How to Farm Star Seeds Bless Unleashed

By Shirley Huang2021-10-22

Bless Unleashed Star Seeds are the most valuable currencies in the game, allowing you to buy many items from the Marketplace and Limited-Time Merchant, revive yourself, enhance weapons, or quickly travel to teleposts scattered around the world.


Farming Starseed Bless Unleashed is one of the hardest things to do in the game. Here MmoGah, as a professional Bless Unleashed Starseeds seller, will tell you how to farm Bless Unleashed Starseeds easily, and you can enjoy the game.


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Playing the Marketplace

To earn the maximum number of Star Seeds, you will need to sell some items that you don't use in the Marketplace. The following items are easy to acquire consistently, so you can sell them in the Marketplace.


Lumios Root

Lumios Root can be gathered from shrubs in Carzacor, Navarra, and Gnoll Wastes.

A single root is worth 150 Starseeds, and an entire stock will sell for 7500 Starseeds (depending on the prices of the Marketplace).


Located on the Western hills are patches of grass where several harvestable Lumios Root nodes are scattered. You may gather a full stack of 50, but if you wish to continue your harvesting ventures, then you can skip to another channel, which will cause all nodes to refresh. If you adorn armor with a gathering and mining speed buff, you may harvest these Lumios Root nodes without wasting much time.


Thin Branch + Unripe Fruit

Cutting down trees in the game can get thin branches, so you can sell them in the Marketplace.


Iron Ore

Iron Ore is very easy to find, and you can find it anywhere on the ground.


Loot Boxes

You can obtain loot boxes by killing bosses and completing quests. By doing this regularly, you can get enough items and sell them. Sometimes the loots boxes we open are not good, as we don't know what kind of equipment we will get, so I will suggest you sell unopened boxes.


Unused or Old Gear

You can sell your unused or old gear in the Marketplace rather than trashing it away. This will help you get extra Star Seeds Bless Unleashed from equipment.


Dawn Fern and Breath Mushroom


Using Star Seed Boosters

Buying or using Star Seed Boosters is really important in the game as they can give you more Bless Unleashed Star Seeds. Boosters are really effective in the game, which will give you everything multiplied depending on the boosters.


Keep in mind that you will need Lumena - an in-game currency that you will need to purchase from your own wallet, but you can also use gold to buy the boosters off from the Marketplace, and the prices may fluctuate.


Basic Star Seed Booster amounts to a 20% boost for 30 days, which costs about 800 Lumena.

Advanced Star Seed booster amounts to a 40% boost for 30 days, which costs about 1500 Lumena.

Stack the effects of both boosters to about 60% efficiency for 30 days, which costs a hefty sum of 2300 Lumena.


Visiting Olvera in Carzacor's Plaza

When you get Level 5, you can buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds regularly using your gold by visiting Olvera in Carzacor's Plaza every day. You can convert 1500 gold for 1000 Starseeds, which increases steadily until level 26 and spend more and more gold to buy Starseeds Bless Unleashed.


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Olvera resets every day and allows you to purchase more Starseeds. The time of reset is static. In-game reset time: 06:00 BST (British Summer Time), 05:00 UTC, 22:00 PDT, and 01:00 EDT.


Joining The Artisan Society

The Artisan society will open doors to useful traits that can be utilized in order to farm flora and ores that will aid in your Starseeds farming ventures. To join the Artisan Society, you will need to complete a series of quests, known as "An Ippin in Need" that will lead you to aid NPC's tied to each faction. Quests for the Artisan Society will revolve around adventuring in Lumios' open fields, hunting monsters, and searching out unique crafting ingredients for the Union. 


As players advance in the Artisan Society, they will unlock unique benefits, including increased crafting experience, additional healing from gathering, bonuses when crafting certain items, or even learning to gather materials from the world.


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Obtaining Cloth Scraps & Carzacor Treasure Map Fragments

If you have a friend with you throughout this process, it would be helpful. If you are a solo, you can pick a style of AoE attacker, such as the Crusader or Barbarian, because you may need to lead a mob into a cluster of mobs to cull them for loot easily.


The cloth scrap sells for 40 Starseeds, whilst the Carcazor map fragment sells for about 110 Starseeds.


Travel to Ancient Amphitheater to find clusters of Ferocious Mushrooms who are fighting against Footpads. You should gather a group of enemies and kill them to acquire different types of loot, including mushroom caps, gear, potions, cloth scraps, and treasure map fragments. But if you don't like the mushroom caps, travel a bit further until you spot roaming bandits. The rate of cloth scrap and Carcazor treasure map fragments dropped is the same, but the rate of cloth scrap dropped will be much higher than the mushroom enemies.


Opening Star Seeds Chests

Many of the players don't even know that they have a Star Seed chest in their inventory. You can acquire these chests by completing high-level quests. Whenever you open one of these chests, make sure you have a booster enabled to help you get more from them.


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Lastly, if you still feel that these methods  are not suitable for you, you can buy Star Seeds Bless Unleashed or Bless Unleashed power leveling services to help you level up fast, which is a reliable and effective way.


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