PoE Builds 3.24: Top 3 Boss Killer Builds

By Nancy G2024-05-22

Dear exiles, I will show you the top 3 boss killer PoE builds today. These builds include Archmage Ice Nova Hierophant, Venom Gyre Deadeye, and Vaal Ice Shot.


 Top 3 Boss Killer Builds pic


1. Archmage Ice Nova Hierophant Templar

This build stacks as much Mana as possible to take advantage of the Archmage support Gam that grants up to 19% of your Mana as extra lightning damage. The skill of choice was the transfigure gem Ice Nova of Frostbolts that deals a lot more damage when cast near a Frostbolt, and to make things smoother, we are using the Kitava's Thirst helmet to cast the Frostbolts for us automatically.


Awesome clear speed

Destructive boss damage

Satisfying gameplay

Great survivability

Instant leech



Needs Mana on equipment.

Needs a lot of cast speed.


To complete the Atlas: this build doesn't have a budget version with 10x Divine Orbs.


2. Venom Gyre Deadeye Ranger

Venom Gyre is a very interesting skill that fires a projectile that hits enemies and returns to you, piercing through and damaging everything in its path. When the projectile successfully returns to you, you can save and stack them up to 30 times, and when you use the Whirling Blades movement skill, the projectiles are released all at once.



Awesome boss damage

Awesome clear speed

Great league starter

High armour

High evasion

High chance to suppress spell damage

High block chance


Vulnerable to Chaos damage


To clear white maps: 4 links + cheap gear need 90x Chaos Orbs.

To clear yellow maps: 5 links + mid gear need 120x Chaos Orbs.

To complete the Atlas: 6 links + good gear 4x Divine Orbs.


3. Vaal Ice Shot Deadeye Ranger

Ice shot is an awesome Archer skill that freezes an entire screen of enemies and deals many explosions. The complete guide of this one will count with two versions of this build - a budget and a complete one. Each has its own PoB and passive tree. So you can start building on a low budget and then upgrade later.


Strongest Vaal skill

Awesome clear speed

Awesome boss damage

Currency farmer

Easy to build

Safe ranged attacks


Not very tanky


To clear white maps: 4 links + cheap gear need 80x Chaos Orbs.

To clear yellow maps: 5 links+ mid gear need 150x Chaos Orbs.

To complete the Atlas: 6 links + good gear need 4x Divine Orbs.



Here is the ending of these builds. All the above content is from Daniel's video. You can watch all of his builds if you like. I hope this article can help you. Happy building!

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