Last Epoch Class Picking Guide – Which One to Choose

By Penny2024-02-28

Selecting the right starting class in Last Epoch is a crucial decision that sets the foundation for your journey through the world of Eterra. Each class offers unique abilities, playstyles, and strengths, making the choice daunting for new players. In this guide, we provide a comprehensive overview of all classes and their corresponding Masteries, offering insights to assist you in selecting the ideal class for your journey in Last Epoch. 


Last Epoch Classes

Last Epoch offers five distinct classes: Sentinel, Acolyte, Primalist, Rogue, and Mage. Upon investing 20 points in your main class tree and completing significant portions of the main story questline, you unlock access to three unique Mastery options for your class, essentially functioning as subclasses.


 last epoch class picking guide


Acolyte: Lich, Necromancer, Warlock

The Acolyte class in Last Epoch embodies the essence of dark magic and necromantic arts, offering players a versatile and sinister playstyle. As a spellcaster, the Acolyte taps into the forbidden powers of death and decay to manipulate undead minions and unleash devastating spells upon their foes.


Summoning Undead Minions

One of the defining features of the Acolyte class is its ability to summon and command undead minions to do its bidding. From skeletal warriors to spectral wraiths, the Acolyte can raise an army of the undead to overwhelm enemies and serve as formidable allies in battle.


Casting Dark Spells

In addition to summoning minions, the Acolyte possesses a wide range of dark spells to unleash upon their enemies. From curses that weaken foes to powerful necrotic blasts that deal massive damage, the Acolyte's spellcasting abilities are diverse.


Lich Mastery

The Lich Mastery delves into the manipulation of life and death, allowing players to harness their own life force to unleash devastating attacks upon their enemies. Players can poison themselves to enhance poison damage inflicted upon enemies or transform into a powerful reaper to cleave through hordes of foes at the cost of their own health.


Necromancer Mastery

Players who choose the Necromancer Mastery specialize in summoning and commanding undead minions to do their bidding. From raising skeletal warriors to summoning powerful bone golems, Necromancers can overwhelm enemies with sheer numbers and strategic minion placement.


Warlock Mastery

The Warlock Mastery focuses on tapping into the dark powers of the void to unleash devastating spells upon enemies. Players proficient in the Warlock Mastery can hurl bolts of death magic, rupture the ground with fissures, and unleash a relentless barrage of spells to annihilate their foes.

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Mage: Runemaster, Spellblade, Sorcerer

The Mage class epitomizes the arcane arts, offering players a wide range of powerful spells and elemental abilities to unleash upon their foes. Mages can unleash torrents of fire, ice, and lightning upon their enemies, decimating them with raw magical power.


Elemental Spellcasting

This is one of the Mage's primary strengths. From hurling fireballs and summoning lightning storms to freezing enemies in their tracks with ice spells, Mages excel at dealing elemental damage from a distance.


Ranged Combat

Mage specializes in ranged combat, using their mastery of magic to keep enemies at bay while unleashing powerful spells from a safe distance. With their ability to cast spells from afar, Mages can effectively control the battlefield and dictate the flow of combat.


Runemaster Mastery

The Runemaster Mastery introduces players to the art of runic magic, allowing them to craft powerful runes that enhance their spells and abilities. By combining spells in specific sequences, Runemasters can create potent rune combinations that offer unique effects and bonuses, adding depth and complexity to their gameplay.


Spellblade Mastery

The Spellblade Mastery bridges the gap between spellcasting and melee combat, empowering Mages to imbue their weapons with magical energy and unleash devastating close-range attacks. With the ability to channel magical energy into their melee strikes, Spellblades can engage enemies in close combat while still utilizing their formidable spellcasting abilities.


Sorcerer Mastery

The Sorcerer Mastery focuses on amplifying the Mage's elemental prowess, allowing players to unleash devastating elemental attacks with unmatched ferocity. From conjuring flaming meteors and summoning ice storms to creating powerful black holes that tear through enemies, Sorcerers wield the raw power of the elements with unparalleled mastery.


Primalist: Shaman, Beastmaster, Druid

Primalist in Last Epoch immerses players in the primal forces of nature, offering a diverse array of abilities that allow them to shapeshift into powerful beasts, summon natural allies, and wield elemental magic with unmatched prowess.


Shapeshifting Abilities

Primalist's can shapeshift into powerful animal forms, each with its unique strengths and abilities. From the brute strength of the Werebear to the agile ferocity of the Sabertooth, Primalists can adapt their form to suit any combat situation.


Summoning Primal Allies

In addition to shapeshifting, Primalists can summon primal allies to aid them in battle, like summoning wolves or bears.


Elemental Magic

Primalists also possess a mastery of elemental magic, allowing them to wield the forces of fire, ice, and lightning with devastating effects, like hurling fireballs at enemies or freezing them with ice spells.


Shaman Mastery

The Shaman Mastery focuses on summoning powerful totems and channeling elemental magic to decimate foes. They can control the battlefield and overwhelm enemies with primal forces.


Beastmaster Mastery

The Beastmaster Mastery emphasizes summoning and commanding a diverse array of animal companions to aid in battle. With the ability to summon wolves, bears, and other creatures, Beastmasters can create a formidable menagerie of allies to fight alongside them.


Druid Mastery

The Druid Mastery centers around shape-shifting abilities, allowing players to transform into powerful creatures to unleash devastating attacks. Whether assuming the form of a werebear for brute strength or a tree person for enhanced spellcasting, Druids can adapt their form to suit any combat situation.


Rogue: Bladedancer, Marksman, Falconer

Rogue epitomizes agility, precision, and cunning, offering players a diverse range of abilities that enable them to excel in both close-quarters combat and ranged attacks.


Agile Melee Combat

Armed with daggers and swords, Rogues can unleash lightning-fast strikes, dodging and weaving between enemies to deliver lethal blows with surgical precision.


Ranged Precision

In addition to melee combat, Rogues excel in ranged attacks, using bows and crossbows to eliminate enemies from a distance. With their keen eye and steady hands, Rogues can deliver deadly accurate shots, picking off enemies with precision and finesse.


Subterfuge and Stealth

Rogues are masters of stealth and deception, using their cunning and agility to evade detection and strike from the shadows. With abilities that allow them to vanish from sight or unleash devastating surprise attacks, Rogues can turn the tide of battle in their favor with a well-timed ambush.


Bladedancer Mastery

The Bladedancer Mastery focuses on agile melee combat, allowing players to unleash a flurry of fast-paced attacks with daggers and swords. They can dart in and out of combat, and strike with deadly precision while evading enemy attacks.


Marksman Mastery

The Marksman Mastery specializes in ranged combat, empowering players to deliver devastating attacks from a distance with bows and crossbows. With abilities that enhance accuracy and damage, Marksmen can eliminate enemies with precision shots, picking off targets from afar with lethal efficiency.


Falconer Mastery

The Falconer Mastery introduces a unique specialization centered around summoning a falcon companion to aid in combat. With the ability to command a loyal bird of prey, Falconers can unleash devastating attacks and provide invaluable support in battle, adding a new dimension to the Rogue's arsenal.


Sentinel: Forge Guard, Void Knight, Paladin

The Sentinel class in Last Epoch embodies resilience, steadfast defense, and righteous combat prowess, offering players a versatile array of abilities that allow them to excel in melee combat and protect their allies. With a focus on wielding shields, heavy armor, and divine magic, the Sentinel provides a stalwart and formidable presence on the battlefield.


Melee Combat and Defense

Armed with swords, maces, and shields, Sentinels can deliver powerful strikes while mitigating incoming damage with their formidable defenses.


Protective Abilities

In addition to their prowess in combat, Sentinels possess a wide range of protective abilities that allow them to shield themselves and their allies from harm. From raising magical barriers to healing wounds and curing ailments, Sentinels can provide invaluable support to their allies in the heat of battle.


Divine Magic

Sentinels also wield divine magic, channeling the power of the gods to smite their enemies and bolster their allies. With abilities that harness the forces of light and righteousness, Sentinels can unleash devastating attacks upon their foes while imbuing themselves and their allies with divine blessings.


Forge Guard Mastery

The Forge Guard Mastery focuses on harnessing the power of the forge to forge powerful weapons and armor, enhancing both offensive and defensive capabilities. Forge Guards can unleash devastating attacks while shrugging off enemy blows with their enhanced defenses with abilities that summon magical armor and weapons.


Void Knight Mastery

The Void Knight Mastery delves into the manipulation of void magic, allowing players to banish enemies and control the battlefield with dark powers. They can disrupt enemy formations, teleport across the battlefield, and unleash devastating attacks that rend the fabric of reality.


Paladin Mastery

The Paladin Mastery embodies the archetype of the holy knight, wielding divine magic to smite enemies and protect allies with righteous fury. With abilities that consecrate the ground with holy power, heal wounds, and empower allies, Paladins can turn the tide of battle with their unwavering faith and righteous might.


Hope the content can help you have a rough idea about classes in Last Epoch. Whether you prefer tanking and melee combat with the Sentinel, ranged spellcasting with the Mage, summoning minions with the Acolyte, or shapeshifting into primal beasts with the Primalist, each class offers unique strengths and opportunities for customization. Experiment with different classes, explore their abilities and embark on your journey through the world of Eterra with confidence and excitement.

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