LoL: New Patch Preview - Upcoming Changes List For Patch 11.7

By Penny2021-03-26

Patch 11.7 is the next Season 11 update for League of Legends. Full patch notes have not been released yet, but Riot gave us a glimpse at some information before its launch. This video is from ProGuides Challenger, in which he provided a quick rundown of what changes we can expect in 11.7. If you are looking to buy a League of Legends Account, whether it’s an unranked smurf account or Wild Rift account, MmoGah can always be your first pick.



Item Nerfs

There are three that we can expect to see in the next patch - Essence Reaver, Lord Dominik's Regards and Everfrost. They are getting some changes as they've been too strong. The only one that surprises me is Essence Reaver, a rather niche item that not many champions utilize. However, the combination of crit chance damage and a spellblade passive can definitely push Percy champions that can use it over the top. Lord Dominik's Regards has been an item that many players are building a little bit too often. With 80 mid laners becoming more and more popular, it's even become a powerful second or third item for champions like Zed. This would imply that the item is a little bit too strong as it's intended to help 80 champions cut through immense amounts of armor in the late game. The fact that it's even optimal before the later parts of the game also means that it might be a little bit too good. Finally, Everfrost had received some buffs after it didn't see much use early on in the season. A ton of champions have been building it and now that more players are using it. Most of us have come to understand that it is indeed a very good item.


Item Buffs

We can expect to see buffs for Serylda’s Grudge and Trinity Force. Serylda’s receiving buffs comes as no surprise since we know that Lord Dominik's Regards is getting nerfed. If players are universally leaning towards an item that's intended to be used for Marksmen, I'm inclined to believe that surveillance is simply a little bit underwhelming. I'm not sure what buff to expect, but a price reduction couldn't hurt. The item is a bit pricey for what it provides. It's only worth it if you heavily value its passive or if your enemies have a ton of armor. We've already seen the tank item Goremdrinker and Stridebreaker get nerfed. Attack speed-based fighters are probably going to pop off with any bug the item receives. Finally, we can expect one item to receive an adjustment - Turbo Chemtank. It will receive changes next patch by taking power away from its movement speed active but providing more power elsewhere.


lol 11.7


Champion Nerfs

The following champions are set to receive nerfs – Udyr, Hecarim, Ivern, Rell Thresh, Alistar, Kaiser and Chasana. Udyr and Hecarim nerfs are also well merited. I'd expect to see their damage reduce but most importantly, the changes to Turbo Chemtank will likely address their dominance. Ivern isn't a jungler we expected to see nerfed again, but apparently, the bug fixes to Daisy made him much stronger than intended. Next is Thresh nerf. It's a world of difference when I'm comparing Threshes on my team against Threshes on the enemy team regardless, he's been arguably one of the strongest if not the strongest support for several patches now. Although he's a little bit on the weaker side in low ELO, Thresh has been a bigger band for a good amount of season 11. The past few patches have come pretty dry for the bottom lane, so it's pretty nice to see so many of them coming up. Kaiser has been a problem for quite a while now since she's consistently been the most popular Marksman. Chasana has been recently rising up as a power pick. Alistar and Rell have also been solid support picks, so these champions threat the line of OP. Not everyone thinks they are, but it’s definitely a solid argument for it because they can provide so much. Alistar has been especially popular in Korea because of his incredible turret diving and lockdown.


Champion Buffs

The following champions are getting buffed – Kindred, Yorick, Braum, Yasuo, Mordekaiser, Lissandra, Ashe, Varus, and most importantly Amumu - the poor guy has been crying for buffs and he finally got them. In Kindred's case, aside from the extremely dedicated mains, players haven't been able to find success on her. Some buffs should make the entire player base take advantage of her. Yorick buffs are also coming next patch. Yasuo definitely ended up much weaker this patch after the changes to Immortal Shieldbow. A small buff next patch should pick him back up. Mordekaiser is also receiving a buff. Statistically, he's been doing okay, but I believe this is implemented because he feels a little bit weak in high ELO right now. Lissandra hasn't been a trendy pick, and with her receiving a buff, it may be a bit more popular. More bottom lane changes are coming next patch as well. Ashe and Varus are receiving buffs, which means there's a good chance that utility Marksmen will be in the meta very soon. Varus has been underperforming for nearly a year, so now he's getting another buff.


These are all the details that we can know so far about LoL 11.7. If you find it helpful, give the video a like and stay tuned for more LoL news. We also have various unranked LoL accounts in stock for you to choose from, which can save tons of time for leveling. Come to visit and find the one you want!

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