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Huge News on Mages in WoW TBC Classic Beta

WoW TBC Classic Beta test has begun. Over the course of the test, Blizzard will invite opt-in beta testers to check out the upcoming Classic expansion and give feedback. Some players have entered the Beta. Now they are playing & testing the game. Here we would like to share a player's guide in Classic TBC Beta. Most of the content of this article is quoted from Arlaeus' video.




In this video, I will test a ton of things. There are some new things, especially regarding the Mages! My goal is to find some new and good things and share them with you, and then give feedback to Blizzard.


Mara 500 Pull - Mages are still Mara Kings

Mages are amazing farmers in TBC classic, as they can pull a huge amount of enemies and kill them all by themselves without dying in the process.


Maraudon (Mara) is a great place to farm all kinds of valuable materials. The easiest and most profitable way is to enter from Mara's Orange entrance and run all the way to the Purple entrance, picking up a ton of Ghost Mushroom Icon GhostMushroom and Mithril Ore Icon Mithril Ore along the way!


I go over to Mara and want to play Mara 500 Pull. It's pretty well. Basically, you can pull 500 mobs and kill them, but you could potentially run into some issues, so you have to be very careful and do some practice.


The Mara 500 Pull is still going to be possible in classic TBC. Mages can also squeeze in Flamestrike. The DoT of Flamestrike will not be affected by the AoE Cap because it is a Ground effect similar to the Consecration Ground effect. Do not get nerfed with the AoE Cap. Instead, it has a good amount of Spell power coefficient, so if you can properly slow the mobs and get off Flamestrike for the DoT, you'll be able to take down these mobs and kill them, but you should stack up all these mobs first.


Now Spell Batching is gone, and I have a ten milliseconds batch. All of these mobs will get slow immediately, which means you can stack up these mobs easily. I have this stack going on, so now it becomes an issue of whether I can get close enough to slow down all the mobs and get off Flamestrike. I run far away, and I get stunned. Here you can see a bunch of immunes.


wow tbc classic beta-1


There are Barbed Lashers in the Mara. They can stun you if you get too close to them, so keep them at a safe distance. I am able to figure out that if you're standing behind this little Lunchbox here. You're going to be close enough to be able to get Flamestrike and far enough away not to be hit by the Stun. I start practicing now, but you can see that the DoT of Flamestrike is ticking for 92 damage a tick. I don't have a lot of Spell Power in the gear that I'm wearing right now. I only have 300 Spell Power, which means Flametrix is going to be able to tick for a pretty solid amount. These mobs have about 5000 health points, which means you're going to be able to take them out pretty easily, but you should get all the mobs slow.


Obviously, once the AoE Cap is added in TBC classic, I will test this officially to show you and give you exact placements where you need to move forward to, or else you're going to get hit by Thorn Lashers. If I can get five trolls, I will try to test this with a troll, but it is a little hard. The Spell Batching Change will be removed, so all the mobs can stack up easily.


Let's talk about the 1.5s Flamestrike. In theory, you can get two different Flamestrike on the ground and do extra damage on these mobs. I have a lot of fun testing and a bunch of different things.


Slave Pens Solo Farming

Solo Mage Farming in Slave Pens uses the ledge behind the first boss as a pathing situation similar to something like Zul'Farrak (ZF) where the mobs' path up the ledge, and you jump back down because their hitboxes won't allow them to hit you. When you're on the ledge, you need to use the boxes to reach there, so there are only three spots you could jump back to these boxes.


wow classic tbc beta-2


It's not just a simple and easy farming. I am able to get it down to my first try, and it is definitely something that all Mages can do even if you don't have amazing gear going into TBC, so Slave Pens is a potential place to farm WoW classic TBC gold when TBC comes out. Ultimately you can kill about 25 to 35 mobs, each run depending on the mob's reset. I think it's going to normalize, probably closer to the 35 mobs, and you can obtain about 80,000 experience per run.



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