• Torchlight Infinite Beginner Guide: What to Do to Level Up Fast
    By Ansley2022-12-02 00:00:00

    No matter which game, how to level up fast is always a topic that players will care about, especially in the early stage. Now this time, we will discuss this topic in Torchlight Infinite.


    Don't Miss the Events That Can Give Currencies

    When you go to the event center at the bottom of the menu list, you'll notice several Activity Target Lists that are similar to the Path of Achievement and Path of Progression. It would be best if you did not miss them because these can grant currency bonuses as you log in and finish specific objectives.


    For leveling up, you will need more weapons and gear to arm yourself. When having enough currencies, you can exchange suitable types of equipment easily. In a word, getting abundant Torchlight Infinite currencies will undoubtedly facilitate the leveling-up process. So don't miss these events.


    Below are some bonuses of Activity Target Lists.

    No matter which hero reaches Lv. 50, you can get 400 Jagged Primocryst.

    No matter which hero reaches Lv. 70, you can get 500 Jagged Primocryst.

    After Completing the shadows palace quest, you can get 30 Jagged Primocryst.


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    Clear as Many Enemies as Possible before Moving to the Next Section

    In order to efficiently level up your character, it is best to defeat as many enemies as possible before moving on to the next section of the map.


    So, you can simply hit the Tab Key to view the target's quantity and run into crowded places to kill enemies.


    Don't ignore the opportunities that the gaps of restart give you. When you catch the chance to press the V key, a whole field of enemies can be whittled down. By that, you can kill your targets efficiently and get a lot of XP boosts.


    Equip the Right Packspirits

    If you want XP boosts, equipping the right Packspirits is a good way to have the effects. As a beginner, you can have Hell Cavalry, Traveling Lizard – Ocean, and Spirit Bless in the early game.


    Hell Cavalry increases elemental resistance, damage mitigation, and XP bonus. Traveling Lizard – Ocean and Spirit Bless are both the Pactspirits that have the effects of Increasing Maximum Energy Shield, Mana Restoration, and XP bonus.


    They are great Pactspirits that can change all pact nodes on the Inner Ring and Middle Ring. It would be best to equip them if you want to quickly get additional Max Energy shielded and Mana boosts.


    If you have more active Pactspirits, you can switch their respective nodes and stack XP as you progress through the main campaign.


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