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UNDECEMBER Global Release Date and What to Expect from the Game

Michel Z May 10th, 2022 UNDECEMBER    Undecember Gold   

Though with a somewhat strange name, UNDECEMBER is one of the most anticipated games of 2022. When will the UNDECEMBER Global be released? What to expect from the game? MmoGah, the best UNDECEMBER gold buying site, has the answers.



UNDECEMBER is a free-to-play, cross-platform ARPG developed by Needs Games and published by LINE Games. Since it was announced, the game has captivated many Action RPG fans of the hack-and-slash genre, with the game being powered by Unreal Engine 4 for mobile (iOS, Android) and PC (Steam).


UNDECEMBER is set in the world of Traum. Players will act as Rune Hunters and go on a journey to stop the Evil God Serpens from resurrecting and slashing their ways through the fearsome enemies. 


What to Expect from UNDECEMBER

Unlike the traditional RPG games, UNDECEMBER drops the class system and gives players full freedom: Players will build and customize their characters in their own playstyles as they farm and craft various gears and thousands of Rune skill combinations.


[UNDECEMBER] Skill Build Up - Lightning Spark Shot X Charge Release


The game also features a unique growth system – Zodiac, which offers multiple builds. Players can adjust their builds by selecting ever-branching skill lines in their chosen Zodiac path. 

[UNDECEMBER] Game Features 'Zodiac'

In UNDECEMBER, people will test their limits through multiple available content. From Raids to Guild Battlegrounds, the game offers an in-depth story campaign with a wide variety of multiplayer elements to keep gamers engaged.




UNDECEMBER Global Release Date

UNDECEMBER Global service will start on October 12th, 2022, and it will be released on both PC and mobile simultaneously so that you can enjoy the game on your preferred platform. 


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As usual for a free-to-play game, UNDECEMBER includes different goods and essences that drive the game's economy. Of the various goods, Gold, as the main in-game currency, plays an essential part for every player. 


You can earn Gold by playing the game or selling items to NPCs. But after the game is released, you may want to entirely focus on the gameplay and leveling your characters instead of spending time grinding. That is why MmoGah's service will come in handy. As a professional MMO currency shop, we offer quality service so that you don't have to worry about Gold while enjoying the game.

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UNDECEMBER Global Will Launch on October 12


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