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What Is the Best Time to Use Experience Card in Tree of Savior

John Ryan May 31st, 2016 TOS    TOS Silver   

Recently many players have some puzzles about experience cards using when playing Tree of Savior. They put forward a lot of questions, such as what is the best time to use experience cards in tree of savor? Should I use them right away or save them? Today, I will share the information for the best time to use EXP cards in TOS


Following the story, the fighting penalty would be above level 5 monster when it is steep, so you should use EXP cards. Also, when you find a good density mob map and good drop to grind, you can keep some cards there, if you do all the tasks and follow the story, the general consensus is that you should make it with the EXP card and you do not need all the grinding. When you find yourself falling behind the level of the map, then use EXP cards to catch up. But if you do not, then keep to use them to improve your next EXP reset. For the most efficient and fast way you want to grind in leveling 145-165, generally most people choose to save seven or more cards until they have done after grinding. I think most players want to wear Alameth IGTI / EVAC and use the card to complete 252 where you can move to the store. 

what Is the best time to use experience card in tree of savior

What an experience reset mean? It looks like leveling from level one again, for example, when killing a monster and getting one point percent, you will get experience and this can only last for a few levels. And then goes back to your regular training. You know you have been driving for hours a day, and trying to get this small amount of experience as you know. It is what I am telling you, because that's pretty much work you need to do. First floor is very easy to get there and if you use an experience card and a token and then you can get. The reason is that dungeons give insane amount of experience, absolutely there is a dungeon with amount of experience you can do at fifty levels.


Also there are some missions you can do a little, and some missions are separated. You can do dungeons three times a day, but that's only you can do in one day. But actually for the dungeons, there is vast amount of experience you need to do in the way and some you need to read. So this is where the nineteen judges right here. Look up your map, it recommends that you could search for a party. If you come with a full group of members, being a different class you get and up to the maximum you can. 


Basically you do quest and it gives you a flat amount of experience to your main class, which is yellow bar. Now the reason why some people hold on their EXP cards when they're playing a game requesting, because they're playing a Griner memo and you know they need to do quest from one side to the other. So they want to do the regular leveling. It really doesn’t matter because after a while EXP cards cannot be compared with the regular monsters and killing very well. So in this situation your EXP cards are useless as what I said. 


For the above information about experience card in tree of savior, it is only for every player reference, and I would like to share more useful information with you in the future. If you don’t have enough time and energy to level up, I recommend you to choose a reliable site which is Mmogah for help, they would like to supply professional tos power leveling service and also you can buy tos gold (tos gold kaufen). Wish you have a good time in TOS playing.

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