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Guide for FFXI New/Returning Players

Hasi August 12th, 2022 Final Fantasy XI    FFXI Gil    FFXI Gil Help   

Each player may find great delight in FFXI's diverse set of possibilities. Although the fundamental goal of the game is to level up one or more professional combinations, each player has several other alternatives to explore. Due to this variation, the game might be difficult for a new player to navigate.


Guide for FFXI New and Returning Players


So this guide is for novice/returning players. It summarises the goals (milestones) each player should fulfill to establish an average FFXI career. It doesn't include all side projects (including HELM-ing, Garrison, Ballista, gardening, Dynamis, farming, fishing, Chocobo digging, and so on). Instead, it emphasizes instances related to your major career. It's expected you've picked your main character's nation, race, and occupation.


Your ability to complete most of the milestones you must reach in your FFXI career will depend on your current job level. However, the game needs some ongoing work and attention from you in some areas. With these continuing efforts, it is advised to begin as soon as possible and to put out as much work as you see necessary. The activities that each player must engage in continuously and by their level are outlined in the following list, along with a description of each activity's significance.


FFXI: What You Should Do First

Final Fantasy XI offers a variety of employment options. In character creation, you will choose your very first position. Select your Server, Starting Nation, Gender, Job, and Race here. Unless you have a buddy on a particular server, all servers are relatively identical, so you may as well shut your eyes and choose one randomly.


When creating a character, choose ethnicity and gender carefully. If you want to modify them, start a new character at the start of the game because you cannot change your race and gender after you start playing. You will be sent the opening movie for the nation you choose after selecting it. There will be "Spawn.". In case you're perplexed as to why you are powerless to act.


Guide for FFXI New and Returning Players 1


Alternatively, they may be NPCs, which is why these strange individuals speak to you (non-player characters). You should pay attention to what they say and respond to their inquiries. You'll be allowed to begin the game after you've read everything in the manual. The purpose of this is essential to introduce you to your country.


FFXI: Keep These Things in Mind Throughout the Game

For FFXI, a World Pass is not required. While creating a character, you may choose your server from a list.


    • You can sort a lot of the objects in your inventory. This is terrific news since you'll see that your list is quickly filling up. It is pretty simple to sort inventories. By tapping the â€" key on your keyboard, you may access your menu (for pc). Go down the page and click "items." Next, you have to hit the number pad's + button. Select "Auto"; press "Enter"; then click "Yes." Your inventory has been organized.  
    • People start having parties after they reach level ten. The primary method of leveling in Final Fantasy XI is via combat. While one person may complete certain chores, you often drop into groups. From level 10 to 20, Valkurm Dunes is the party hotspot most often used.
    • You'll often get a tell from someone who says, "PT?" That indicates that they want you to join them at their party. When someone asks you to party, they could also remark, "(Team up? It indicates that they want you to join them at their celebration.
    • What green and red symbols appear around certain words while people are speaking to me? An auto-translation feature is available in Final Fantasy XI. The players come from different countries all around the globe. A translation mechanism for English, French, Japanese, and German is included in Final Fantasy XI.
    • The auto-translated version of the text will appear at the top of your screen as soon as you enter "Hello" and press the Tab key on your keyboard.
    • After combat, you can heal yourself with /heal and ctrl-h. However, use caution while doing this. 

FFXI: Continuous Achievements

Look for a method to make money that suits you. Any job must be leveled, which takes time and money. Although it will be your primary source of income, selling the items that the mobs you kill won't drop won't be enough to support your entire career. Find more funding sources such as questing, farming, crafting, clamming, gardening, fishing, digging, and HELM-ing.


Guide for FFXI New and Returning Players 2


  • Try to complete all the quests. You will get renown in your hometown in addition to some (good) products or FFXI Gils from them. Do tasks from other towns at higher levels as well. Besides, you can also buy FFXI Gil from third-party marketplaces to boost your performance.
  • Discover the worth of the things that the mobs you kill drop. Other goods are worth a considerable fortune, while others are almost worthless. The beastman seals you discover should never, ever be discarded.
  • Always ensure that your Weapons and Armour are as up-to-date as possible. Don't bother trying to have a party if your gear is broken.
  • Choose a helpful sub-job and begin leveling your sub after you have acquired your sub-job skill. At all times, keep your hero leveled. Try not to go out and have fun with a bad job. Sub jobs don't build up over time. You may switch to your primary work whenever your sub job has reached a level that is half that of your primary job.


FFXI: Milestones Based on Levels


1.    Exploring the job: Level 1 – 15

Any job's first 15 levels may be considered an introduction to the position, its innate skills, and the game's mechanics. These levels pass quickly since there is little experience required to advance, you have a good chance of defeating DC, EM, and maybe even T monsters, and you lose minimal experience when you die. Leveling up requires 801350 EXP, so between levels 1-15, you'll earn 28350 EXP, 3.5 percent of the total.


2.    Party Time: Level 15-20

You will start having difficulty soloing comfortably on anything more significant than a DC mob around the time you reach level 15. Downtime will increase, fights will last longer and be more complex and riskier, and you'll earn much less EXP every hour. This means it's time for you to form a group to battle mobs with, preferably in a group of 5 to 6.

Embrace the opportunity and wait for an invitation to materialize (or form your party). It is essential to complete the quest to activate your sub-job ability (allowing you to combine two occupations at once, increasing your strength even further) and obtain your Chocobo license (high mobility and the ability to get wherever you need to go quickly are both essential in this game). From levels 15-20, you will get an additional 20000 EXP, increasing your total to 48350, or around 6%).


3.    Learning To Fly: Level 20-40

These are the most enjoyable stages in the game. In these 20 levels, you'll learn most of the job abilities, work goodies, and spells, but you'll still be able to progress very quickly between levels. During this level stretch, you must reach Khazam and your Nationwide Airship Pass to expand your mobility beyond the Chocobo and access the various (advanced) occupations available in Final Fantasy XI. 

Many players will level certain occupations (which they plan to utilize as sub-jobs for their primary) up to level 37, leaving that job unable to advance beyond this point. After leveling up from level 20 to 40, you'll get an extra 114700 EXP, which is 20% of the required to reach level 75.


4.    The Era of Artifacts: Level 40-60

Gaining your artifact sword and armor (free gear!) and learning about the Genkai series of five encounters are the two most significant events in this level stretch (aka limit-breaking quests). From level 40 to level 60, you will get an additional 195500 EXP, bringing your total to 358550 EXP, or a little under 45 percent (almost halfway to lvl75).


5.    The Never-Ending Grind: Level 60-70

In leveling a job, this is the unpleasant phase. In these ten levels, little much often occurs. Finding a good party may be difficult and time-consuming, and leveling up is sluggish. Additionally, soloing is virtually impossible or painfully slow.


Nevertheless, you may begin earning your second pair of Artifact (or Relic) armor at 65 and obtain access to Dynamis, one of the so-called "end game" activities. The remaining 234000 EXP will have to be earned by persevering through level grinding, bringing your total to 611350, or 76 percent.


6.    Growing Up: Level 70-75

You may customize your primary in its final phases. Now concentrate on end-game stuff (the kind of equipment that costs you an arm and a leg and will never be replaced again). If you haven't already, your macros should be optimized/effective. Before reaching level 71, you must defeat Maat (aka Genkai5). This is one war you can't outsource. You're fighting this war alone. This conflict will prove your suitability for your job. This last 5-level stretch adds the remaining 190000 EXP required for level 75. You are growing up: Level 70-75.


7.    Earning your Merits: Post level 75

When you reach level 75, FFXI provides another way to further your career. You can't improve your professional level, but you can boost your traits and talents and add spells and abilities. You may toggle the merit system. Merit mode no longer gives EXP, just LP. 10000 Limit Points = 1 Merit Point. These Merit Points may "buy" extra spells, abilities, or stat increases. You may spend hundreds of thousands of Limit Points to improve your character.


Final Thoughts

This FFXI beginner’s Guide is created and made available to assist new and returning players of FFXI. It may be confusing and intimidating to play FFXI because of all the choices and potential outcomes it offers. The instructions as mentioned earlier are not intended to be followed "exactly" or in the order given. They are not intended to be the only method to develop a fully built level 75 main character. However, it lists the most significant achievements that FFXI players must complete to reach level 75.


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