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FFXI Ranger Job/Class Guide

Hakky September 15th, 2022 Final Fantasy XI    FFXI Gil    FFXI Gil Help   

Are you a fan of doing significant levels of damage in melee mode while still being able to use your pistol to take out adversaries from a distance? If that's the case, the Ranger profession might be a good fit for you. It's a lot of fun to do damage to enemies while remaining inside a safe distance yet still providing enough damage to go close enough to finish them off. If you want to make this class your primary throughout your run through Final Fantasy XI, I strongly recommend using this guide.


ffxi ranger guide


Who Exactly Are These, Rangers?

Long-range attackers who specialize in firearms and bows are known as Rangers. They may do substantial harm even when safely positioned at a distance. Remember, though, that movement is not one of their strong suits; if you are not sufficiently intelligent, you will have difficulty surviving against them.


They are participating in group play and letting other party members take the hits for you (paladins are excellent team members) while providing sufficient assistance to do maximum damage.


Keep in mind that although Rangers have the potential to be the most powerful class, they are severely constrained by the amount of money you have. You will need to go out and get your ammo, which might be somewhat pricey, depending on the caliber of your rounds. To get the most out of this set, you will need to spend significant time farming for Gil, the game's money. Even if you have plenty of money, like the playstyle, and you get a kick out of doing significant damage, you should give the ranger a go.


Rangers might be an expensive profession requiring you to work many hours to accumulate enough gold. However, despite the effort, it won't be sufficient. Producing ammo may be a very challenging chore, mainly if you are restricted in the amount of money available in the game. The good news is that purchasing FFXI Gil doesn't break the bank.


Ranger Job Abilities

As in other massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMOs) and role-playing video games (RPGs), some abilities are unique to your class. Different class-specific abilities may be unlocked as your character levels up. In addition, there are a variety of fascinating talents that are exclusive to rangers, including the following:


You get access to one of the essential skills, Sharpshot, when you reach level 1. Because it is so easy to use, it is perhaps the most critical component in your kit. You can engage foes at a greater distance, which not only helps you avoid danger but also improves your accuracy overall. Because it is only active for one minute and has a five-minute cooldown, it is essential to remember that using this ability when necessary is the best course of action; it should not be a talent "utilized whenever available." Combining this ability with your other skills will let you deal with the damage you want to do.


At level 10, the skill known as Scavenge becomes available for use. It functions similarly to a sharp shot but has a five-minute cooldown, so you should only use it when necessary. It is a valuable ability that allows you to obtain things that may be used to create ammunition. This ability may assist in alleviating some of the financial burdens that come with building and maintaining a ranger, which can be rather costly.


Camouflage is a talent that relies heavily on context yet may be helpful in certain circumstances. At level 20, you will be able to unlock it, and it will assist you in avoiding certain enemies. However, it is only active for a brief time, and it is often not advisable to use it while engaged in battle. Unlocked at level 20, be careful not to depend on it too much until you've reached a higher level.


Barrage is one of the most vital abilities you have access to as a DPS and was designed specifically for your position. It can fire anywhere from four to six conventional bullets depending on your aim. You must ensure that your accuracy stat is at its maximum for the 6-shot damage to get the most out of this ability. In addition, you gain a significant amount of TP and do a substantial amount of damage with each shot. You may repeat these two attacks every five minutes since both of these skills have the same amount of time required to recharge, which is five minutes. Using sharp shots in conjunction with this skill can help you increase your accuracy stats. This skill unlocks at level 30.


Shadow bound is a talent that may be learned after the player reaches level 40. It is pretty dependable and has a high level of precision. If your health is going low or attackers are beating you up, it is highly recommended that you use this ability to make a hasty escape. The action may be performed for 20–25 seconds if a bound power is used.


Your long-range assault stance is called Velocity Shot. You will take less damage from close-range attacks because of using this item, but your ranged strikes will get a boost. On the other hand, given that you are a 'ranger,' presuming that you have unlocked it, this is a good talent for you to have. The cooldown is just one minute long and lasts two minutes. Once you reach level 45 and unlock this talent, it is strongly recommended that you utilize it.


At level 51, the ability to use Unlimited Shot becomes available. It allows you to engage in combat with your foes without using ammo. It is a terrific talent, particularly when you are running short on ammunition and need to do damage to your opponent.


The skill Flashy Shot is incredibly specialized and can only be used in a limited number of situations. On the other hand, it enables you to inflict more damage on your foe in proportion to the level gap between you and them. A skill unlocked at the high level of 75; is an ability that HAS the potential to be helpful given that the situational requirements are met.


Overkill is a skill that can be obtained at the high level of 96, and it can trigger double shots and boost attack speed. On the other hand, this only lasts for a single minute. Highly recommended for use against more difficult bosses and hordes.


They are utilizing these talents to their full potential while also being aware of which ones benefit you in battle and which ones do not is the key to making the most of a ranger's capabilities.


Job Traits

Several qualities might be incredibly useful in a fight or let you avoid it altogether. This section covers characteristics that are unique to your class and will apply to you. They are as follows:


The comprehensive scan ability searches the surrounding region for hostile creatures. It can be helpful if you are attempting to avoid confrontation.


Your level of alertness allows you to avoid engaging in a fight with enemies triggered by sounds. Due to the low likelihood, it is not a particularly desirable characteristic at all.


Your accuracy will considerably improve thanks to the Accuracy Bonus, as the name says. This class would benefit greatly from having this attribute.


Your strikes will have less of a delay as a result of using Rapid Shot. It will take some time to become acclimated to, in addition to some skill application. Regardless, this is an admirable quality. Despite this, the resistance Poison provides you resistance to poison.


Because there is a possibility that you won't use any ammunition when fighting, recycling allows you to save more of it. Considering how pricey the ranger may be, this is an excellent addition to the package.


When you use True Shot, the amount of damage you do to your foe is increased according to the distance between you and them. This is another problematic tactic but results in a considerable increase in damage.


The Sub-Jobs You Should Look For


The following are the most significant specialized occupations for a ranger:

    • Great capacity for dual wielding with the Dancer class.
    • Ninja offers improved resilience at the cost of a somewhat increased cost.
    • The high leap trait of the Dragoon might be helpful in certain situations.
    • High numbers in attacks and a respectable physical ranger make the Warrior a highly recommended class.


To summarize, rangers are one of the vocations that do the most significant damage and are capable of carrying and assisting players in completing the majority of the game's content. We hope that this tutorial was able to help you understand how to get the most out of using this class. We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield, where we hope you'll have your bows ready and your weapons loaded.

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