The Ultimate Guide to Goblin Farming in Diablo 4

By Ansley
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Goblins in Diablo 4 are not just pesky little creatures; they're walking treasure troves waiting to be plundered by savvy adventurers. This guide will provide you with the strategies and locations to farm Goblins and maximize your loot haul efficiently.


Understanding Goblin Behavior

Before diving into farming techniques, it's crucial to understand Goblin behavior. Goblins are elusive creatures that appear randomly and will attempt to escape when attacked. Knowing their spawn locations and patterns will give you an edge in hunting them down.


Prime Goblin Farming Locations

•  Fractured Peaks Cellars: These are hotspots for Goblin activity. These small dungeons can spawn events, elites, chests, and treasure goblins. An efficient strategy is to ping-pong between two cellars, taking advantage of their quick respawn times.


•  Novek's Treasure Trove: A specific cellar in Novek is known for its Goblin appearances. You can reset the game to make them appear again and complete world events in the cellar for additional rewards. To reset a Cellar, exit after you have cleared it, log out, and go back in.

The Ultimate Guide to Goblin Farming in Diablo 4 1


Advanced Farming Techniques

•  Nightmare Dungeons: These dungeons are a goldmine for Goblin encounters. Run Nightmare Dungeons at a minimum level of 41. Dungeons with extra shrines are preferable as they spawn more goblins. It's beneficial to run these dungeons in a party of four, so each player gets their own loot from the goblins


•  Crafting Sigils: Enhance your Goblin farming with crafted sigils. Craft sigils at the occultist for extra shrines, which, in turn, increase goblin spawns. Lower-tier sigils are recommended as they provide the same benefits without additional costs


•  Greed shrine: It is a special type of shrine that can be found throughout the game world. When activated, it provides a temporary passive Diablo 4 boost where enemies drop gold when hit.


Efficient Farming Practices

Maximizing your Goblin farming isn't just about where to find them; it's also about how you farm.


1. Know Your Maps: Familiarize yourself with the maps and Goblin spawn points. The more you know about where Goblins can appear, the faster you can find and farm them.


2. Speed is Key: Equip gear that boosts your movement speed. Being able to move quickly across the map allows you to cover more ground and increases your chances of encountering Goblins.


3. Optimize Your Build: Use a character build that can deal great damage quickly. The faster you can kill a Goblin, the less chance it has to escape.


4. Party Up: Farming in a group increases the spawn rate of Goblins. Additionally, having party members can help corner and kill Goblins more efficiently.


5. Use the Map Overlay: Regularly check the map overlay for events that might indicate a Goblin presence. Events can sometimes lead to Goblin encounters.


6. Prioritize Goblins: When you encounter a Goblin, prioritize killing it over other enemies. Goblins can escape if not dealt with quickly.


7. Don't Get Distracted by Loot: Wait until the area is clear and all Goblins are killed before picking up loot, such as Diablo 4 Legendary Items. This ensures that you don't miss out on killing any Goblins while they try to escape.


The Ultimate Guide to Goblin Farming in Diablo 4 2

March of the Goblins Event

•  The event is not as crazy as expected but still offers an opportunity to farm goblins for valuable loot. The hotfixes being implemented by Blizzard will address the issue of goblins not dropping the correct loot consistently.


•  Nightmare dungeons between 41 and 46 tiers are currently the best farming spots for goblins. Players should focus on extra Shrine Nightmare dungeons, as they have a higher chance of spawning goblins.


•  Goblins spawned near greed shrines can drop valuable loot. Players should try to find multiple greed shrines in the same dungeon and kill as many monsters as possible near them to maximize the number of goblins spawned.


•  The more monsters killed near greed shrines, the more goblins will spawn. Players with fast area-clearing builds will have an advantage in farming goblins.


•  Crafting sigils can increase the chances of finding extra shrines but can be costly. Players should also consider salvaging leftover sigils to craft more.


•  Goblins drop boss materials, guaranteed legendaries, and loot bags with additional legendaries. Players can potentially obtain a significant number of legendaries from goblin farming.


•  Blizzard may adjust the spawn rates of greed shrines or goblins in the future. The anniversary event in Diablo 4 also offers additional bonuses, such as extra XP, gold from monster kills, and free cosmetics.



With the strategies outlined in this guide, you'll be well on your way to becoming a master Goblin farmer in Diablo 4. Remember, patience and persistence are key. Happy hunting!


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