• Hidden Quests That You Don’t Know In Tree of Savior
    By John Ryan2016-06-24 00:00:00

    Recently more and more players talk about hidden quests in tree of savior, and most players want to know more information about hidden quests in tos, hereby I would like to share some experience when I playing in TOS, and also hope the information below can help more players.

    hidden quests in tos

    1. Military Support

    Map: West Siauliai Woods

    Quest: First talk to the guards in the woods, check the recruitment notice boards, and then talk to Knight Titas

    Level Requirement: Can farm in Dvasia Peak (lvl 138)

    Reward: Stamina+5 potion

    How to unlock: Talk to 3 Soldier Recruitment Notice Boards then talk to Bulletin Board near goddess statue. 

    Talk to Knight Titas later.

    hidden quests in tos

    2. Each Step united

    Map: Klaipedia

    Quest: Kill 100 Monsters in Forest of Prayer

    Reward: +100 Weight Potion

    How to unlock: Talk to Knight Commander Uska

    hidden quests in tos

    3. Failure and Success

    Map: Ferdimian

    Requirement: None, as long as you can walking to Ferdimian and have enough money to do.

    Quest: Fail to enhance gear for about 13 times in front of the gear merchant NPC and then talk to him

    Level Requirement: Can farm outside the town of Ferdimian (lvl 106)

    Reward: SP+20 potion

    How to unlock: Failed to upgrade weapon front of Equipment Merchant for 10 times. Talk to him.

     (Use low level white gear will help your save money.)

    hidden quests in tos

    4. Each Step united

    Map: Klaipedia

    Quest: Talk to a knight NPC in the northwest of the town of Klaipedia

    Level Requirement: Can farm in Forest of Prayer (lvl 148)

    Reward: Weight+100 potion

    hidden quests in tos

    5. Soldier Lindt’s Favor

    Map: Overlong Bridge Valley

    Requirement: Do all his quest first.

    Reward: Stamina +5 potion

    How to unlock: Talk to him after finish all his quest. Sit then talk to him.

    hidden quests in tos

    6. Owl Grave Test

    Map: Owl Burial Ground

    Quest: Talk to the NPC at Owl Burial Ground
    Requirement: —

    Rewards: SP +20 potion, Pink Hair Dye

    How to unlock: Just find Romas NPC and talk to him.

    hidden quests in tos

    7. Brother, and after

    Map: Fedimian

    Quest: Talk to Coben in Dedimian

    Requirement: May need to complete The Wizard and Magician Tower first

    Requirement: Completed all Coben chain quest. Might need to accept Gabija Main quest. Lv.107.

    Reward: +100 Weight Potion

    How to unlock: Talk to Coben, He’ll give you key to open some chest.

    hidden quests in tos

    8. The Wizard and Magician Tower

    Map: All maps

    Quest: Talk to every Job master NPC and then come back talk to Thaumaturge job master. 

    Look for some books in Mage Tower and read them.

    Reward: Stamina +5 potion

    hidden quests in tos

    9. Crafting and materials

    Map: Mage Tower 4F

    Requirement: May need to do all her quest first. (Her location will be different from pic below 

    if done all her quest.)

    Reward: STR+1 Potion

    How to unlock: Have 300 Drake’s Horn in your inventory and talk to Furry Odd NPC

    hidden quests in tos

    10. Open Sesame

    Map: Crystal Mine Lot 2

    Quest: A prelude will be automatically triggered in that area. Examine all Purification Machine 

    in 1F and 2F and remember the 5 numbers you got. Go back to starting point, open chat window 

    and enter the number to receive the quest

    Requirement: Complete Crystal Mine Lot 1 quests

    Reward: Dex+1 potion

    Requirement: Completed all quest in Crystal Mine 1F, 2F, 3F

    How to unlock: Talk to Purification Machine in 1F and 2F area. Remember numbers.

    hidden quests in tos

    11. Repair the Practice Wooden Seal

    Map: Map: Klaipedia (Highlander’s Master Training Hall)

    Quest: Break the wooden practice dummy with one hit

    Reward: Weight+100 potion

    Requirement: None. Will work as long as you can kill those dummy.

    How to unlock: Hit wooden dummy till it broken. Then talk to Highlander Master NPC after 

    got Practice Wood Carving Scraps from broken dummy.

    hidden quests in tos

    Go to 3F and walk in to boss room and go to the spot to enter Crystal Mine Lot2 – 1F

    Walk to Reinforced Work Area and go up stair. Enter number in chat and accept quest.


    12. Proving skills

    Requirement: –

    Map: Nefritas Cliff

    Reward: SP +20 potion

    How to unlock: Have Proof of Vubbe, Pantos Horn, Hogma Tusk and Merog Heart 100 each 

    then Talk to guard Hames.

    hidden quests in tos

    13. The Wizard and Magician Tower

    Map: All, Mage Tower

    Requirement: Might need to accept gabija main quest, might need to complete all side quest in 

    Mage Tower first.

    Reward: Stamina +5 potion

    How to unlock: Talk to every Job master NPC. Here’s the list (Not need to be in order, May 

    possible to accept quest at Thaumaturge Master NPC before talk to every master npc.)

    Quest: After got quest go to Mage Tower.

    hidden quests in tos

    14. The one who experienced death:

    Map: Nefritas Cliff


    Reward: +5 Stamina potion

    How to unlock: Either die many time in tenet chapel (or die while fight chapparition boss) or Fight

     and kill chapparition boss once. Can’t confirm which trigger this quest. Then talk to Paladin master

     at Nefritas Cliff.

    hidden quests in tos

    15. Can’t meet again: Credit to tvrozen who found the quest

    Map: Sevenhues (Seventunes) Merc mission in Fedimian

    Requirement: Lv.100+, might need have and read torn diary Part 1,2,3,4 and talk to Lyliana in Klaipeda

    Might need specific time to see NPC trigger (1.05 PM)

    Reward: HP increase potion

    How to unlock: Enter seven tunes mission by talking to Ramda NPC in Merc post in Fedimian. After kill 

    first boss go to next room that have an order to kill monster. Then run pass trap to make next order completed, 

    walk back to room before and go in the north room.

    hidden quests in tos

    16. Suspicious favor of the messenger: Credit to Nishikawa, Ayalon, nizidr)

    Map: Ramstis Ridge


    Reward: Weight Potion

    How to unlock: Check the 4 papers in map and note all numbers (Not sure if it need to trigger 

    up his quest or not). Around 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM Errand Man NPC will appear at south east 

    bridge island area. Type number ‘xxxx’ near him and try walk around him a bit to make quest 

    trigger up.


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