• League of Legends Sentinels of Light: Absolution Cinematic Released
    By Penny2021-08-04 00:00:00

    A new League of legends cinematic called Absolution was released on Tuesday, concluding the story of the month-long Sentinels of Light event. The cinematic is about five minutes long, and it follows the final fight between the Sentinels and Viego.



    The Ruined King Viego has been madly searching for his dead wife’s soul in League of Legends world to revive her. To send him and his undead servants back, an ancient order called the Sentinels of Light stands out to fight back. The leaders, Senna and Lucian, gather up a group of champions, including Gwen, the newcomer Akshan and other Sentinels, to smash the scheme of Viego. They didn’t stop him in the first place, though. But after he managed to have his wife revived, his wife Isolde scolds Viego for his role in the Ruination.


    “Your black and broken heart has destroyed everything,” Isolde said. “You turned our season of love into an eternity of bitterness and madness… Our tragedy should have died with me. Now, let me rest.”


    Having heard what she said, Akshan uses his special weapon to put her to rest finally. Viego is chained in his kingdom of Camavor. I don’t know whether they would let him come back or not, but it’s a neat ending to an ambitious event. Even though the story has ended, the Sentinels of Light event will still last until Aug 10.


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