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7 Things You Need to Do Before WoW TBC Phase 3

WoW TBC Phase 3 is just around the corner. Arena Season 3 will begin on Jan 17. Both raid instances (The Battle for Mount Hyjal and Black Temple), as well as a new daily quest hub, will be released on Jan 27. Here will go over all the things you should do before Phase 3, and you should be aware of them in advance to take full advantage of this upcoming patch. Let's get into it.


tbc phase 3 tips-1


To Get Attuned to the New Raids

First and foremost, you should get attuned to the new raids: Black Temple (BT) and Mount Hyjal. Attunements are becoming simpler and simpler to achieve as TBC is growing.


tbc phase 3 tips-2


There will be no attunements at all, so this will be the last attunement you'll have to do. So you'd better get attuned to Black Temple and Mount Hyjal and will receive the title Hand of A’dal in the process. Do a bunch of solo and group quests, some dungeons, and even some raids. In short, you should get attuned to Black Temple. Your simple objective is to get the Medallion of Karabor, that's the key to entering BT, but before getting started on that process, I recommend you go straight to Tanaris in the Caverns of Time and grab the quest - Vials of Eternity from Soridormi, which will ask you to kill Lady Vashj and Kael'Thas. If you manage to finish the raid and kill Lady Vashj, you'll also be completing half of the Vials of Eternity quest.


To Get Started on Netherwing Reputation

Let's move on to the next important thing to do before Phase 3 drops, and that's to get started on your Netherwing reputation for the famous Netherdrake. Phase 3 introduces this reputation, and you should be prepared for it.  


The whole first part of this reputation is to get you from hated to neutral. It has been in the game since the start of Phase 2, and that's what you need to do right now before the masses of people start swarming the place. It starts at Mordenai in Shadowmoon Valley, and you can do a bunch of simple quests, but the last quest is a bit tough, as you'll be fighting an elite mob while a bunch of mobs will shoot you, so you'll definitely need a group of 5 players for that, and I recommend having a tank and a healer with that too. Once you do all of that, you'll be neutral with Netherwing. The reputation will be added in Phase 3, so you'll be able to start on it right away.


Remember you must have Artisan Riding to go further. That's 5000 TBC Classic gold riding skill. Without it, you won't be able to proceed further than neutral, and once the reputation drops, remember to always stay on the lookout for Netherwing Eggs. Those can be turned in repeatedly for 250 reputations each time.


To Start Farming Shadow Resistance Gear

With Black Temple, it's a completely different story, you'll need a lot of Shadow Resistance gear, and that's for one reason, Mother Shahraz.


tbc phase 3 tips-3


Everyone needs Shadow Resistance gear on Mother Shahraz (except Tank). If you want to proceed further into the raid, and that's still true, even considering the boss is on the post nerf state. There are a ton of abilities that can deal with Shadow Damage, but probably the most important one is the Beams, every 9 seconds, a beam hits  10 random raid members, dealing anywhere from 2k to 8k Shadow Damage and repeating 3 times. So there's no way around that. If you're not wearing Shadow Resistance, you'll be dead on the spot.


You need some Resistance for Shahraz. The amount depends on your guild, your healers, how fast the fight will last, but if you want a number in your guild, around 250 Shadow Resistance with buffs should be enough. So you really need to start farming your Shadow Resistance gear sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the more anything in relation to Shadow Resistance will go up in price.  


tbc phase 3 tips-4


To Start Farming Badges of Justice

This currency is probably useless for you unless you're a new player or Alt, but there are a couple of reasons why you might start doing your Heroic daily quests every day. The important reason is that Primal Nether will be sold from the Badge of Justice vendor in Phase 3. It costs 10 badges to get 1 Primal Nether, allowing you to create a bunch of valuable items, and you can sell them on the Auction House. Of course, once Phase 4 comes with Zul'Aman, you'll also be getting a bunch of new powerful gear to buy with Badges of Justice, and once Phase 5 releases, you can buy powerful gear pieces with Badges of Justice, so you should start farming badges right away. Just doing your Heroic daily quests every day will make a ton of badges in preparation for all of Phases 3, 4, and 5.


To Farm Some Gear

The most obvious thing you should do is to get gear. Now is the best time to get gear. Most groups have been formed for SSC and TK since the start of Phase 2. A lot of people are getting all their Alts attuned to BT and Hyjal. Now the nerfs allow them to do that. Keep in mind that it doesn't mean you'll be invited to any raid with green gear, SSC and TK still require a minimum amount of effort and gear to take on, and it's unlikely you'll be invited to most raids unless you already have a minimum amount of tier 4 gear. Using cheap WoW TBC gold to buy some gear is a convenient way for you to enjoy the game process.


To Start to Spend Your Arena Points

To be honest with you, PvP is not my cup of tea in TBC, but the PvP scene is still quite active as Arena gear is still very strong, not only in the arena but also in raids for certain classes, so naturally, a lot of people want to have their cakes, not to mention the Gladiator rewards. Phase 3 comes a new season - Arena Season 3, a complete reset of arena points, and make sure to spend your arena points before Season 2 ends.


In short, make sure not to waste your arena points before it resets, but also wait just in case Blizzard makes discounts on the arena gear.


To Learn the Fights

Finally, if you're going to be raiding Black Temple and Hyjal, you should know what to do in those raids in advance. I would have suggested to hop on PTR and try these bosses yourself to have a feel for them. Blizzard has not opened the PTR, so it's hard to do that, but it is definitely worth doing once the PTR goes live. 


All the content comes from Curio' video.



Lastly, I hope that these tips are helpful for you. Of course, if you do not have much time to do quests, MmoGah can offer safe and fast WoW TBC power leveling services to level up your character as you desire. 



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