Diablo 4 Season 4: A Guide to the Pit

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The Pit in Diablo 4 Season 4, known as The Pit of Artificers, is a challenging endgame activity introduced with the 1.4.0 Update. It's designed to be the most difficult content in the game, scaling up to Tier 200.

How to Unlock the Pit

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Location: The Pit is available in World Tier 4 in Cerrigar.

Requirement: Complete a Tier 46 Nightmare Dungeon to unlock.

Runeshards: They are essential for entering The Pit of Artificers. Players can obtain Runeshards in Diablo 4 through various activities. Here's how players can get Runeshards:

1. Completing Whispers Bounties: Whispers of the Dead bounties reward players with caches that contain Runeshards. This is one of the most efficient ways to farm these materials.

2. Finishing Nightmare Dungeons: High-tier Nightmare Dungeons offer Runeshards as rewards. These will be automatically rewarded and can be found in the Consumables tab at the end of the dungeon.

3. Participating in Helltide: Engaging in Helltide events by defeating enemies and opening chests will also yield Runeshards. It’s also an excellent way to farm gold in Diablo 4!

4. Joining Legion Events: Runeshards can be acquired from Legion Event Chests, although this method is time-gated and may not be the most efficient way to farm them.

Opening The Pit: Use Runeshards at the Obelisk in Cerrigar to open the portal.

The Pit Basics

The Pit of Artificers presents a unique challenge with its boss mechanics. Here's what you need to know about facing the bosses in The Pit:

Timer-Based Summoning: You need to defeat enough monsters within a 15-minute timer to summon the final boss.

Death Penalty: Each player death reduces the timer, with the first death removing 30 seconds, the second 60 seconds, and third and subsequent deaths 90 seconds each.

Boss Appearance: After defeating the required number of monsters, a portal materializes, transporting you to the boss arena.

Boss Fight: You must slay the boss before the timer expires to earn Masterworking materials. The faster you defeat the boss, the greater the rewards.

Tier Advancement: Defeating the boss with 4-6 minutes remaining skips a level and unlocks an additional tier of The Pit. Defeating the boss with 6 or more minutes remaining grants two additional tier unlocks.

Random Generation: The bosses are randomly generated, adding a layer of unpredictability and requiring players to be adaptable in their strategies.

Running the Pit

Progression: Completing a tier unlocks the next one along with rewards.

Group Play: Enter in groups of up to four players. The player who opens The Pit earns 100% of the regular amount of Masterworking materials, while others receive 50%.

Stygian Stones: Only the opening player has the chance to receive Stygian Stones, used for summoning Tormented Echoes, Level 200 bosses.

Rewards of Completing the Pit

The rewards for conquering The Pit are highly sought after by players looking to enhance their gear and abilities. Here's what you can expect to earn:

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Masterworking Materials: These are the primary rewards for defeating bosses in The Pit. They are used to upgrade gear at the Blacksmith, and there are different types for various ranks of Masterwork items:

Obducite: For Masterwork items through Ranks 1 to 4, found in Tiers 1 to 29.

Ingolith: For Masterwork items through Ranks 5 to 8, available in Tiers 30 to 59.

Neathiron: For Masterwork items through Ranks 9 to 12, granted in Tier 60 and above.

Stygian Stones: These rare items are used for summoning Tormented Echoes, which are Level 200 variants of summonable bosses found in Diablo IV. Descending into deeper levels of The Pit rewards you with more D4 Stygian Stones, which are crucial for summoning these high-level bosses.

Ancestral Legendary Items: While not explicitly mentioned in the search results, Ancestral Legendary Items are typically high-tier loot that players can expect from endgame content like The Pit.

Murmuring Obols: These are another form of currency or resource that players can use for various upgrades and transactions within the game.


Mastering The Pit is a testament to a player's skill and determination, offering rewards that reflect the challenge's intensity. As the ultimate test of prowess in Diablo 4 Season 4, The Pit awaits all who dare to prove their worth.

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