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WoW TBC Classic Phase 3: T6 Shadow Resistance Guide

TBC Classic Phase 3's new raids are now live! Mount Hyjal and Black Temple are available for gamers, offering 14 new boss encounters, tier 6 set pieces, and new items. Some players are interested in Tier 6 Shadow Resistance. Today MmoGah, as a professional TBC gold shop, will share everything regarding T6 shadow resistance and teach you how to use it to oppose some bosses.


Here I will cover three bosses: Mother Shahraz - the seventh boss in Black Temple, Kaz'rogal - the third boss in Mount Hyjal, and Azgalor - the fourth boss in Mount Hyjal.


TLDR Mother Shahraz

To start with Mother Shahraz in Black Temple, this is arguably the most critical boss to have good shadow resistance.


tbc phase 3 T6-1


It has 300 + shadow resistance. A Priest will always be able to buff you with 70 shadow resistance from its Shadow Protection buff, so if you want to have 300 shadow resistance, you only need to supply 230 yourself, and the Priest will make up the other 70. Buff casters should remain hit capped, particularly with Shamans in their groups. If you can't get hit capped, just get as much hit as you can from a DPS perspective. Of course, you're always better off casting a rank one spell than being dead, so don't worry too much if your DPS and stats are really bad. The important thing is survivability. If you're pugging or have a hard time with rays in general in your guild, you can just get a resistance cap. This will make the fight marginally easier at the cost of a slower kill.


TLDR Kaz'rogal

This is the hardest boss to calculate, and it depends mostly on your raid's DPS. I'll expand it later but a rough area to aim for is between 150 and 250 shadow resistance for Mana users for a safe kill. If you are not a Mana user, you won't need any shadow resistance at all.


TLDR Azgalor

Strictly speaking, you don't need any shadow resistance to kill the boss, but if you want to have effectively free shadow buff from your Priest, it's not bad to wear a really strong shadow resistance piece, such as the Medallion from the Black Temple achievement quest just for more consistent DPS. Your DPS might be slightly less, but it will be much more consistent, particularly if you're a buff or debuff support class and you're relying on the uptime of buffs or debuffs. Having a little bit of extra shadow resistance or strong weapons (you can use WoW TBC gold to buy them) will go a long way to complete your raid.


tbc phase 3 T6-2


Shadow Resistance Gear

If you don't have shadow resistance now, you can head straight to Auction House and simply search for level 65 to 70 of Shadow Protection and buy any cheap items.


Do not buy any necks, as you will get the Best in Slot shadow resistance neck from the Black Temple achievement quest. Now you can farm Ashtongue Deathsworn Reputation, and craft epic shadow resistance gear, which is far superior to green items.


Let's get stuck into some of the boss mechanics and explain how shadow resistance makes all the difference, starting with Mother Shahraz.


tbc phase 3 T6-3


Mother Shahraz's Mechanics

The main mechanic of Mother Shahraz is that she wears shadow resistance gear on almost the entire raid. The people that don't really need shadow resistance on Mother Shahraz are the main tank and two off-tanks. The tanks are obviously tanking the boss, and the additional tanks are to share the Cleave.  


There's a Cleave called Saber Lash, which prevents the other off-tanks from being able to be hit by these extra shadow mechanics. If your tanks are dying from shadow mechanics, it's no fault of their own species, but if you want to reduce the shadow damage taken, they can wear some shadow resistance. If you want to ensure a one-shot, maybe for a speed kill or progression kill, you should get rid of any kind of variation and randomness of tanks dying and be confident that your tanks won't die because they have lots of armor and health.


The next thing to stop any kind of death is just giving them a little bit of shadow resistance for that random factor, so the main mechanic for Mother Shahraz is Fatal Attraction. This is the basic mechanic, which will cause deaths and lead to a wipe, so Fatal Attraction is a randomly timed mechanic. It can happen after 5 seconds of the last Fatal Attraction, and then 10 seconds, 15 seconds or longer, and it's really random and hard to play around it, so all it does is teleport three random players to the same location within the room. Fortunately, your tanks are immune to this mechanic.


tbc phase 3 T6-4


The best way to spread out is to form an equilateral triangle as soon as possible, but this can be difficult. If you're teleported near a wall or near the raid, your raid is consistently struggling to spread quickly, and breaking the Fatal Attraction debuff by spreading and adding more shadow resistance will give you the buffer. You need to take additional ticks of the AoE and give you the best chance of survival until you can reach that 25 yards and break the debuff.


There are other mechanics that Mother Shahraz does in the form of her beams which is called a Laser. Every 9 seconds, a beam will hit 10 random raid members, and each beam type is repeated three times, so these beams can happen at any point during the Fatal Attraction.


Mark of Kaz'rogal's Mechanics

This is the third boss in Mount Hyjal, and it has the infamous debuff inflicted on all Mana users in the raid, which drains 600 Mana per second, remaining 5 seconds, so that is 3000 in total. If this debuff reduces your mana to zero, you can explode for 11000 shutter damage to yourself and nearby allies, so you need to be away from the raid.


If you have 3000 mana or less, knowing that the next mark will hit, you will kill this boss and don't need to bring other raid members down at the same time. This has a 45-second cooldown initially, but once cast, the cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds, so it starts at 45, 40, and then 35. It goes all the way down to a 10-second cooldown, at which point you've essentially met the Soft Enrage. Now you need to draw the fine line between enough damages in order to kill the boss quickly, not having lots of marks to kill all the mana users, and having enough shadow resistance that you can actually resist. 


Azgalor's Mechanics

This is the boss where shadow resistance is the least impactful. In fact, you don't necessarily have to wear any shadow resistance for this fight, but some can still be helpful for shadow buff.


This is a worthwhile trade-off, particularly if you're replacing the resist neck for a neck. If you want to change gear as a Warlock, you should prioritize items that have crit and spell damage. If you're not playing a Warlock and maybe you're playing a Healer or a different DPS, you can change the items that are least desirable to you when it comes to the stats that they have in favor of rare shadow gear.


All of the content is quoted from WarriorTSW's video.



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