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How to Upgrade and Repair Equipment in Tree of Savior

John Ryan May 17th, 2016 TOS    TOS Silver   

The equipment level plays an important role in tree of savior. I think nobody doesn’t want to upgrade equipment. I have the same requirement with other players, so I would like to share my personal experience with you. Also we all know that if the equipment is broken we can’t grind in Tree of Savior. At this time, you need to repair equipment. What’s more, repairing equipment is easy and it won’t cost you too much TOS Silver. No one want to spend all tos gold in attributes and gear upgrades. Now let’s talk about the two issues separately.


First of all, when you upgrade your equipment, the basic issue you need to get Anvils which can be bought from Item Merchant Mirina in Klaipeda, without doubt you need to pay 300 tos silver. You can use Anvil by right clicking on it in your inventory and then choose the items you want to upgrade. You must hit your Anvil with an attack three times (or more, depending on the item) to finish the upgrade. Click the "Enhanced" button and clips will be placed on the ground in front of your character. There are a few things to keep in mind when upgrading:


1. When you fail to upgrade your equipment, you will lose one point of "potential". This durability is listed above when you see the message Project ".


2. After +5, you have a chance to make your upgrade fail. If it fails, you will lose points and a potential upgrade of equipment will be reset.


3. This does not take place with armor and weapons after improving a few accessories.


4. Upgrade needs to consume a considerable amount of TOS Silver. Remember each upgrade will become more expensive.

upgrade and repair equipment in tos

Second we will talk about equipment repair issue. It seems to be a lot of players think the first Anvil is used for repairing your equipment through the task, and the anvil to improve your equipment. But the Anvil is only used to improve your equipment. Actually to repair, you must go to the main city of Klaipeda to speak with Zara Blacksmith. Zara is in the south side of the town where can be found near the Item Merchant. Zaras can allow you to repair, buy equipment and recipes, and add gem slots to your gear. Equipment durability will be whittled down pretty quickly when you're doing mass-grinding mobs in Tree of Savior. So the game will tell you when your endurance is critical, or even zero. Please be aware when you need to grind when you need to fix it.


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