• Tips for Quickly Leveling Up Jewelry Crafting in ESO
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    In The Elder Scrolls Online, if you are looking to take your experience up to the next level, then mastering the art of Jewelry Crafting and quickly leveling it up is a must. However, as is often the case, its non-combat-oriented nature frequently leaves many players to become uninterested in it. But when you learn to craft high-quality jewelry and upgrade your gear, you gain a significant edge in completing the endgame content. This is because wearing high-quality jewelry items provides your character with some of the best buffs in the game. And for this to happen, leveling up your Jewelry Crafting skills is important.


    However, leveling up your Jewelry Crafting skills requires a lot of grinding. But, if you are willing to put in the effort, the rewards are worth it. To make the best of your time, this article provides you with everything you need to know to get started with ESO Jewelry Crafting quickly and efficiently.


    What Is ESO Jewelry Crafting?


    Jewelry Crafting in ESO

    Jewelry Crafting in ESO

    Jewelry Crafting was first introduced with the Summerset Chapter in May 2018. To date, it is the only in-game skill locked behind a Chapter, making it the most expensive profession in the game. And thanks to this newly found profession, players in The Elder Scrolls Online can now craft exquisite rings, necklaces, and decorative furnishings.


    Here is a quick rundown of the steps required in ESO Jewelry Crafting. Firstly, you find seams, which are usually located in the same places as ore veins: near mountains and on hillsides. After finding the seam, you interact with it and collect raw dust. There are five types of metal dust available: Pewter, Copper, Silver, Electrum, and Platinum. The type of dust you obtain depends on your level and Engraver Skill. Once you have the dust, you refine it into ounces using a crafting table found in major cities throughout Tamriel. Ounces are then used to create jewelry, with the ability to select its level, quality, trait, as well as style. After selecting your options, you can see a preview of the final result before proceeding. After crafting the desired jewelry, you can repeat this process as often as you like!


    This is ESO Jewelry Crafting for you in a nutshell. Now, this brings us to our very next question: Why bother with it in the first place? Why ESO Jewelry Crafting leveling is important?


    Why Jewelry Crafting Leveling Is Important?


    A Jewelry Crafting Table

    A Jewelry Crafting Table


    ESO Jewelry Crafting Leveling is a skill that allows players to create some of the most powerful items in the game. Not only can you wear them to improve your own stats, but you can also sell them for gold and earn a significant income. By leveling up your Jewelry Crafting skills, you can craft even more valuable and powerful items, which can be sold for even more gold or provide you with powerful buffs. 


    Additionally, by leveling up your jewelry crafting skills, you gain access to some of the best passive skills in the game, such as Lapidary Research and Platings Expertise. This skill can also help you save tons of gold coins spent on buying expensive items in ESO, as you can now create them yourself. 


    Moreover, high-quality jewelry with powerful traits can have a significant impact on your stats. For example, epic jewelry with a protective trait can give you an increase of 1153 physical and spell resistance, while fine-quality jewelry with a triune trait can increase your Max Health, Stamina, and Magicka by 438, 399, and 399 respectively. 


    So, leveling up your ESO Jewelry Crafting skills is definitely worth the time and effort!


    10 Ways for Leveling Up Your Jewelry Crafting Skills


    Jewelry Crafting Leveling Tips

    To level up your jewelry crafting skills in ESO, you need to first have jewelry in your inventory. This is because the only way of leveling up your jewelry crafting skills is by deconstructing jewelry, which will then reward you with Inspiration. And for pretty much the same reason, the majority of methods deal with the ways that increase your chances of finding jewelry! 


    Just know that whatever method you choose will ultimately come down to deconstructing jewelry items. Here are the top 10 ways to level up your Jewelry Crafting skills:


    1. Seek out High Quality/High-Level Jewelry Items

    While playing ESO, if you happen to come across a high-quality or high-level jewelry item, be it a necklace or ring, waste no time in picking it up and storing it away safely in your inventory.


    Yes, selling it for gold is a nice idea, but this is not the reason we have placed it in the inventory. This jewelry is for deconstructing purposes. And why is that so? Because deconstructing higher-quality or higher-level jewelry rewards players with more Inspiration compared to normal quality or lower-level jewelry. 


    The amount of Inspiration gained from deconstructing an item is based on its level and quality, with higher quality and higher-level items giving more Inspiration. For example, if you deconstruct a legendary-quality level 50 necklace, you will receive more Inspiration than if you deconstruct a normal-quality level 10 necklace. 


    This is because the legendary-quality item is of higher quality and level, and therefore requires more resources and effort to create. The Inspiration gained from deconstructing reflects this increased difficulty and effort required.


    2. Craft Jewelry Items

    If you have trouble finding jewelry in Tamriel simply because it is too cumbersome for you and ruining your gameplay experience by constantly diverting your attention, then there is another way for you. This is to craft your own jewelry!


    Not only will it make your gameplay experience better, but it will also earn you Inspiration. This method has you set out on an adventure of finding seams, collecting dust, preparing ounces, and then crafting your own jewelry. 


    The amount of Inspiration you earn depends upon the quality, level, and traits of the jewelry you craft. Higher the values, the higher the Inspiration. For example, if you craft an Epic-quality ring with the Robust trait at level 70, you will earn more Inspiration than if you craft a Fine-quality ring with no trait at level 20. Additionally, using expensive upgrade materials like Chromium or Platinum will also increase the amount of Inspiration earned.


    However, exciting as it may sound, this method can quickly become redundant since the general procedure is roughly the same. Also, it is worth noting that the amount of Inspiration earned from crafting is not as much as deconstructing high-quality or high-level jewelry. Furthermore, if you don’t intend to keep your crafted jewelry, you can always deconstruct it.


    3. Dolmen Farming

    Dolmen Farming is yet another way to level up your Jewelry Crafting skills in ESO. Alik’s Desert is widely considered to be the best place for it since all the three dolmens are very close to their wayshrines. For those who don’t know, a Dolmen is a type of Dark Anchor that drops from the sky and spawns waves of monsters for players to defeat. 


    This activity is usually carried out in groups due to its high difficulty, and therefore, it rewards players with high-quality loot (and that includes jewelry as well). The looted jewelry can then be deconstructed for Inspiration points.


    Admittedly, Dolmen Farming is a very effective way to loot high-quality jewelry since there is always guaranteed jewelry from a reward chest at the end. If you are on a tight budget but want to quickly level up your jewelry crafting skills, dolmen farming is the way to go for! However, do note that it can quickly become tiresome due to repetitive steps and even difficult if you are more of a lone wolf in ESO.


    4. Buy Jewelry Items from Guild Stores

    In case you have some gold to spare, buying jewelry items from guild stores is a great way to level up your jewelry crafting skills. Although you can buy any type of jewelry from Guild Stores, we recommend going with level 50 Champion Points 160 jewelry items. If you can find these at a reasonable price, quickly grab one. All the while, keep a lookout for such jewelry items with intricate or ornate traits. 


    Any jewelry with the intricate trait gives away a ton more Inspiration than the same jewelry item without the intricate trait. Also, the jewelry items with ornate traits are best for selling because their re-sell value is much higher when you sell them to NPC vendors than when you sell the same jewelry items without the ornate trait. And with the extra cash earned, you can buy more jewelry from guild stores and ultimately deconstruct them for Inspiration.


    5. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

    Especially if you are a beginner in ESO, this method is the most effective of all for leveling up your jewelry crafting. In this method, just like before, you require a bit of handsome cash amount and a trusty friend or guildmate who can already craft the highest-level jewelry.


    As per Alcasthq, you need to have 47,700 ESO Gold for this method to work. With this gold, you need to purchase 4770 Platinum Ounces since the price is roughly 10 gold per ounce. Now, give all these Platinum Ounces to your trusty mate, who will craft 477 white quality Champion Points level 150 rings for you. As you may have already guessed, you would then deconstruct all these rings and earn Inspiration for quickly leveling up your jewelry crafting.


    6. Gather Inspiration Boosts

    This method is the easiest of all but requires some prerequisites. Here is the criterion:

    •    If you have an ESO+ subscription, you get a 10% Inspiration boost.

    •    If you have the Champion Point “Inspiration Boost” unlocked, you can get up to 30% Inspiration boost by spending 45 points

    •    If you are an Orc, you get a 10% Inspiration boost.

    If you meet all of the criteria, you can get up to a constant 50% Inspiration boost on all of your ESO crafting-related grinds and quests!


    7. Complete Dungeons and Trials

    Completing dungeons and trials is a good variant of the Dolmen Farming method. Here, we will suggest you go with normal difficulty dungeons. 


    Although you won’t be able to get high-quality jewelry items, the time spent in completing a normal dungeon is way less than with veteran dungeons. Indeed, veteran dungeons and trials reward you with more high-quality loot, but the time spent is too much, especially if you are with a random group. And because, for the most part, you will be with random players, opting for normal dungeons and trials would be in your best interests. 


    For a start, we suggest you go with Vaults of Madness for dungeons and Aetherian Archive for trials. Because these have a higher number of bosses, the loot you get consequently is way more than with other dungeons and trials. And as usual, you deconstruct the jewelry items to get Inspiration.


    8. Completing Daily Jewelry Crafting Writs

    In order to do jewelry crafting writs, make sure you are certified to do so in the first place. If you have not completed the jewel crafting certification quest given by Felarion in Alinor, the main city of Summerset, you won’t be able to pick daily jewelry crafting writs.


    Completing jewelry crafting writs helps players gain Inspiration as well as jewelry items (which they obviously can deconstruct and gain more Inspiration). Completing daily jewelry crafting writs sometimes also reward players with survey reports. These reports speak of rich seams containing lots of raw dust. Although no exact pinpoint location is given, with a bit of puzzle-solving skills, enough details of the surrounding place are provided for players to reach the destination place quickly.


    9. Cyrodil Vendors

    If you are active in ESO PvP, then this method should be your go-to for quickly leveling up your jewelry crafting. At Cyrodil, you can buy chest boxes for alliance point (AP) that drop jewelry items.


    As per Alcasthq, for 12000 AP, you can buy a 3-set piece container that contains only weapons and jewelry. Although the chances are 50-50, it is worth the gamble. But still, if you do not want to gamble on what the chest contains, then you would have to slightly raise your AP budget. For 20000 AP, you can buy the Unidentified Elite Jewelry in your alliance’s base as it only contains jewelry.


    10. Double Drop Events

    Lastly, do keep an eye out for double-drop events. It is a very rare but effective method for quickly leveling up your Jewelry Crafting. Double-drop events are special occasions that occur periodically throughout the year. During these events, players earn additional rewards, such as double drops from quests, bosses, and resource nodes.


    Since you get more raw materials and jewelry items to refine, deconstruct, or improve, you can quickly level up your Jewelry Crafting skill in ESO.



    As seen above, ESO Jewelry Crafting is easy but requires a lot of time. With the right determination and discipline, you can quickly level up your Jewelry crafting skills in no time!


    What do you think? Did we miss any method? Share your thoughts with us, and let us know in the comments below!