WoW Dragonflight Ultimate Alt Gearing Up Guide

By Penny2023-02-27

Gearing up is always an important part of WoW. Dragonflight is no exception. Instead of your main, we will talk about how to gear up your alts.


Get 5 Sparks

You can start by getting five Sparks of Ingenuity and your Essence Detector by using the alt skip. Go to this NPC called Greyzic Cobblefinger and select the right dialogue option. With this, not only can you craft or get someone to craft 5 bits of high-level 392 gear, but the detector will get you even more Sparks as you play.


Stock Up on Primal Chaos

Primal Chaos is needed to craft gear, and now you can send it from your main. What you need to do is head to an NPC called Rabul at the crafting order area on your main character and purchase the item called Satchel Coalescing Chaos for 80 Primal Chaos. It's BoE. You can send it to your alt. For each one your alt uses, you'll get 60 Primal Chaos, letting you do some crafting.


Revive the Revival Catalyst

Make sure your Revival Catalyst is unlocked so that you can pick up its weekly quest and progress through that as you are doing other things in the game. The charges for this Catalyst are earned account-wide but are spent per character. So this is awesome for eventually getting your Tier gear.


Weekly Event Rewards & Vendors

If Time Walking is up, you can always go to the Time Walking Vendors; they sell around item level 340 gear, which can be useful. And the Time Walking bosses drop high-level 359 gear with the weekly quest getting you a piece of normal raid gear.


Get 343 from AH

Of course, you can also get basic ilevel 343 crafted gear from the auction house. With that, you can fill all gear slots, minus one ring and two trinkets, getting you a fantastic baseline to start with.


World Boss

Next, go to the world boss, as it can drop a 389.


376 Renown Gear

Maruuk Centaur and Dragonscale Expedition have actually got 376 boots, gloves and 389 legs. But getting those things does require certain renown levels. So let’s assume your main is above renown level 20; your alt will have a 200% reputation boost up to renown level 10 and a 100% boost from renown level 10 to 20. And if your main is maxed out in its renown, you may even have plenty of bind-on account reputation tokens; you can send these to your alt and use them, and then maybe do some of the Dragonscale banners, which are found around the world and of course grant you rep. And you could actually allow yourself to get these three slots filled with super great pre-raid gear.


Mythic 0 Dungeons

Doing all eight Mythic 0 dungeons is a great source of item level 372 gear, and if you actually get the Titan Training Matrix Rank 4, which drops from end bosses, then you can use those to craft or get crafted for you 382 gear. And if the Bonus Week is the dungeon bonus week, then the end bosses will drop extra gear. If you do enough dungeons, which can be Mythic 0 or Mythic +, you’ll get a bit of Heroic raid gear.


Primal Storms and the Storm's Fury Event

The Storm's Fury event was added in 10.0.5. It can be seen as a world quest icon above the Primalist Future area on your world map. Doing all four Primal Storms can get you the four different Elemental Core turn-ins, which will get you eight Storm Sigil per week. Then doing the Storm's Fury event will get you a further two Storm Sigil. You'll also get a bunch of Elemental Overflow Currency. From the Storm's Fury event, you'll get a bunch of another currency called essence of the storm. It can be used along with Elemental Overflow to purchase 389 rings from the event vendor that is found in the Temporal Conflux.




For your Storm Sigils and the rest of your Elemental Overflow, you can use them to buy Primal Storm gear and the base item level 359 pieces in Valdrakken and then go to the item upgrader to upgrade them to 385 epics. You'll be able to upgrade one to two pieces per week by doing all of this storm content.



If PvP is your thing, pick up and complete the weekly PvP quests. Doing these earns you Honor, Conquest, and two other currencies - Bloody Tokens and eight Trophies of Strife. Bloody Tokens can be used to purchase item level 366 Drakebreaker gear. It's 366 in PvE and a higher item level in PvP. You can also earn the gear from the PvP world quests. It can be upgraded to item level 385 with Sparks of Life.


Conquest Points

Now Conquest Points will be uncapped, allowing you to grind up the best PvP gear in the game readily. Battlegrounds and the brawl quest are all handy ways to get those resources.



Next, consider looking for the raids. Doing all wings will give you chances of item level 376+ gear and tier gear, which you'll want because of the set bonus. This will also fill up your Great Vault raid slots, which will be handy if you don't plan to dive into Normal or above rating.


If you want to access an item level 398 cloak quickly, then the Wrathion Sabellian reputation is totally worth considering. For the sake of speed, you can actually purchase your way to the maximum rank by just purchasing Marks of Sargha from the auction house. This was very expensive at the start of the expansion, but now it should only cost around 30 000 gold in World of Warcraft.


Class BIS Crafted

By this stage, if you've done all the content, your item level will be much higher. If you've got the Primal Chaos, then you should craft an Elemental Lariat. This is a neckpiece that is best in slot for most. You can purchase Tiered Medallion Setting from the auction house, which will actually add up to three gem slots to your Lariat.


Weekly Wizard Chores

It’s time to do your weekly now, as the rewards from them scale based on your item level. That means the great hunt, killing the elite rares, the Siege of Dragonbane keep and the tusckaar community Feast, plus the big weekly Quest called Aiding the Accord.


Begin the M+ Path

Get a plus two Keystone from Lindormi in Valdrakken and start pushing some Mythic+. The best strategy is to create your own group and push your score and your own key up. As it's your key, you can always invite much higher geared players who can trade you the gear that may drop but they don't need, and of course, they can meanwhile make the runs easier and quicker.


Now a great thing is that Valor points become uncapped. So you can grind and spend Valor to your heart's content without the worry of permanently being behind or wasting some of your Valor points by upgrading some lower item-level bits of gear.


After doing all of this, you'll probably then be ready to start some normal rating, which we'd always recommend finding a guild for. Doing that with a guild of people who are your friends can be a nice low-pressure way.


Those are the ways of how to gear up your alts. Most of the content comes from Bellular’s video. If you like it, subscribe to his channel on Youtube.


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