• All You Need to Know About Lake of Kalandra League
    By Pen Slingers2022-09-08 00:00:00

    The new Season and Challenge League are upon us in Path of Exile. Update your game today and enjoy new fun modes for you and your party. Start the update; read this article until you learn more about this League. Meanwhile, want to earn more PoE currency early on in the League? Look no further and visit the link shared.


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    What is Lake of Kalandra in Path of Exile New Season?

    Every three months or so, PoE releases a new patch that not only balances different skills, builds, and champions but introduces new mechanics to the game. This season, PoE Grinding Gears introduces a new dimension of untold demons and magics that you can only access through Kalandra Tablets.


    Kalandra is one of the principal evils in PoE, and her item, Mirror of Kalandra one of the most valuable items; this League explores how she came to power in a new twisted way. With this new expansion/league, Grinding Gear offers its players:


    ● New Challenge league to reach the top of the leaderboards

    ● More things to do and improvement in the End Game called the Atlas and its dungeons

    ● Addition of 4 new gems to the game to freshen up skills you can play with

    ● 14 new and unique items never seen before to spice up older builds

    ● Further enhancing and buffing already present unique for up to 100+ of them

    ● Further Enhancement to Harvest as revamps

    ● A lot of balances

    ● And so much more!


    Kalandra welcomes champions and heroes to her shores which she has overseen for a time that is longer than time itself. These shores in her realm harbor so many deadly secrets that it is impossible to explore in a single try.



    Is Lake of Kalandra Actually Reflections of Wraeclast?

    Even though you enter the Lake through portals that you can only open with the help of the Mirror of Kalandra, the Lake of Kalandra is the embodiment of Wraeclast. This reflection is only possible through the Power that Kalandra herself possesses. The portals open into different iterations of the Lake at different times and spaces.


    There you don't encounter regular monsters but totally new and improved ones with elites at every corner. This mechanic comes as a high-risk vs. high reward giving you experience and lots of loot with at least a couple of chests in each lake instance.



    How Can You Influence the Power of the Lake of Kalandra and Your Destiny?

    The Lake of Kalandra isn't just an alternate dimension to the world of Wraeclast; it brings memories and challenges for our champions to embark on. During your adventures through the world of Wraeclast, you find the Mirror of Kalandra Tablets spread out in different places. Each tablet allows you to set dangerous encounters with powerful elites of your choosing. You can lay out the map of these reflections one by one on consecutive tablets.


    Once you have assigned different encounters and enemies to the areas, you can open the portal on the last tablet you visited. Depending on your build path, this choice holds excellent meaning; you can choose elemental enemies that will benefit you.


    Furthermore, the further you assign an encounter from the entrance, the harder it will become. The harder it is, the better loot and XP you will get. You have more options the higher you are in the League, as you can even re-roll affixes, skip some abilities and even add more to the Mirrored Tablet for a much better and fun encounter in the Lake of Kalandra.



    What Is the Benefit of Reflection on Rare Jewelry?

    The Lake of Kalandra also adds new manifests where you get two rings or two amulets after finishing each encounter through the Reflecting Mists. The first of these rings or amulets have half of their properties greatly enhanced to magnify properties and abilities to boost your power. In contrast, the other half of the properties are harmful and can hinder you. The jewelry's reflections are precisely the opposite, Such that the enhanced are negated while the harmful properties are enhanced.


    You are allowed to pick only one of these reflections, and during the end game, you can bring your precious jewelry to the Lake and magnify it to suit your needs, further boosting the mechanics in the game to benefit you. These enhanced powers are not found anywhere else, so visit as many lakes as you can during your grinding sessions.



    What are the Atlas Memories in Lake of Kalandra League?

    Atlas Memories are Enhancement of Atlas End Game in PoE Lake of Kalandra League. These don't require any specialization to your Atlas Tree and can give you new content and much better rewards if you invest time into them.


    Atlas Memories are paths on the Atlas map with branching paths allowing you to choose different encounters and challenges along the way. In the Atlas Memories Maps, you can enhance them with Memories charms which are:


    ● Kirac's Memory of Phaaryl – You can apply these memories on individual nodes to add additional Harbinger Portals to the node encounter. The benefit here is that when you destroy these portals, you have a chance to drop additional currency shards helping you build your gear much faster.


    ● Niko's Memory of Demonic Onslaught – This Enhancement to Map Nodes in the Atlas Memories Map allows you to loot Breachstones from different Breach Bosses. This allows you to call in additional Large Breach Hands in an individual node.



    What New Gems are Added to the Lake of Kalandra?

    Four gems are added to this Challenge league where 3 are skill gems, and 1 is a support gem, but all are part of Lightning Damage and Shock Themed.


    ● Alchemist's Mark – This spell skill gem can curse a single enemy that can cast burning around the enemy if your hits are ignitable and place caustic ground below them with poison. Each cast costs 16 mana with 0.5 secs of cast time.

    ● Galvanic Field – This gem is a spell applying a buff to your shock damage. If you use shock damage on an enemy while having the Galvanic Field buff, the gem creates a field of energy attached to them, which fires lightning bolts on nearby enemies.

    ● Lightning Conduit – This gem helps you to cast lightning on enemies who are already shocked.

    ● Overcharge Support – This is the unique support gem in this League and can support any gem that has a skill attacking or damaging enemies. These skills have a 50% chance of shocking enemies with these skills.



    What are the Powerful and Unique Gears introduced in Lake of Kalandra?

    There are 14 new Unique gears added to this challenger League, some of which are as follows:


    ● Soul Ascension – Carnal Mitts: These  Mitts require level 50 and add enhanced evasion and energy shield to your Hero with increased Chaos Resistance. These mitts allow you to collect souls when hitting each new enemy and use these souls to powerful effect.

    ● Ghostwrithe – Silken Vest: This vest adds Max Life and Energy Shield to your Hero and allows you to convert 50% Life to Energy Shields

    ● Nycta's Lantern – Crystal Sceptre: This Sceptre gives 30% increased Elemental Damage to its user with additional AoE physical and fire Damage with a 50% increased light radius

    ● Malachai's Mask – Iron Mask: This mask adds +20 to your strength, lightning resistance, and a 20% enhanced chance to do double Damage

    ● Thousand Ribbons – Simple Robe: Socket gems are supported, add fire and cold Damage to your skills, and give you many resistances and attributes.

    ● Hands of the High Templar – Crusader Gloves: Easily Modifiable item, even when corrupt, has the chance to have five implicit modifiers with enhanced attributes like Life and Energy shields.

    ● Tower of Ordeals – Engraved Ultimatum: 5 new modes in this new map, such as Chocking Miasma, Razor Dance, Limited Flasks, and so much more.



    What is the Enhancement to this Challenger League, and How are they Modernized?

    Following is some excellent overhauling to the end game:


    ● GG has added Enhancement to the rare and Magic monster system by changing difficulty settings

    ● Added more Archnemesis modes to add more rewards

    ● Large changes to Harvest

    ● You get to see more consistency in the spawning or rare monsters that won't overwhelm you.

    ● You can now add multiple mods to Archnemesis modes becoming more rewards at the end.

    ● The mods stack adding more similar weapons to your builds

    ● The Beyond League has also received some love with more monsters from the Scourge

    ● You can now trade currency from the Harvest mode



    What are Some New Changes to Trickster and Minions?

    Trickster Ascendancy has been greatly balanced to manipulate the speed and added more options for their defense.


    Minions have been revamped with the gear that adds more power to them. You can spawn powerful minions that support you more than ever before.



    Concluding Remarks

    Are you excited to start anew in the Lake of Kalandra? We have loved it so far and advise you to look at other articles regarding our builds on Mmogah's website.