• Final Fantasy XI Rune Fencer Guide
    By Penny2023-07-21 00:00:00

    Rune Fencer (RUN) is a unique and versatile job in Final Fantasy XI, excelling as both a tank and damage dealer. Utilizing magical runes and powerful sword techniques, Rune Fencers are capable of mitigating both physical and magical damage while also providing party support and dealing respectable damage. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know to master the art of the Rune Fencer.




    Role of the Rune Fencer

    Rune Fencer's primary role is that of a tank. They excel at drawing enmity from enemies, absorbing or nullifying damage with runes, and protecting party members. Additionally, Rune Fencers can cast elemental and enfeebling magic, making them a unique hybrid job with both magical and physical abilities.


    Subjob Selection

    Choosing the right subjob is crucial for enhancing your Rune Fencer's abilities. Each subjob brings different strengths and playstyles to the table. Some common subjob choices include:


    1. Red Mage (RDM): Provides additional spellcasting support, enhancing the Rune Fencer's magical capabilities and versatility.


    2. Warrior (WAR): Increases physical tanking capabilities and enhances damage output with Double Attack and other physical-oriented traits.


    3. Ninja (NIN): Offers evasion and enmity control, making it suitable for situations where the Rune Fencer needs to evade enemy attacks.


    Stats Priority

    For Rune Fencer, prioritize the following stats:


    1. Vitality (VIT): Increases maximum HP, making the Rune Fencer sturdier and better equipped to tank heavy hits.


    2. Dexterity (DEX): Enhances parry rate, improving the Rune Fencer's ability to avoid incoming attacks.


    3. Intelligence (INT): Boosts magical accuracy and damage for spells, making them more effective in both tanking and damage dealing.


    Weapon Skill and Gear

    Rune Fencers use a unique weapon type called "Great Swords." As you level up, focus on obtaining the best Great Swords available to you. In terms of gear, prioritize items with HP bonuses, enmity, and magic accuracy.


    Job Abilities and Traits

    Job abilities and traits are crucial for enhancing the Rune Fencer's abilities. Here are some important ones to focus on:


    Job Abilities:


    Vallation: Reduces physical damage taken by the entire party for a short duration. Use this in challenging battles to mitigate incoming damage.

    Pflug: Reduces magic damage taken by the entire party for a short duration. Coordinate with your party's magic users to use this ability effectively.

    Liement: Enhances your sword skills, increasing their potency and critical hit rate.


    Job Traits:


    Magic Defense Bonus: Reduces the damage taken from magical attacks.

    Resist Silence: Increases resistance against Silence status, ensuring you can cast spells even under pressure.

    Spell Interruption Rate Down: Lowers the chance of having your spells interrupted by enemy attacks.


    Rune Management

    Rune Fencers have a unique ability to use runes, which are vital for mitigating and nullifying incoming damage. There are four primary runes:


    Lux: Absorbs light-based damage.

    Tenebrae: Absorbs dark-based damage.

    Ignis: Absorbs fire-based damage.

    Gelus: Absorbs ice-based damage.


    Proper rune management is crucial to effectively tank and protect your party. Equip runes corresponding to the enemy's elemental attacks to absorb or nullify their damage.


    Magic Spells

    Rune Fencers have access to a selection of elemental and enfeebling magic spells. Learn how to use these spells strategically to deal damage, enfeeble enemies, and support your party.


    Elemental Magic: Use elemental spells to exploit enemy weaknesses and deal damage. Coordinate with your party to ensure you're not stealing hate from the main damage dealers.


    Enfeebling Magic: Utilize enfeebling spells to weaken enemies, making it easier for your party to defeat them.


    Party Dynamics

    As a tank, your primary responsibility is to hold hate on enemies and protect your party members. Work closely with healers and other support jobs to ensure the party's survival.


    Skill Chains and Magic Bursts

    Despite being a tank, you can still participate in skill chains and magic bursts. Coordinate with your party to execute skill chains and set up magic bursts to increase overall damage output.


    Keep Learning

    FFXI is a complex game with various strategies and optimizations. Don't hesitate to join a helpful Linkshell (guild) or use community resources to learn from experienced Rune Fencer players. Keep practicing and adapting your strategies based on different encounters and party compositions.


    Mastering the Rune Fencer job in Final Fantasy XI requires a good understanding of its mechanics, the ability to adapt to different situations, and strong teamwork. Embrace the versatility and power of the Rune Fencer, and you'll become a valuable asset to any party in Vana'diel!