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What Is ISO in NBA 2K17

By Michel Z2017-06-21

When talking about NBA 2K17, gamers sometimes speak of “ISO”. But what is ISO? ISO is a short form for Isolation. Isolation Play is often used near the end of the game. With 10 seconds left on the clock and a team needing a basket, many coaches will just give the ball to their best scorer and ask the star to make something happen.



Isolation plays take advantage of a team's best player. Scorers want to score, and ISO plays give them the opportunities they want. But these plays can also exploit matchups with weaker players, if a team doesn't have a good defender at a certain position or lacks the size and speed to stop a top scorer or the key defender is in trouble with injury or foul, when you have players as talented as Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant on your roster, you're going to score points off of isolation plays.


However, there's a significant downside to isolation ball. Teams that become too reliant on a single player can become stagnant on offense, one-dimensional, and too vulnerable if they are facing a defender like Memphis forward Tony Allen. It requires the ball handler to shoot quickly and perfectly to make ISO really efficient.


How to call Isolation? If you are on PS4, you just press L1 (LB if you are on Xbox 1) to call the PlayCalling pentagon, and flick the right stick to where it says ISO (If you are on PS4, you can also swipe the touchpad left until it calls an ISO play.) To close the play menu, just press L1/LB again. Youtuber “Momo99” shows how to call Isolation Play.


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