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Guide to New LFG System in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Welcome to our New LFG System guide. This topic has solidly divided the community, which is easy to remember as a core feature of Wrath Classic.




Looking for Group (LFG) system, almost everything you see online has people arguing back and forth about its inclusion or lack thereof in this expansion. On the forums Reddit, more people were in favor of having this feature make a return than leaving it out, but Blizzard thus far has remained adamant that the LFG will not be in Wrath. However, they are looking at options to facilitate looking for groups that do not require spamming in text chat but do not automatically group people from multiple realms and teleport to the dungeons.




Let's cover everything about the new LFG system, the good and the bad of how it currently works, and what we would have liked to see.


We should start with a quick reminder of what the true-to-last patch dungeon finder resembled from the original Wrath. It's really simple. In fact, there are bonuses in the form of badges for random or daily dungeons, and you can pick your roll pick whether you want any random or specific dungeon from normal or heroic.


As a tank, you ate roughly 2 seconds, a DPS about 20 minutes, and healers somewhere in between you pop. Press accept, and then you get teleported to the dungeon. It would also search cross-server to improve queue times greatly. Then at the end of the dungeon or leaving, you're teleported back to where you were original.




You push a button and get teleported to a dungeon. Here is our new version.




Let's start with the good stuff straight away. There's more to this than just being a dungeon finder. This tool covers all group-based activities from dungeons raids, open world PvP, and goldshire stuff. Each tab gives good options on all available content, including old-world content, such as open-world PvP, objectives, or vanilla raids. If you ever wanted to do those for some reason (in order to post in the LFG channel), players will have to be listed on the group finder somewhere, which should significantly cut out the amount of spam that will be seen. The create listing part of the tool is fine to me. It gives enough options, and there's a text box where you can add extra bits. It does its job. There are good reporting options available on the UI, so you can get rid of any want-to-sell spam fairly easily.  


Side note, I'm assuming this tool becomes available at level 10 or 15, but if it is for all content, it will be available at a low level.


This is related to the group browser part of the tool, and you can list your class as a role, though I understand some groups may end up running dungeons where they do 4 DPS and 1 healer once they get enough gear or maybe even 5 DPS as Death Knights.


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That's fine. You just advertise in the extra text box that you're going to be doing there, but if I'm a Warlock, why should I set myself as a healer? What am I going to be creating health stones and handing out bandages? In fact, if I list myself as a role, my class cannot do it. It just says that no roles have been filled on the UI.  


Finding a group will be an ongoing effort of a spamming refresh. Aside from that, this tool really has to be better than the looking for group.


The whole idea of the LFG tool is that it takes spam out of the chat and into a tool where people can easily and quickly match with each other. In its current state, it is not better than the Bulletin Board add-on. It's a competitor to it, not strictly an upgrade in terms of the LFG Bulletin Board.




It's resizable. It auto-updates when new posts come in the chat, and the UI has more customization options for appearances.


It imagines hitting up the hinterlands questing for a while. I could sure go for a run in Maraudon. For example, let me get there specifically for vanilla content. The world is huge, and with XP being squished between levels 10 and 60 in TBC and 60 to 70 Wrath. There's just not really as much need to run dungeons in Vanilla. It made sense to prepare your quest log for dungeons because it takes a lot of experience to level up. Nowadays, this just isn't the case anymore. We'll do the dungeons, which are really conveniently placed, stockades Zul'Farrak, and so on.


I think the whole traveling to dungeons is actually completely fine. Everything is in the zone where you're currently leveling, for the most part, anyways. When you want to do Hellfire dungeons, you're a few minutes away, and you're leveling in Hellfire playing for Zangarmarsh at low-level 60s, alkin doon at middle-level 60s, and so on. In Raph, there are 150 flying speed mounts, which are really cheap, and you can buy them from level 60.


I don't think the same goes for Raph. The dungeons are in the zone that's already appropriate for your level cap and end-game stuff - flying mounts. It's just not really too far. Sure the LFG system is better and more convenient.


Lastly, if you want to learn more details, you can click WillE's video.

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