• Top 5 Secret Jungle Tips You Need to Know
    By Penny2021-04-28 00:00:00

    Most people consider jungle to be a more decision-based role. Although this is true, we realized most people don't use several key mechanics while jungling, which would cause them to lose more. So today we'll cover the top 5 mechanics EVERY JUNGLER should know in League of legends. The content is from Skill Capped. Thank you for the amazing video.



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    Kite Your Camps

    I'm sure many of you have seen high ELO junglers kiting while killing camps. The reason for doing so is that we can get closer to our next camp or location that we're heading to. This shaves off valuable seconds off of each camp, which adds up a lot over the course of a game.


    Now, as far as the technique, there's a specific one when doing your buffs. You want to land three auto-attacks and walk back and then repeat this pattern. The idea is that we're landing three auto-attacks for every 2 of the buffs - this is the most optimal. We don't want to land one auto-attack and then walk back, for this will end up trading 1 for 1 in auto-attacks with the buff, resulting in tanking far more damage while clearing significantly slower.


    It's important to note that you want to weave in spells in between your auto-attacks cooldown. Often, players will cancel their auto-attacks with an ability, resulting in them doing less DPS. Make sure to avoid this.


    Ways to Kill Each Camp


             Krug (1:56-2:30 of the video)

    Let's start with the Krugs since that's a camp a lot of players struggle to do without taking too much damage.

    You start by pulling the Ancient and Medium Krug further out. Then you position yourself, so you're on one side of the Ancient Krug while the Medium Krug is on the other. Then in between each auto-attack, we move away from the Medium Krug. The pattern ends up making you walk back and forth. In this example, I auto-attack, then move right, auto-attack, then move left and repeat this pattern. This causes the Medium Krug to get stuck running back and forth and results in you taking no damage from it.


    Raptor (2:55-3:42 of the video)

    Make sure to focus on the small ones before switching to the large ones. Believe it or not, the small ones will actually do more damage to you over time if you leave them up. Additionally, make sure to kite and not just stand in the middle of them. This is important as the small Raptors have much higher attack speed than you. Now, if you're playing a Jungler that runs Hunter's Talisman, then you don't want to focus each small raptor down one at a time. Instead, try to spread out your auto-attacks while the healing effect from Hunter's Talisman steals their health. Then, get them down to low enough HP to kill them all at once. By doing this, I was able to kill the Raptor camp as Kha'Zix without losing any health and using any potion.



    For the Wolves, you can follow the same rule of focusing on the small ones first while kiting them to your next location.


    Gromp(3:50-4:53 of the video)

    The Gromp also has an advanced trick. It gets bonus attack speed for its first five attacks. This means that if we stand still and auto-attack with the Gromp, he's going to land more autos than we will and do more DPS. However, if we kite back after each auto-attack, we can force the Gromp to trade 1 for 1. Once you get good at this, you can then start weaving in your spells after each auto-attack while kiting. This helps reduce the amount of damage you take from Gromp.

    Another trick with Gromp is to smite it right before you're finishing Blue. You can do this by kiting the Blue to this location and then smiting Gromp. This saves you time as you don't have to run to the Gromp and then back towards the river. Additionally, if you have an AoE ability, you can time it to hit them both at the same time. This trick works really well on champions with constant AoE damage such as Amumu and Hecarim since they can actually do both Gromp and Blue simultaneously.


    How to Improve Our Map Awareness

    Let's divide our time as a jungler into two sections. The first is when we're fighting a camp. The second is when we're moving to our next camp.


    When We're Fighting a Camp

    At this time, you should be balancing your attention between what's in front of you and the minimap. When you have to cast spells and kite, focus on what's in front of you. When your spells are on cooldown and you're simply auto-attacking, then focus on the minimap.


    There's also another thing a jungler should be checking consistently - their teammates' health bars. When teammates are low on health, this can signal that they traded with the enemy. This is a strong indicator that we should move our camera to see if the enemy is also low on health and if the lane is gankable. Essentially, while fighting camps, think of yourself as doing reconnaissance.


    When We're Moving to Our Next Camp

    This is the ideal time to physically move the camera and check the lanes.


    There are two main ways to check the lanes:

    The first is to do it manually by moving your cursor and left-clicking.

    The second is to use the F1-F4 hotkeys, which would let you jump the camera to your teammates' position.


    If you want to use these, we highly recommend going into the settings - under hotkeys, then camera control, and rebinding them, so the F keys align with the corresponding Ally.


    F1-F4 settings


    So what we can do with these binds is first to send a movement command to our next camp, then hit F1, then F2, then F3, and finally spacebar and jump back to ourselves. We do this whenever we move to our next camp. This lets us check which way the minions are pushing in each lane and the health of the enemy.


    To summarize, while fighting a camp, your focus should be on your minimap and teammates’ health bars at least 50% of the time. Then, once you've killed the camp and are moving to the next one, send a movement command, check each of your lanes with your camera, then hit the spacebar and jump back to yourself.


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    Decrease the Likelihood of Walking Over a Ward

    When moving through the map, you should always be doing two things: the first is moving through nearby brushes to check for wards.




    The second is using the attack move command instead of a regular movement command. By attack moving, we'll stop and immediately attack a ward if it's in front of us.


    For example, let's say you move to invade. You send an attack move command along the path you want to take. Afterward, you hit F1, F2, and F3 to check the state of your lanes. Once you hit the spacebar and jump back to yourself, you'll find you're automatically killing a ward. This is how you should be moving through the jungle. The attack move command can be used by hitting “A+Left Click” or “Shift+Right Click”.


    Residual Vision

    There's a mechanic you should be aware of in regards to wards: Residual Vision. After you kill a ward that's been disabled, it will retain a vision of you for around 4 seconds after it dies. For this reason, you should never immediately path in the direction you intend to go after you kill a ward. Instead, walk in the opposite direction for 4 seconds, and then take the original path you intended, which will trick the enemy.


    Take Rift Herald Optimally

    Rift Herald is currently one of the strongest objectives for snowballing your leads. Most players take much longer to kill it than they should and often spend time circling it and trying to hit its eye. So let's break it down.


    You should always start Herald by auto-attacking it once and then moving behind it. Right before it dashes, auto-attack to hit the eye. This will get the next eye up faster, thus reducing the overall time it takes to kill it. We then stand still and damage it until the next eye opens. One thing to notice here is that we need to move at the start of its attack animation, not at the end.


    The next tip has to do with Rift Herald's big swipe attack. This occurs twice -once at 66% of its HP and second at 33% of its HP. It most commonly occurs after you hit the eye. Most people try to dodge this by moving backward - this is a mistake as the hitbox is pretty obnoxious and you usually end up still taking damage. Instead of walking back, simply walk through the Herald. This will dodge its swipe much more consistently while taking less time.


    The final step is to wait for an eye to open before putting Herald below 2400 health. This is important because if it is put below 2400 health without its eye open, it won't re-open again by doing this. You can wait until it’s at 1400 health to instantly kill it by attacking the eye.


    Additionally, the Eye of the Herald that drops will take 40 seconds to despawn if it isn't picked up - a lot longer than people realize.


    How many of these mechanics did you know? But overall, hope the content will help you with the jungling journey. If you like the content, don’t forget to subscribe to his channel and stay tuned to MmoGah for more LoL News.


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