. The skills are:


Caltrops: A trap that deals 10 physical damage and slows the movement speed of the victim by -50% for two seconds.


Hide: Become invisible. You can change equipment while in this state, but any action, including moving, attacking, or using a skill, will reveal you.


Rupture: The next attack causes the target to bleed for 20 damage over five seconds. The buff is consumed when an attack hits an object or target.


Smoke Bomb: Deploys a grenade to create a smoke screen that lasts for 30 seconds and covers an area of 7.5 meters. When a hostile target enters the smoke area, their movement speed is reduced by -20%.


Recommended ones


Hide: This skill is essential for the Rogue, as it allows you to become invisible and avoid detection. You can use this skill to sneak past enemies, escape from danger, or set up an ambush. You can also use this skill to change your equipment without breaking stealth, which can be useful for switching weapons or items depending on the situation.


Rupture: This skill adds a bleed effect to your next attack, which deals 20 physical damage over five seconds. This skill is useful for dealing extra damage over time and finishing off wounded enemies. You can also use this skill to break objects or doors without revealing yourself from stealth.


Smoke Bomb: This skill creates a smoke screen that obscures vision and slows down enemies. You can use this skill to create a diversion, escape from a fight, or set up a trap. You can also use this skill to hide yourself or your allies from enemy sight.



Weapon - Daggers

Rogue can use any type of weapon, but the best ones are daggers, as they have high attack speed, critical hit damage, and physical damage bonus. Some of the best daggers for Rogue are:


Rapier: A long and thin sword that has high range and damage. This dagger is ideal for piercing enemies from a safe distance and dealing critical hits.


Stiletto: A short and sharp knife that has high attack speed and poison damage. This dagger is ideal for applying poison stacks and dealing fast damage.


Kukri: A curved and heavy blade that has high damage and bleed damage, which is ideal for causing bleeding wounds and dealing powerful strikes.


Weapon - Ranged Weapons

The Rogue can also use some ranged weapons, such as crossbows or throwing knives, but they are less effective than daggers and require more inventory space and ammo. Some of the ranged weapons for the Rogue are:


Hand Crossbow: A small and light crossbow that has high attack speed and accuracy. This crossbow is useful for shooting enemies from afar or breaking objects from stealth.


Throwing Knife: A small and sharp knife that can be thrown at enemies or objects. This knife is useful for dealing quick damage or distracting enemies from stealth.


Armor Pieces

The Rogue can only wear cloth or leather armor, which provides low defense but high agility and resourcefulness. Some of the best armor pieces for the Rogue are:


Leather Hood: A hood that covers the head and face. This hood provides agility, resourcefulness, and stealth bonus.


Leather Jacket: A jacket that covers the torso and arms. This jacket provides agility, resourcefulness, and physical defense.


Leather Gloves: Gloves that cover the hands and fingers. These gloves provide agility, resourcefulness, and lockpicking bonus.


Leather Pants: Pants that cover the legs and feet. These pants provide agility, resourcefulness, and movement speed bonus.



Rogue can also wear some accessories, such as rings or necklaces, that provide various bonuses or effects. Some of the best accessories for the Rogue are:


Ring of Agility: A ring that increases agility by 10%.


Ring of Poison: A ring that increases poison damage by 10%.


Necklace of Stealth: A necklace that increases stealth duration by 10%.


Necklace of Speed: A necklace that increases movement speed by 10%.


Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you play the Rogue better:


Use stealth to your advantage.

Hide in the shadows, turn off lights, crouch-walk, and avoid making noise. Use your Hide skill to become invisible and sneak past enemies or ambush them from behind.


Use your skills wisely.

Use your Caltrops to slow down enemies or block their path. Use your Rupture to deal extra damage over time or break objects from stealth. Use your Smoke Bomb to create a diversion or escape from a fight.


Use your perks effectively.

Use your Ambush perk to deal massive damage with your first attack from stealth. Use your Backstab perk to deal more damage when attacking from behind. Use your Lockpick Expert perk to pick any lock without a lockpick. Use your Poisoned Weapon perk to apply poison stacks to your enemies.


Use your equipment properly.

Use daggers that suit your playstyle and preference. Use ranged weapons when necessary or convenient. Use armor that boosts your agility and resourcefulness. Use accessories that enhance your skills or perks.

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