• WoW Classic Phase 5 Best Grind Spots
    By Shirley Huang2020-07-17 00:00:00

    WoW Classic Phase 5 Ahn'Qiraj 1.13.5 Patch Note is just around the corner. The Opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraji event, The Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ20) and The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ40) will be available on US servers from July 29!

    AQ20 is a 20-man raid that is accessible once the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj have been opened. Originally released in Patch 1.9, AQ20 is the living core of the Silithid Empire. 

    AQ40 is one of the most iconic raids in WoW Classic. Originally released in Patch 1.9, the temple offers up a doable 40-man raid and provides players with better rewards than in AQ20, as well as a new set: Tier 2.5!

    Today we will share the best grind spots in Phase 5. Good gold per hour with some expensive items and reputation with Cenarion Circle for those awesome items that Ahn'Qiraj brings. All the content of this article is quoted from this player Frostadamus’s video.


    Come back to new episode of rags to riches. I just finished a grind with my warrior in service which was supposed to be in one hour with Frost episode after seeing the amount of wow classic gold. Now this might be the best time to start farming your cenarion in circle rap and on top of that make some money on the side.


    What We're Farming and Why

    We are going to farm encrypted twilight text and the sand worm meat right now. They both sell on my server, the mid sells for about 2 gold, the pop and the twilight text about 1.6 gold and there is slowly going up as more people are getting aware of the scenario and soaker circle reputation rewards.


    AQ Sets

    Video WoW Classic phase 5-1

    The important is that some of those items are really great, some of them are even better than black regular weapons, molten core and so on. So having the reputation once a queue hits you will be able to get your items almost instantly, you will just require the idols that drop from a queue 20 and a couple of other green items that drop from ZG though the shroud.

    Priest is another special case as well there is a cloak with 24 healing intellect stamina and spirit. There is a right with mana per second, but what’s important here on the priest is the gravel of infinite wisdom. It’s a main hand mace with 90 spell power. Keep in mind that locked Amir from an Falien which is the best weapon for priests right now in game, the one hander only provides 84 spell power while the gravel of infinite wisdom provides 90 plus mana per second, this will become the best in slot healing mace for priests and draw moving on to the rogue Roga gets a new cloak if you lack of heat. That’s great you get 18 agility and 11 stamina plus improves your chance hit by 1%, you have a right which has a strength agility, stamina and a dagger which can be a great offhand pgo.

    Video WoW Classic phase 5-2

    I am looking forward to this for my warrior. It’s going to come at revered at honored, you get the ring with pretty stamina and strength. If you don’t have better options, you could use this no problem and at the end you have an axe which is supposed to be enough and it has 4 defense decent stats. I think it would work great for work warriors or not even for every warrior, it would work great for a fury prods back even as the main hand if you want to use it, it does have a lot of output damage. A lot of damage per second on a two point 10 speed, so why not mage on the other hand to get a back which has intellect stamina and spell power?



    There are a couple of other quests that you will be able to do the quest or the deep rock bracers as a warrior, they have 19 strength and agility a night style and they are pretty similar with the ones that we have an exalted warsong gulch or caster to get the rock fury bracers which have a 27 spell power and 1% heat, they are slightly better than the ones from black miller. The bracers are working accuracy got to other items on off hand with mana per second and healing spells.

    I am not sure if anyone would want this and you have the might of scenarios a ring with the weapon damage. There is a new for this one who knows moving to exalted brings the trinket that is going to be best in slot for a while.

    We started with a warrior with 2339 gold insulators and I came here to make an hour of frost.

    Video WoW Classic phase 5-3

    I was really amazed that even if that spot was camp, there were so many people horde an alliance. Sometimes alliance came in groups and so on. I was still able to find any clone mobs consistently.


    Vendor Sell and Gold per hour

    Now each time you kill a MOBA, you can get one or two scenario circles wrap. I would recommend holding on the text, not turning them in if you choose to sell them, because you need the classic wow gold right now. They are 1.6 gold the robe goes for 2 gold, the shoulder goes for 2 gold and the helm goes for 1 gold 50, however these prices will go up soon, so keep that in mind if you choose to find your scenario rap when a queue is released, you are going to have a hard time, because this spot is going to be packed.

    I made a hundred gold even though people was contested. I had to swap between spots whenever the mobs were not spawned, I choose to kill a couple of worms for the meet and I was quite amazed if I can make a hundred gold.


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