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Tree of Savior Review from a Senior Experienced Player

John Ryan May 18th, 2016 TOS    TOS Silver   

In the mysterious absence of the Goddesses who were supposed to the protectors of the world, the Demon Goddess Giltine has risen into power and amassed a horde of demons to bring the realm under her chaotic rule. The demons have wreaked havoc on major human settlements while decimating the human forces. The Medzio Diena as the world knows the war as laid the foundations for the coming of a savior who will bring the light back into the world once again – You!


With such an intriguing storyline to start the game off, Tree of Savior is indeed an MMORPG that rivals the likes of other popular anime-based MMORPGs like Ragnarok 2. As it has recently become free-to-play, many players are eager to give the game a try. However, to begin your exciting journey, you’ll need to create a character first.


Character creation in tree of savior is a pretty straightforward process. You’ll need to pick 1 out of the 4 different archetype classes, namely swordsman, wizard, archer and cleric. These classes have their own play styles and range of advanced classes, which you can then unlock at level 15. Free-to-play players will be able to create up to 4 characters per account. So basically, you’ll be able to create 1 of each class if you’re the type of player who likes to try them all out. 

Tree of Savior Review from a Senior Experienced Player

Character customisation is pretty limited in this game though. The most you could do is to change the hairstyle of the character and pick either Klaipeda or Orsha as your starting city. It’s also interesting to note that the game doesn’t have races per sec.


If you’re used to the common WASD controls system, you may get quite a shock at first since the game’s default controls is keyboard-based, meaning you’ll need to use arrow keys to move. Thankfully, you are able to easily change the controls from default/ keyboard to mouse controls or even to using controllers. However, if you like, you can simply keep the controls as it is.


Character progression is the main aspect of all MMOs, and in Tree of Savior, your progression is measured not only by your character’s level, which can go up to a whopping 270 levels, but also by his or her strength. There are plenty of factors that will account for your hero’s strength though, ranging from stats, skills and attributes, as well as equipments and their associated and assorted enhancements. It’s quite a challenge to balance out your characters’ stats, but a bit of googling should be able to help.


In Tree of Savior, PvE mainly consists of questing and monster hunting. Questing usually involve sending you, the hero, to various locations to kill troublesome creatures that may turn out to be a powerful boss or an elite monster. Combat in this game is very fluid, requiring you to move around a lot, especially when bosses are involved. The spells that these elite bosses cast can hurt… a lot. Similar to other old-school-like MMOs, there is quite a lot of grinding involved in questing. Kill stealing is also something that players may need to contend with – something that may bring out some form of nostalgia for older players.


Interestingly, instead of needing to run all the way back to the quest giver in order to get your quest rewards, the game provides a nifty “Return” button which will almost instantly teleport you to the quest giver. This is particularly convenient when you are exploring the various floors of a dungeon-like questing location. Monster Hunting, on the other hand, will require a well-formed group of players where players can try to track down tough-to-kill boss monsters that drop rare loot and crafting items.


Besides the mini-map, navigating the world in Tree of Savior is also simple enough due to its map overlay system, meaning that you’ll be able to move your character while viewing the map as it is superimposed on your screen. There’s even an equally convenient warping a.k.a. teleport system to quickly transport you to a questing location from the city where most of the trainers, traders, and various facilities are housed.  


For players who like the taste of another player’s blood from time to time, Tree of Savior has an instanced PvP system in place for you to test your mettle. The matches are 5-vs-5s and the game equalise the participating players in terms of gear. You can also easily queue up for the PvP arena from anywhere in the world.


Last but not least, we’ll take a quick look at the game’s in-game shop. Most of the items available there are cosmetics, convenience items, skill resets, and more. These items can be bought using TPs which can be, in turn, purchased using real money. There are even Tokens that can be bought using TPs or silvers if you’re buying it from another player. Players with activated Tokens are similar to players with premium accounts in other MMORPGs - You’ll gain access to certain features that are restricted to the common free-to-play player.


In short, Tree of Savior is an amazing and in-depth MMORPG that is as challenging as it is fun. If you enjoy playing anime-based MMORPGs that are more fleshed out as compared to the browser-based sort, you’ll definitely be in for a treat! Play TOS for free now!


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