League of Legends Patch 11.16 Tier List

By Penny2021-08-16

League of legends patch 11.16 is finally here, so we’ve got a new champion tier list for the new update. But before getting into it, we want you to know MmoGah has cheap LoL Accounts for sale. If you need one, we can be your best choice. Now, let’s dive into today’s content right away.


Top Lane Tier List


Tahm Kench (Nerf)

Passive Damage: 12~60 – 8~60

Q Healing: 15~35 – 10~30


Early game is where Tahm Kench is at his best. Taking into consideration how broken Tahm is right now for solo queue, he won't be falling far on the tier list.


Maokai (Buff)

Some buffs targeted towards shifting Maokai out of the support role and back up to top lane are headed to live.


Passive Heal: 5~13% - 7~15%

E Damage: 25~125 – 20~120

AP Ratio: 0.8% per 100 AP – 0.7%


Heal going up is huge for early trading throughout the game. Against heavy AP comps, this buff combined with building spirit visage will be really nice. We'll give Maokai the bump from B into A-tier as a result of this buff.


Fiora (Nerf)

E CD: 11~5 – 11~7


It’s a slight nerf to fewer scaling power and mid-game spike. So we think the change isn’t enough to force Fiora down the tier list so she'll remain a strong S-tier option.


top lane tier list


Sett and Camille are your two OP picks of the patch. Riot went lighter with top lane changes, so Tahm and Maokai will be the only picks shifting significantly. If you're into playing those underrated champs, Cassiopeia and Lilia are both great options right now. Cassiopeia’s buffs last patch are killer, and she can do an amazing job against a lot of meta top laners, especially Tahm Kench. Our top three low Elo recommendations are Mundo, Yorick, and Garen, while the best bans include Sett, Camille, and Tahm Kench.


Jungle Tier List


Lee Sin (Nerf)

W Omniwamp: 10~30% - 5~25%


Lee holds the highest pick rate for any Jungler on 11.15, and we don't see that changing much after this nerf. It's just the Omniwamp that's nerfed, not the shield. So Lee's sustain will still be very strong. A-tier is the lowest we can see him dropping, but for now, he'll continue to hold down a spot in S-tier.


Xin Zhao (Nerf)

Base Stats: AD 66 - 63


Three base AD is a solid nerf as it affects both your clear and dueling power, but with how godlike Xin has been recently, we'll only be shifting him from OP down to S.


Jarvan IV (Buff)

Passive Current HP Damage: 8% - 10%

R Bonus AD Ratio: 150% - 180%


This puts a nice charge into Jarvan's all-in power and makes him a lock as a valuable pickup for 11.16.


Nunu (Buff)

Base Move Speed: 340 - 345

E AP Ratio: 54% - 90%


The base move speed buff is quite massive, especially for a Jungler, as the faster you can move around the map, the more impactful you can be. Watch out for Nunu this patch, for he'll take back a spot in our S-tier as one of the top solo queue Junglers.


Shaco (Buff)

Shaco mains had a really nice run for a couple of months and then got blasted with some bugs that have dropped his power level drastically. Riot will be addressing those issues in 11.16 with a couple of bug fix changes and reverting Q showing in fog of war. We expect Shaco to land back in a good A-tier position, but we'll be sure to keep track of how impactful these changes turn out to be as the patch progresses.


Diana (Nerf)

Passive Monster Damage: 300% - 250%


This nerf will stunt Diana's early clear and let her lose priority over many other Junglers for 11.16. Diana will be dropping down to B-tier as an average Jungle pickup.


jungle tier list


Many champions are moving up and down for the Jungle tier list this patch. Viego takes over Shinzo's spot in OP tier. Kha'Zix moves up to join him alongside Nocturne. As both Lee and Shinzo are nerfed this patch, we definitely see Viego taking over as a very high priority pick. If you like an aggressive early ganking style, then Jarvan and Nunu are the right ones to go. Trundle is one of the most underrated solo queue Junglers at the moment who's slowly made his way up the tier list due to many positive changes over the past months. To climb low Elo the fastest, we would recommend spamming Shyvana, Rammus, or Nunu. Best bans for 11.16 include Viego, Shinzo, and Lee Sin.


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Mid Lane Tier List


Vladimir (Buff)

Vladimir's scaling becomes even stronger this patch with a couple of buffs to his passive.


Each Point of AP grants: 1.4 - 1.6 HP

Gain One Additional AP per 40 - 30 Bonus HP


The buffs really aren't that big as you'll gain about 5 extra AP on your 3 item spike along with around 80 extra health, so they will not have an impact on Vladimir's tier list position. Vladimir remains a strong S-tier pick for this patch.


mid lane tier list


In the OP tier, it will be Zed, Katarina, and Graves. Graves mid has been a pick on our radar in the past few patches, and it's starting to get a lot more attention now. Our very first rating of Akshan is in a strong A-tier position. As 11.15 progressed, more players have figured out how to play him optimally, and he's seeing way more success. The roam and catch potential from W and E is just super nuts, which is perfect for a solo queue mid. Our top three low Elo Mid Laners are Kayle, Malzahar and Annie. A couple of good bans for this patch include Katarina, Zed, and Kassadin.


ADC Tier List


Ziggs (Nerf)

E Damage per mine: 40~180 – 30~190

Slow: 30~50% – 10~50%


In compensation, the base mana nerf from 11.14 is being reverted. It’s a considerable hit, but we can't see it affecting Ziggs all too much due to how strong of a state he's in. We continue to rate Ziggs as an OP bot lane pick for 11.16, but it may need an adjustment down to S if the E nerf turns out more impactful than anticipated.


Sivir (Buff)

W AD Ratio: 30~70% - 30~90%


Mid to late game team fight buff for Sivir comes online full throttle once she reaches level 13. The buff won't be enough to push Sivir above many of the S-tier carries, but it will help her lock down a good A-tier spot on the tier list.


Jhin (Buff)

W Damage: 50~190 – 60~200.

Minimum Damage AD Ratio: 20% - 25%


The fact Jhin is seeing buffs before Lucian is rather confusing, but nonetheless, Jhin mains will be really happy with this one. He is now a highly valuable S-tier pickup for 11.16.


ADC tier list


Ashe, Ziggs, and Kog’Maw will continue to stomp on the rest of the competition. Akshan is proving to be much better suited as a mid laner than an AD Carry. Move speed from W and gap closer from E work so well in mid lane but don’t translate as well for bot. Bot lane Akshan isn't terrible but only slots into a B-tier position for 11.16. Ziggs, Miss Fortune, and Ashe are the top three low Elo picks for the patch, while Vayne, Ashe, and Ziggs are good bans to consider.


Support Tier List


Lulu (Nerf)

W CD: 15~11 – 16~12

R CD: 110~80 – 120~80


W can be spammed off cooldown in team fights, so a one-second increase can be pretty impactful in certain situations. 10 seconds off ultimate will limit your window of aggression early on. Lulu's tier list placement will be affected as she drops from OP down into S, but we don't see her leaving the meta just yet.


Sona (Rework)

Riot is issuing Sona a mini rework as her passive will have a new look, and it will be called Accelerando. Sona's basic abilities will grant her 0.5 Non-Ultimate Ability Haste per hit, which scales up to 60 Non-Ultimate Haste. Once she reaches 60 instead of gaining additional Accelerando attacks, Sona reduces her Ultimate's current cooldown by 1.5 seconds, which is a massive scaling buff for Sona.


Q Mana Cost: 75~95 – 50~70

W Mana Cost: 105~125 – 80~100

E Mana Cost: 90 - 65

Basic Ability Cooldown Reduction: Removed


With an overhaul like this, it's difficult to accurately predict where Sona will land. We'll place her in S and continue to monitor as the patch progresses.


support tier list


So we have Blitzcrank as the lone OP pick who reigns supreme for 11.16. Buffs from the last patch have given him a serious jolt and have left everyone else trailing behind. For highly valuable low Elo picks, we would recommend Brand, Blitzcrank, and Zyra. The top bans for 11.16 are Leona, Blitzcrank and Lulu.


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