• Soul Worker Stella Guide: Part 1- Stella’s Skills
    By Nancy G2018-05-01 00:00:00

    Dear Soul Worker players, the Professional Gaming Store MmoGah will show you a series of Stella Guide. As a disclaimer, this guide is purely my personal opinion and by no means the only way of playing Stella. Today, I will show you the Part 1: Stella’s Skills. And I will divide Stella’s Skills into two parts - Passive Skills and Active Skills.



    Passive Skills:

    SP1-2.png Acoustic

    This skill increases maximum SF, up to 30%. It is very useful, which lets you use more skills before needing to stance shift.


    Sh-1.png Basic Attack

    Since Stella doesn't require basic attacks to regenerate her SF, they are not very strong compared to other classes, and as such her playstyle revolves more around skill use.


    Sh-10.png Endure

    This skill increases your stamina recovery rate by 10% per level, up to 50%. It allows you to dodge more often, and dodges are very good as they both allow you to stay safe through invincibility frames as well as cancel out attacks early.


    Sh-8.png Elusion

    Each level reduces the cooldown, but doesn't reduce the stamina cost. If you play PvP, you will probably want this skill at level 3.


    Sh-6.png Retaliation

    When you are knocked down, you can press “LMB” to attack and get off the ground, and you can max it out grants an extended exalted buff, which makes you invincible.


    Sh-2s.png Soul Strike

    This skill is unique to Stella, which can change stances by pressing “RMB”. This is the source of Stella's SF regeneration, because she does not regenerate SF by basic attacking like other classes.


    Sh-4.png Shadow Roll

    Press “Shift” to roll and get up when you are knocked down, and you will be invincible while rolling. Leveling it up reduces the stamina cost, but going from level 2 to level 3 quickens the animation, thus reducing the amount of time you're invincible.


    Sh-5.png Sprint

    This skill can help dodge kite monsters and attacks more efficiently.


    Sh-9.png Whirl Jump

    Press “RMB” while dashing to release an AoE attack that does damage. However, the windup animation is incredibly slow and the damage isn't very significant.


    Active Skills:

    S1-1.png Whirlwind

    Spin and slam the ground, floating enemies hit by the slam. This skill has low damage, mediocre SA break, and can't dodge-cancel when in the air during the slam. It is only really used in the first 8 or so levels where you have no better skills.


    S1-4.png Rift Riff

    This skill sends out a cone of cracks along the ground that interrupts and staggers enemies, and then explodes to launch them in the air.


    S1-2.png Howling Hunt

    This skill is mainly used as a filler damage skill when the main damage skills are on cooldown.


    S1-5.png Howler Parade

    The skill tooltip damage is somewhat deceptious, as if every tick of the move connects, that's the damage. Rift Riff → Howler Parade is a main part of leveling up, and will be the chief source of mobbing until you reach higher levels.


    S1-3.png Phantom Trail

    This skill shoots out purple homing orbs that damage enemies. The most value from Phantom Trail is when it is used at point blanking, forcing all orbs to hit the enemy immediately. This makes the skill one of Stella's quickest sources of burst damage while providing decent SA break.


    S1-6.png Orb Song

    Strum the guitar to charge, up to 3 levels. Note that attack speed does not increase charging time.


    S1-7.png Sonic Pulse

    Stand still and play the guitar while shooting out a lightning bolt that repeatedly damages enemies.


    S1-9.png Spectral Pit

    This skill creates a black hole in the aimed direction, sucking enemies in and then exploding. It swirls faster near the end of the skill, ticking more often and healing high damage.


    S1-10.png Spirit Storm

    Press the hotkey when in the air to send out some howlers. This skill doesn’t do much damage but has immense SA breaking capabilities.


    S1-8.png Soul Cr

    Crouch down and create an AoE effect that floats any enemies it hits. You will have 10 seconds after casting this skill, where any enemy that comes nearby will be paralyzed. Not only useful in PvE, but amazing in PvP.


    S1-11.png Spirit Swamp

    It is Stella's biggest and best mobbing skill, as well as solid damage on bosses. You can aim the pool in any direction that you like by aiming in the direction and pressing “W”.


    S1-13.png Bass Wave

    Stella's "Ultimate Skill". It deals crazy amounts of damage in a large radius. This is an excellent skill to use when a boss is SA broken, because it prevents them from casually strolling out of the range.


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