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Why We Recommend Buying Wow Gold via Auction House

John Ryan October 14th, 2015 World of Warcraft    WoW Gold US/Oce    WoW Gold EU    WoW Power Leveling    WoW Help   

 As we all know there are three methods in wow gold transaction. These are mail method, face to face and Auction House transaction. However not every method is safe and suitable for you. Let’s see the details

  • Mail method

Now we can hardly find anyone use mail method to buy wow gold. WOW Gold suppliers often refuse to choose this way as it may result in their accounts' ban. Blizzard will take an hour to check out his E-mail and account before you receiving the gold. If GM suspects/concludes that the same account has frequently mailed wow gold, his account will probably get a permanent ban.


Responsible for all of wowers, we had a test  on  wow  trade method between face to face method and auction house method from Sept. 25 to Oct. 12. we have drew a conclusion that auction house method is more reliable than face to face method. Let's see the details together.


  • Face to Face method

Face to face trade will also bring a lot of troubles.

1.         CSR service is not smooth. In most cases we have wow gold in stock, and can trade in time. But occasionally we are out of stock, you need to wait for a while in a little patience. However, during the waiting time, a strange combination of circumstances will let us miss the transaction time. Sometimes we have gold but you are busy in other things such as you are sleeping,  at work, at school, or anything else. It’s hard for us to contact you. Later when you are online, we have no stock either. Time wasting in the course of contacts will reduce our work efficiency and lead you dissatisfied.  


2.         Face to face trade sometimes will lead wow gold gets removed. We have had a compensation declarationon Mmogah. We need the information on a screenshot of the in­game mail for the removed gold with your Character Name on and a screenshot of the email from Blizz in your Battle.net account mail inbox, with the info of the time when you received the mail and the Quantity of the removed gold. Not a single one of the two information can be omitted. However some customers who buy gold via face to face method and get removed cannot offer the two required screenshots concurrently. Maybe you really buy wow gold at Mmogah and get removed. Because of lacking of proof, it will bring unnecessary trouble and misunderstanding between you and us. It will be a loss for both sides. We don’t want to miss you. Believe that you are unwilling to lose a good reputation wow gold site.


3.         As a high reputation site, by picking games that are in demand we ensure that we can meet all customer needs,  and we are committed to outstanding customer services to provide our customers with exceptional prices and game guide.  Of course, we have owned high reviews on Ownedcore, you can check it and leave yours. As the gold you buy from us gets removed, we can resend it to you at any time. But we can’t afford anyone without sufficient evidence to ask for a compensation. Believe no one can do this.


4.         Face to face trade has greater risk to get removed than Auction House trade. Sometimes one will say that because of the gold are stolen, so face to face trade will encounter  gold getting removed. But the fact is totally not the case.


  • The advantages of Auction House Trade

1.         Although 5% trading fee, we have relative cheap wow gold price. On this basis, we have a permanent 3% off coupon, the coupon code is Mmogah.com. If you want large amount wow gold, we can offer you large wow gold off. The maximum off can up to 5%. Completely you don't have to worry about the 5% trading fee. Also we have unscheduled wow gold off activity on our site if you have ever noticed. If you have better suggestion, please leave a message to us.


2.         Trading via Auction House, you only need to put relevant items and then enjoy yourself.  During this period, time is free for you. You may go shopping, go to work or have a date with your friend. Anything you have to do is ok. Our CSR will arrange to buy your items as soon as possible. When you are online again, wow gold is in your pocket. So it’s a win-win trade isn’t it?


3.         In this so fast era of rhythm, I think time is the most precious for everyone. We would like to offer you with an efficient and satisfactory service. It will make you get twice the result with half the effort.


4.         To avoid wow gold getting removed. Everyone can put items at Auction House. No matter you buy pet, mount or anything else. So it’s hard for Blizz to find that you are buying gold.


All in all, Mmogah recommends you to buy wow gold via Auction House.


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