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Is TBC Classic Worth Playing 2022

TBC Classic has been out for over 8 months, and it has always been popular among TBC fans. There are some hot topics on Reddit, WoW Forums, and Youtube:  

Is it worth playing TBC in 2022?

Is TBC worth getting into now?

Is it too late to start TBC in 2022?


If you're a veteran, the answer is clear-cut. If you are new to this game, you can learn this guide about the game's strengths and weaknesses so that you can decide if TBC Classic is the right MMO for you. MmoGah can be your best companion because our professional and fast TBC Classic boosting service can help you skip the grind and catch up with veterans.  


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Leveling Up

Let's start from the beginning – leveling up. Leveling in any MMO, especially Classic WoW or TBC Classic, is a huge part of the game. Usually, it takes hundreds of hours to reach max-level, and that's going to be your first goal. Is it too late to level up now? Of course not. Most gamers are leveling Alts every day. I have been leveling my Warrior from Classic through Outland for the last few weeks, and I’m very close to hitting level 70 now. The journey from level 60 to 70 has been very enjoyable.


When TBC launched originally in 2007, everything related to leveling was made faster and more streamlined in Azeroth: leveling required less XP, tougher quests made easier, dungeons levels narrowed down, and much more things like that, so it's definitely not the super hard journey. 


I personally leveled a Draenei when TBC pre-patch launched and felt both significantly easier and faster. I'd say 30% faster, to be exact, and that was when there were a ton of players everywhere in the world, making tagging mobs and completing quests harder, so right now, it should be even faster than that. 


Make sure to select the server with the highest population. Nowadays, most players are migrating from lower popular servers to the higher popular ones. If you want to enjoy every aspect of the game to its full potential, I highly suggest you go to those mega servers.


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Experiencing More Content

Now in terms of the amount of content at the end game, there are a plethora of things to do for any demographic of players in TBC, from dailies for making fast and safe TBC Classic gold and unlocking awesome-looking mounts to hour-long raids that you'll have to work towards getting into. TBC has hundreds or even thousands of hours of content, depending on how much you want to experience.


The beauty of it is that you definitely don't have to experience all the content. You can never do a single daily, and there’s no renowned or artifact power system that forces you to do that to process your TBC character boost. Suppose you don’t want to get a foot in a single raid. In that case, the heroic and Badge of Justice gear will cover you, not only for the current phase of the game but also in the future when more gear will be purchased with Badges of Justice; If you want to own a lot of WoW Classic TBC gold or you want to become the player with the biggest mount collection on your server or the player with the highest arena rating in your region, you can experience all the content.


Unlocking Coherent Content

As you level up, you will find people to play with, and finally, you can reach its max level. You'll be glad to learn that TBC's endgame is among the most casual friendly, Alt friendly, and new and returning players friendly endgame of any MMOs,  even more than Classic WoW and Retail WoW. The more new content is added to a game, the easier it becomes to play old content.


For example, at the start of the game, Karazhan used to require a key to enter, a key which you would spend a huge amount of time getting, then Karazhan itself was quite tough, especially bosses like Nightbane, Shade of Aran, and so on. Now not only has Karazhan been nerfed and made easier, but it also no longer requires that key enter. Heroic dungeons will also see that happening to them in Phase 4 of the game. You need to reach revered with a specific faction to zone into heroic raids now, but once Zul'Aman releases, that's going to be lowered to honored, which you can reach basically while leveling. TBC's content stays relevant throughout the game, but it becomes easier and easier to clear and get into, which is awesome for new and returning players.   


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Finding Friends

Another concern for a lot of players who want to start or return to the game is finding players to play with. Obviously, there are more experienced players with TBC actively playing the game compared to the start of the expansion, but that has more benefits than you think. Most guilds always take any player as a social player if they just ask nicely, and I'm sure a lot of players in those semi-hardcore / hardcore guilds are willing to help you along the way.


As you level up, you can get gear from dungeons and get yourself in your first few raids, start climbing the ladder and move from social to a raider in that guild. If you don't want to go that route and prefer to play with casual players who are still discovering the game, it is good. That demographic also exists in pretty much any server too. For example, in my server, there's literally a guild called the leveling guild. I'm sure they do some high-level dungeons or raiding. The sole purpose is to create an environment for players to level up together, which is awesome.


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Considering the Weaknesses

The above are the pros. Let's talk about the cons. I think one big factor would be the population. It's no secret that the population of Classic has been dwindling all throughout the original Classic, but even more now in Classic TBC, more and more servers become dead, and players are deciding to jump to higher populated servers to save their experience with the game, even Blizzard is playing into that and encouraging players to move to higher pop servers by offering free server transfers, and they did that before. Of course, that's easily solvable. Just start on one of those high pop servers if you're a brand-new player, but if you're someone who has a level 60 from Classic in one of those dying or dead servers, it's hard to pay for a server transfer on top of a subscription to try to get back in the game.


Finding Dead Zones

Another unfortunate thing in TBC now is that Azeroth and Outland are completely empty. Maybe It's a good thing too because you might not care about this at all, but if you want to do dungeons while leveling, or if you want to take on an elite quest, you'll find that getting players for pretty much anything is going to be quite tough.


Outside that, there are also a bunch of factors that will affect players'decisions. For example, TBC has a literally paid level boost in the cash shop, bots plaguing the game, toxicity, and the game has questions be solved at every stage.


Thank Curios, for the amazing sharing.



All in all, I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons, so it is worth playing TBC Classic in 2022. Don't hesitate to jump into the game and enjoy your game.




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