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  • Very Important Tips for Green Hand in Tree of Savior
    By John Ryan2016-05-02 00:00:00

    We know Tree of Savior is one of the most popular mmorpg which is developed by IMC game. It is the fusion of medieval Dungeons and Dragons influences and an Anime art style. It is the spiritual successor of Ragnarok Online. In order to help beginners play well in tree of savior, we summarize some tips as following and wish the following tips can help you. 


    1. Skip the Tutorial is not a wise choice

    Learn something from tutorial. The lowest level mobs you'll encounter early on are level 6 if you skip the tutorial. Don't make the mistake of using your Klaipeda warp item in your inventory to skip the tutorial, as it boosts you all the way to Level 7.


    All this time for MMORPG players, one of the most hateful parts of TOS would be the tutorial. As they’ve been either used to games with similar mechanics, or they prefer to figure everything out by themselves, they can’t be blamed, if it can’t be skipped they hate it even more. Fortunately, Tree of Savior lets you cut class and jump right into the action. We suggest you do not skip the tutorial. Believe me, the tutorials may be quite a pain, particularly if you’re pretty quick on the pickup. However, it’s definitely worth going through, as it would boost you up to level 7. But if you think it is not worth leveling up a few, then you should know clearly that the lowest mob levels are level 6. Now you understand the importance of the tutorials, right?

    important tips in tree of savior

    2. Too passive is not a good choice

    In the tree of savior game, the players should pay attention to many features, we will give you some information about the passive skills and the attributes.


    Passive skills are significant, as they can boost your performance and grant you bonuses or additional effects. Known as attributes they are, and they almost do the same thing. However, instead of being part of the skill tree, you learn attributes by buying them from your respective Class Master, an NPC of your respective class. As some of them have requirements that should be met, so you can’t just purchase all attributes even if you have enough tree of savior gold (tos gold kaufen), and once you’ve bought an attributes, it’s going to take time, and it means a certain amount of Earth time must elapse, in order to learn one for you. You can learn all the attributes, but you have to know which ones you’d prioritize.


    3. All about Class

    One of the main selling points of Tree of Savior would be its class system. There are four main classes for your choice: Swordsman, Archer, Cleric, and Wizard, after fifteen class levels then move on to their logical progressions. It seems simple enough, until you realize that these four classes branch out into two separate classes, after fifteen class levels, you move on to become even more advanced ones. This goes on for up to seven tiers, giving the game more than eighty classes in total.


    All about ranking higher and higher to a fancier name, it might seem like the class system, but that is not the case, there also has another option for you to go for the next circle of your current class instead of progressing. You get a chance to master the skills of that class by doing this. Don’t worry about missing out, after fifteen levels you can choose to progress. Or you can choose the same class again for the last time, as each class has three circles. Whatever your choice may be, do should know that it will have the drawbacks and advantages, so make choose wisely.


    4. Matters of Team Name

    Just like a decent human being, your TOS characters will be having a last name. But instead of being known as the former, which called a team name. It’s referred to as such because all of your characters will share the same team name, so you better make sure that you will not regret your chosen team name. Because even though a team name doesn’t affect the gameplay, it’s definitely something you should think about. After all, it is a role-playing game. Because even if your team name fits your main which looks like a glove, it’s going to feel a bit problem to play.


    5. Gems Aren’t Equal to Jewelry

    There are four kinds of gems in Tree of Savior: the circle gem (red), square gem (blue), star gem (yellow), and diamond gem (green). When put into a piece of equipment, they give off their own respective stat bonuses, which are also depend on what equipment piece they are slotted into. In order to give more and more bonuses, you can level them up by using up equipment or other gems.


    Gems are wonderful things, but they have two drawbacks. If you want to have a gem removed from your equipment, you will have to go to the blacksmith. Not only removing a gem cost fee, but also downgrades the gem level by 1, which means removing a level 1 gem would break it. Second, gems have negative stat bonuses. However, the benefits far outweigh the drawback, and in order to have the negative stat bonuses removed, you can talk to alchemists.


    6. Guided Accordingly

    Nowadays Games are all about achievements, Tree of Savior is in with the trend definitely. The game keeps tab of your achievements through the adventure guide. You can be able to view it by hitting F4. The tasks are your adventure guide you have to accomplish, such as completing maps and quest lines or finding and crafting items. If you pride yourself in being a monster hunter/enthusiast, then you should check out the monster tab of the guide, which will instruct you how many of each mob you should kill. If you finish these tasks successfully, you will be rewarded with XP cards and silver handsomely, as well as many other treats. If you finish a certain number of tasks successfully, specific categories will increase in level in the guide. Lastly, don’t forget to talk to the Wings of VIbora NPC (the one with the feather icon) upon finishing achievements related to either monsters or maps, as they give EXP cards.


    7. The Justice of Mob

    There is a player posts that: for better or worse, this game is indeed the spiritual successor of Ragnarok Online, for better or worse, that means grinding. By grinding, it means killing tons of mobs for EXP, so the name of the level-up game has remained the same in some ways, as you still stay in one place, choose a staple monster to focus on, go solo or party up for faster grinding, please keep in mind the following:

    1. The member with the highest DPS deals extra damage to your mob of choice

    2. There are many of your chosen mobs in your chosen place

    3. The mob of your choice re-spawns quite quickly and close to one another

    Of course, this is a spiritual sequel, not a rehash, so the game brings something new: glowing mobs, and they yield extra incentives for killing them, as compared to their non-glowing counterparts. The color of the glow corresponds to what it gives off: blue is for massive EXP, TOS silver is for increasing loot drop rate, and gold means more tree of savior gold.


    8. Talk to NPC

    You either grind your way to the top or take on quests in MMORPGs. Tree of Savior is no exception and in the early parts of your journey, the latter is the much faster and more convenient option. The problem, however, is that this is easier said than done, as NPCs – both regular ones and those who will give you side quests do not show up on your mini map automatically, and you have to talk to them first. Even if an NPC has already become visible on the mini map, he or she won’t have an icon which indicates that they have quests to give you, so it’s very important that you talk to each and every one of them thoroughly. According to speak, it’s also recommended that you talk to all the NPCs in a field, sometimes even after you’ve already turned over a quest.


    Once you’ve exhausted the quest NPCs in a field, you can go to the zones in other starter towns by buying warp scrolls, which are only worth 500 TOS Silver. And if you’re not too keen on traveling, then you can look for NPCs that let you do quests over and over for a number of times until they’ve been accomplished.


    9. Reaching the Potential

    Long-time MMORPG already got the drift a long time ago when it comes to upgrading equipment: go to the blacksmith, have him upgrade it for a fee and some raw materials, but be careful in over-upgrading it because it could break. But in this game, your equipment can break even before it hits the danger zone, especially if you’ve been tinkering with it a lot. That, however, only happens if you don’t pay attention to its item potential.


    10. Playing for Keeps

    One of the respects that gives Tree of Savior truly one of those old-school early-2000s MMOs would be the fact that the game has lots and lots of items, making it a hoarder’s paradise. In some ways, the game encourages you at times to keep your items instead of getting rid them. First would be through collection items. They give off account-wide stat bonuses if you have in possession the necessary items to activate them. Second would be recipes, which are items that are made by providing the required items to make them.


    But don’t think for a second that the game doesn’t penalize people who needlessly keep items. If you do not store away your items, you will be encumbered and will be moving at a snail’s pace. Yet at the same time, try to visit the storage as occasionally as possible, because storing and withdrawing items from it costs 20 silver.


    All in all, we hope the tips above can solve your problems when you play tree of savior in the beginning, and make you happy in the game. Also, if you don’t have enough time, I recommend you to choose Mmogah for power leveling and they would like to provide best service for you.