• 15 Things to Expect in WoW Classic: Part Two
    By Shirley Huang2019-05-27 00:00:00

    We have shared 15 things to expect in wow classic: part one last time, and today we will continue sharing the wow classic predictions: part two with vanilla wow fans.

    Slower Paced Combat


    Back in 2005, World of Warcraft was considered a streamlined fast-paced MMORPG. In recent years, wow classic’s combat pace has been changed to the slow pace, especially at low level pulling two or three mobs.

    Some classes have to sit and drink after the heavy pool and it takes 20 to 60 seconds to kill a mob depending on your gear level. There are no hair looms to boost you up. If you join wow classic after playing a modern MMORPG, it will take a while to get accustomed to the slower pace.


    Gold has Value


    If you are a low level player, most people would tell you to avoid all non-essential expenses and only purchase the abilities you need. Managing your golden classic is a crucial skill. Some players might choose to purchase solid upgrades from auction house to speed up their grinding process, some players might level engineering to give them an extra edge in PvP and some might level up professions to aid their friends and guild mates on the leveling journey beyond the point. Spending your wow classic gold on what gives you the most amount of fun.


    Group Quest Difficulty


    If a quest shows you need a group, you will actually need a group, but if your group quest can be completed without help, some of you might be the powerful heroes. In wow classic, you are just a common player trying to make its way to greatness, and the road to greatness is paved with many dangers and obstacles, so make sure to make some friends.


    The Rarity of Items Matters


    It takes a lot of time to acquire the rare items. When you find a blue item in a dungeon or simply by grinding in classic almost every update will count towards your progression, you will feel a huge amount of excitement at the first time.


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    Pick a faction and stick with it

    In wow classic, you can only create characters of one faction on the server, and you can play if you choose horde. For example, you won’t be allowed to create an Alliance character, this is because the hate photo opposing faction is so huge due to the tensions and conflicts present on the leveling journey. Guilds hate each other to a point where they try to sabotage the raids by planning and waiting for them at Blackrock Mountain in order to kill them and take their world buffs. This hate grows stronger while hunting the world bosses and making enemies on battlegrounds.


    Inventory Management

    The inventory bags in classic wow are not big. Some classes have to waste some slots for arrows and soul shards, leaving you with 60 to 80 slots to carry a variety of items healing DPS and thanking gear or some classes.

    What kind of items you use to organize your inventory? The mouse is the only tool you need, making decisions on what items you should carry with you on a daily basis and making sure you leave enough space to grind valuable items, which are not easy to finish. This is the reason why the inventory bags are so expensive.


    Leveling is Harder

    If a zone’s level is 35 - 45, it does not mean that you can start leveling in that zone when you have done all the quests. It’s more likely that you will gain 2 to 3 levels before you move on to the next zone with a similar level range. When you are stuck and do not know where to go, you can join a dungeon group and pick all the quests associated with that instance, they will provide you with some dungeons.

    Leveling is special hard on a PvP server due to people finding fun and camping lower level players if you want to move to a different location as soon as possible.


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