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How the Under Water Areas Beneath Fossil Island Are Provided


Fossil Island is also known as Kudos Island. Fossil Island is an expansion of the Varrock Museum and will explain the story of Godwars in Runescape. Fossil island is located in the north of Morytania and unveils a unique unknown environment. From Fossil Island you will have the opportunity to train and put your skills in new and interesting ways to work. Now, let MmoGah introduce the Under Water areas beneath Fossil Island to you.



Under Water

Explore this newly discovered island that doesn't stay on the shoreline - there is a lot of explorations under the surface of the surrounding waters. Take a dive and see how the under water areas beneath Fossil Island are provided.



Underwater Agility & Thieving

Your Agility encountered in the waters of Fossil Island is unlike the Agility courses found in other parts of the world.

Rather than being on a set course, you can go wherever you want. Using the various shortcuts, you will get experience in the skill as you explore your business underwater.

The experience you gained will be competitive, but will not exceed other existing training methods. However, you can get this experience while taking part in other activities under the surface.

Thieving goes hand-in-hand with Agility whilst underwater. Rather than as you may be on the surface from the same NPC or stall to steal, you'll be running around and looting treasure chests as soon as possible.

You'll need to avoid or use the currents found all over. Getting caught up with the present will push you away, or go where you'd like to be. The currents will also cause treasure chests to appear on all kinds of places - so you have to keep track on the ball.

The experience rate provided by underwater Thieving is not comparable to the existing top-level methods. It will serve as an attractive and interesting alternative which allows you to train both Thieving and Agility at the same time.


Seaweed Farming

The seaside around the island is perfectly suited for the farming of seaweed. Requiring level 23 Farming, giant seaweed can be grown underwater.



Giant Seaweed provides two kinds of soda ash during burning.


Underwater Fishing

There are several different ways to fish in the underwater area: use drift nets or catch your prey.

Drift nets can be set up and left alone to catch past fish. As you would expect, catch the fish in this way to provide you with the experience of both Hunter and Fishing.

Use a harpoon or a trident to chase your prey to keep you up and kill your prey on the move. Your Agility will come in handy when you catch your prey, as you need to maneuver quickly. Shortcuts will certainly come in handy.


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