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How to Set Up a Guild and Guild Battles in Tree of Savior

John Ryan May 10th, 2016 TOS    TOS Silver   

A lot of adventurers make up a guild which is an organization. Guild master is an organizer who controls the only guild, and it is responsible for sharing spoils amongst the guild members. Revelators will transfer to many guilds over the course of their journey. In Tree of Savior, guilds can only be formed by Templar players.


Guild Founding

The Templar player has to talk to Knight Commander Uska and need to pay 10,000,000 Tree of Savior Silver (Tree of Savior Silver kaufen)when he or she wants to create a guild, after that, the guild master will start inviting people into the guild and gain access to guild-exclusive skills.


Guild Levels

Although it is unsure how guild members can help level up their guilds, actually guilds in TOS have levels.


Membership of Guild

When create the guild in the beginning, the guild master can only add 20 members at maximum. This limit can be increased depending on leveling up the appropriate guild attribute. When joining a guild, a guild chat tab will be added to the chat box for guild discussions.

Guild Tower

The Guild Tower is the centerpiece of a guild in tos. In the game a guild tower can be formed at any field by Guild masters. The tower can perform even more functions depending on the guild tower skills. Guild members can make use of the tower to warp, such as guild storage or enter a private area.

guild battles in tree of savior

The Function of high-level guild tower is a hangout spot. The spot consists of an inside area and a garden farm. Guild members can do a lot of things such as: plant and harvest crops or raise unique companions within the hangout spot. The crop materials and companions can know any events from various guilds. A guild master has right to choose which guild events to participate. The events include boss raid events, raid missions for guilds, and GvG events. Guilds can grow their guild towers by feeding them Talts which obtained from those events. Along with the guild level increases, points will be accumulated and you can use those points to grow your guild.


Guild Developing and War

There are many ways can help guild grow. A guild looks like a society which can do many things such as specialize in agriculture or combat and also can declare wars with other guilds. Guild tower can be destroyed by warring guilds or PVP enemy members on fields.

Guilds Abilities

Guilds in TOS have special skills that can only be activated by the guild master. These skills can help the guild on and off the battlefield.


Guild Battles

The guild battles can make the game more challenging and more exciting, and it is a new feature in the tree of savior playing, when you play the tree of savior, there will be a new feature that will be added in the game, which is called the guild battles.


When you want to participate in a Guild Battles, the guild master should go to Battle League > Guild Tower Battle and click the ‘Join’ button to initiate auto-matching. The guild masters will be moved to the battle area once an opponent is found, the Guild Battle preparation will begin upon entering the battlefield.


For the guild playing, this competing guilds must attack each other’s Guild Towers, when the time limit being declared, located in their respective team headquarters, the first guild needs to destroy its opponent’s Guild Tower. Analyzing the enemy’s strategies and developing defensive strategies will be the major decisive factors of victory for your own guild.


The victory will be awarded to the guild with the highest kill count, if neither guild manages to destroy the opponent’s tower within the time limit. You should try your best to do the highest kill, if you do not destroy your opponents, so that you can get the victory at last. In the event of an even number of kills, the title goes to the guild with the most accumulated damage. This means in order to win Guild Battles guilds will need to consider offensive tactics as well as defensive strategies.


Locating the enemy’s tower is an important part of the battle as it is one of the main victory conditions. After get the victory, there will be more rewards for your playing. Use every strategy that your guild has at your disposal to search and destroy the enemy’s tower within 30 minutes time limit. Another useful tactic can help you to get the victory, which is to have fast-attacking classes target the enemy tower while the others focus on preventing the opponent from interfering since Guild Towers in the Guild Battles only receive 1 damage per hit just like regular Guild Towers.


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