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Is PoE 3.20 Worth Playing?

Path of Exile is one of the best ARPGs that is free to play. Path of Exile frequently releases updates and patches to fix the game and keep the PoE community alive and active. The game has been out since 2013, and it's been nine active years of the game. GGG has recently given the teaser of patch 3.20 with what is to come in this patch.


The teaser of 3.20  came out with a few spoilers and game updates. We will explain the upcoming game update, changes, and spoilers. So stay tuned till then and learn more about Path of Exile Forbidden Sanctum expansion to get an edge when it finally starts.


Is PoE 3.20 Worth Playing


What is the Path of Exile?

Path of Exile is an ARPG you can get on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. PoE is free to play game unless you decide to spend some money to get some fancy outfits or PoE currency. The game is designed so that you can play the game with your friends and Solo if you like.


Path of Exile was introduced as Diablo 2’s successor we all wanted but didn’t get when Diablo 3 was launched. By this time, PoE has gained massive attention from gamers worldwide. To this day, PoE is considered to be the best ARPG and worth playing just because of skill gems and sprawling passives tree.


Path of Exile uses its economy, known as orbs which you can trade with the vendor to get some fancy stuff for your character. However, the game primarily consists of a barter system in which players exchange goods with vendors or other players to get the game item.


Path of Exile is Complex, Not Complicated.

When a new person tries to play Path of Exile or tries to convince someone to play PoE with them as a co-op, they often get the same answer: PoE is hard and tough to play.


Path of Exile is complex instead of complicated. The most common fear about this game is the number of things you must do to play the game or build up your class.


Now GGG will release patch 3.20 with enhanced graphics, new mechanics, and much more. 3.20 will be the best patch till now and worth playing even for new players.



Path of Exile 3.20 Season Summery & Spoilers

We will talk about what's been known as we get into a more intense season over the next couple of weeks. GGG's usual pattern and what changes are coming will be discussed in this article.


Path of Exile 3.20 first-Week Spoilers

The 1st week of spoiler season is already done. So this will be a retrospective of what we learned during that week. The first thing that came out was a balance manifesto around jewels and ailment mitigation. This means jewels will pick up several new tools to deal with ailments.


The most promising way to use these is going to be the unique belt the darkness enthroned which is the best unique in conjunction with Abyssal jewels that provide ailment avoidance because those are getting buffed.


Path of Exile 3.20 Update, Changes & Improvements

The big news wasn't the quality that GGG brought to rare jewels. It is the changes to unique jewels. Nearly all of the game's exclusive jewels manufactured from elkshards are being deleted, and the rarities of other jewels are generally being increased.


GGG's intention here is that finding a unique jewel dropping from the monsters becomes more exciting than just being in random drops or hidden places.


The next thing we learned was the balanced Manifesto around Arch Nemesis and the monster mod.


Essentially Arch Nemesis as a system is being retired. There will be a new monster mod, an enhanced mode that existed in the 3.13  era. Instead, they aim to split some Arch Nemesis mods into parts.



Things That Make PoE 3.20 Worth Playing

It's been nine years since the Path of Exile launched, and many think about whether they should play the PoE anymore or just quit it now. So here are a few reasons that might change your heart and make 3.20 worth playing.


Massive campaign and new foes

If you are looking for challenging and tough to beat, stay tuned for patch 3.20. this patch is coming with a bunch of new features and foes. In 3.20, you will face a whole new different type of monsters and boss battles. Completing all acts of the game will require more than 30 hours.


New Content Every 13 Weeks

GGG introduces new content every few weeks, and players get something new to play in every update patch.


Like in previous patches, players get a chance to play new events in  Path of Exile and get some legendary rewards by the end of the event. Patch 3.20 also comes with new events and rewards, and it will be worth waiting and playing just like other previous patches.


Satisfying Combat and Mechanics

Every RPG is built according to good mechanics and stylish combat. These two things are the heart of any RPG. The way you kill monsters, cut-scene, finishers, skills points that you use to gain some extra perks, using gems for increasing your stats.


All these activities and perks depend on how good your game mechanics are. In the upcoming patch, GGG has introduced some new features, foes, and other subjects, making Path of Exile exciting and worth playing.


Rewards After Hardship

Although we play games for fun and entertainment, deep down, we know that all these brutal battles are just for getting better end rewards, whether in the shape of handsome loot or some legendary gear.


If the player doesn't get the reward for his time and efforts, then there is no point in playing that game, no matter how good the game is or how popular.


In patch 3.20, players will get better end rewards and loot. If you have played older patches and events of Path of Exile, then there is no doubt that 3.20 will be worth playing.




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