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Where Can I Buy World of Warcraft Gold for Cheap, Fast, and Safe?

John Ryan December 14th, 2015 World of Warcraft    WoW Gold US/Oce    WoW Gold EU    WoW Power Leveling    WoW Help   

As a wower, when you are in need of buying wow gold, maybe you will think about some questions like these: where can I buy wow gold? Which website is safe, fast and cheap? You can check out the latest video guide that comes from Johnny who is buying wow gold from MmoGah for a long time.  


Hey, this is Johnny speaking! A lot of people have been asking me about where the best website is to buy World of Warcraft Gold. Now I figured I’d just throw up this video and link it instead of writing up some long spiel about it because that is always easier to watch instead of read, right? So anyways, essentially I’ve been playing since the vanilla days of world of warcraft. I mean I’ve played a lot of it in my day and still on. I bought a lot of World of Warcraft Gold, probably way too much but the mindset I had was look I am not going to go out there and farm all day to be able to get all of the cool items that I want and then have no time to use that cool items because you know farming takes frickin forever and you know that if you have played this game even a little bit you understand what I am talking about. It is just like not going to happen so I bought a lot of gold and with that unfortunately I’ve also been ripped off a lot in the process of buying that gold. I mean I’ve been ripped off probably about $800 so you know if you’ve been ripped off maybe that will make you feel better. I don’t know maybe that will make you feel worse because of people like me and you out there that are getting ripped off and who likes that right? So look, people not delivering gold, people who just deliver gold two weeks later, dealing with people who are you know like mashing their heads against the fucking keyboard because they can’t speak English…I’ve dealt with them all okay and I’m sure you have too. I mean if you even look at it too there are like new websites out there that are like, you know cheap gold purchase it says and those jerks they were basically putting out mirror websites you know and those jerks happen to be you know some kid in their mom’s basement probably saying to themselves look I am going to throw up a quick World of Warcraft website and rip off all these dumb kids right. That’s basically how it goes these days. So those websites you know they promise you cheap gold.

Look, you don’t want to buy from them. You just don’t, okay? I have been ripped off by all those sites way to many times because I was really, really, really just wanting to go out and play the game and have fun. I mean jease, I don’t even know why World of Warcraft just doesn’t give you the gold but whatever, that’s a whole other discussion for another time. The fact is that you spend a lot of time farming and you don’t want to do that so you do look for those shortcuts and that is what sucks because the thing is I have been using you know those sites for so long that I finally basically decided to start looking for something solid and guess what guys? I found the absolute perfect safest and easiest website guaranteed hands down I’m living proof that it is real. This isn’t some fake testimony, it is nothing like that okay? I am an actual World of Warcraft player. I love the game with all my heart and soul and I found it. Finally, finally found it okay? The site is the best. It is called mmogah. I call it moogah but just so you understand what it is called if you want to look it up in Google which we will get to later, it is mmogah.


Look the reason is that I love it so much okay, they are not a bunch of incompetent idiots running it. I mean from the start they all speak English so you are not going to deal with anybody who doesn’t know English and sorry if you don’t speak English I mean this still can apply to you but my point is you know if you are an English speaking person like I am and you are watching this video and you speak English, you don’t have to worry about that okay. That is right off the bat you are dealing with people that can at least have a conversation with you which is important I think. Also, they are definitely not dudes in people’s basements you know or their mother’s basement you know. Just throw up some shitty website and getting ready to steal your money the minute you click on it. They are actually if I can compare them to any site out there, the Amazon of World of Warcraft Gold. When it comes to buying gold, they are the best and look they have pretty much all of the MMO currency and that is good you know because that means they have a lot of freaking people working for them and they are also always, always able to offer the best deals. I mean maybe not the best deals of course but fair deals.  I mean maybe like $1.00 or $2.00 more than what you might pay at some of the shitty cheap websites that are fake but look I’m not sure on exact price, I don’t even check anymore because I’ve been ripped off way too many times by those other sites and I’m actually going to pay those extra couple of bucks to be able to know that my gold is gonna be delivered and ensure it gets there to me within you know the most time it is like a guarantee of an hour or something like that. I mean I usually get it in ten minutes but I’m just saying you know I’ve never had to wait longer than an hour which is awesome. I mean a few times maybe when it has kind of gone over 10 minutes or so even it is usually half the time to an hour because basically I’m not on the game and they want to make the transaction from person to person out to the mailbox. That tends to be where the delays come into play and that’s kind of cool you know?

It is not like their fault you know for maybe not doing it within that hour and that happens because you are not online basically and I always try to be online when I order so they can contact me and I won’t get my account banned as you know.  I have way too much invested in my account and that would just be bad news but like I said, I have been doing it on my own with all this stuff you know since back in the vanilla World of Warcraft days. I mean literally the minute I started playing you know I’ve been going down these roads same accounts, same exact knight, elf rouge, I just use that character consistently and I buy gold consistently and for the elf and probably over 150 transactions I’ve had from MMOGAH.com. So, MMOGAH.com is where you want to go. If it is too hard to understand, remember it is mmogah, just type it into Google but if all that is just way too much and I’ve sold you on the idea and you want to check it out and you want to get your gold safely which is the important thing guys because you don’t want to be out there sitting on your butts farming for hours and hours and you starting to want to do what I’ve done and probably what everyone else has done is try to go to those cheapie websites and you know never get your gold.  Just click the link right: https://www.mmogah.com/, because that is all you’ve got to do. 

I’ve made it simple for you. It is MMOGAH.com or click the above link. You will be well on your way to getting yourself awesome gold and best of all safely you will be getting it meaning you will never have a problem. I have 150 transactions plus actually and never once a problem, always delivered on time and fast as can be. Just great people you are dealing with okay? So this is where you want to go. Click the link and I hope you enjoy it. Just take it easy and get ready for this new patch you know because I know I am going to need a bunch of gold now and I’m sure you are too okay. Have a good one guys, take care!



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