• Top 10 Differences between WoW Classic and the Original Release Part 2
    By Shirley Huang2019-07-05 00:00:00

    We have introduced top 5 differences between wow classic and vanilla last week, and today we will continue introducing the other 5 differences. All the content of this article is quoted from this real player MadSeasonShow’s video.

    6. The Phase Schedule

    WoW Classic’s Phase schedule instead of the Patch Cycle. There were 12 major content patches in vanilla from 1.1 to 1.2, and also including the more minor patches for the little stuff, such as class balance, bug fixes rebalancing and so on. Each patch incrementally introduced more and more features & systems and evolved the game to its ultimate 1.12.

    In this patch Blizzard finally introduced dungeon caps, so you couldn’t bring 40 people to run through dungeons anymore. Blizzard added the string of thorn bale fishing tournament or linked the auction houses.

    However wow classic delivers the ways and contents that are quite different, opting for a six phase schedule and sticking with the most major game updates to mark. Each one is pretty close and it has the most amount of covered, but it’s not exact raid releases, the PvP system battlegrounds, a selection of profession recipes, and so on. So the Phase Schedule is on our list.


    7. Stagnation


    WoW classic has stagnation as far as we know, Blizzard had no plans of updating the game to its burning crusade release or emulating the cycle of previous expansions, it means that once we get through all phases and clear through next ramus, you’ve caught beaten the game if there is such a thing for an mmo recently.

    There is a highly debated subject of the game, some players said that they can play classic wow forever, and you can always start new alts or just turn towards PvP if you feel like you’ve out geared the PvE. Other players said that mmo’s survival and death will be in updates and content patches, and eventual stagnation keeps players playing. In my opinion, I agree the former crowd just the knowledge of the game eventually stagnating will certainly have an effect on how players conduct themselves the perfect example. We did all of the entry-level stuff, all of the spider wing and one boss in the remaining three wings, we didn’t get super far in it, because fewer and fewer people were showing up every part of this. Everyone knows that the burning crusade – this new amazing expansion is right around the corner and it is common knowledge that the level cap would be increased, so any gear we get now really doesn’t have any longevity, so it is sort of grinding our skills against a brick wall in a few months, we will be replacing them with greens, when the burning crusade launches, all gears will be worthless. I am sure to coast their ways through the rest of vanilla and recharge their batteries for our adventures into the Outland, so with no burning crusade players, and they will eventually get the best wow classic items for every slide, so stagnation is on the list. 


    8. Knowledge and access to information

    The patch 1.12 class balance and itemization are just a drop in the ocean that they are eclipsed by other things in the list. Let’s address the player’s personal knowledge of the game in one form or another has been out for 14 years, just talking MMOs in general here back, then it was a hot and trending general world of Warcraft, and it was the first MMO for many people.

    We know that Warriors are the best tanks and how powerful weapon skills are. Warlocks are hindered by the de-buff or what races go best with what classes and people will roll different classes accordingly to suit their needs and endgame activities.

    Players know every single nook and cranny in the game, which is impressive. If you don’t know much yourself, these are going to be your guild mates and fellow raid members, then I make a Dorf paladin, because he is just well who looks at the muscles on this guy, he must do a lot of damage.

    I’ll play PvP so the best option is picking him, but the other hand, his weapon skill is really good for PvE and taking a step outside of the game where may find this information.

    A complete database include the entire game & text, and you can use image and user comments to fill in the blanks. We live in the information age where any question is answered with a simple search. Now having a 14 years history behind it, it’s all been documented for our convenience.


    9. Skill will play a major factor in WoW classic

    There is a skill in wow classic that really goes hand in hand with knowledge, and there are some key distinctions, you can have all the knowledge in the world and read up on anything, but it is a different story when you put it to use, just like the proper form for your squad.


    What gives world of warcraft hooked millions of players and many of them have been playing MMOs ever since then, not only do they have the knowledge on how to gear their characters or position themselves during boss encounters, they’ve been actually doing it and it’s something you can translate very easily if you are able to be Jaina Proudmoore in the battle desert Laura, I’m pretty sure that you can stay out of jihad asses rain of fire, or if you’ve tanked at all within the past 10 years, you are probably familiar with the tank swapping mechanic with the stacking de-buff.

    You main healers in classic are the people who hold your life in their hands. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it’s not as far from the truth, and then you can’t just release 14 or 15 years’ experience and these rates being out for that time. Through transmog runs is a different way, people aren’t actually rating them well, and they have private servers have existed for years and they are even quite popular. I think there will be some challenges in wow classic. People are actually good at the game, and we are at ten manning onyxia in 2005, 15 years later I think skill will play a major factor in the game.


    10. Overwhelming

    If you are the first time to play wow classic, there is something magical when you enter this huge world and you don’t know how many zones. This sounds similar to the knowledge section, but I think there’s a distinction to be made here, there’s a difference between not having a good knowledge and your literal first time experienced it. MMOs are pretty unique in that regard since it’s such a huge world too filled with so many people and especially taking into account that wow was the first MMO for many no longer restricted to that single-player world of your typical RPG at the time and experiencing that for the first time was pretty overwhelming.


    It’s nearly impossible to get this feeling again whatever MMOs you played. Because you know what they are all about and what to expect, you truly can’t recreate any moment in life really if you have prior knowledge or experience, you are doomed because you lost that magic of things just happening at this moment. It will absolutely be true for a classic wow. It’ll still be a great experience and I’m going to savor each moment, which is special. They can never be truly replicated, so those are my personal top 10 difference in the recreation of classic wow.


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