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  • Guide for Gem Enhancement in Tree of Savior
    By John Ryan2016-05-04 00:00:00

    There are many aspects you should take a consideration when first to play the tree of savior, especially for beginners. The gems are the important factor for you to consider. One thing you should know that the gems are not the jewelry. In Tree of Savior, there are four kinds of gems: the circle gem (red), square gem (blue), star gem (yellow), and diamond gem (green). When put into a piece of equipment, they give off their own respective stat bonuses, which are also depend on what equipment piece they are slotted into.

    In TOS, the gems are the only way to customize your equipment, many players using them at level one. Gems can be enhanced to heighten the effects of their stat gains and losses. Especially, a level one Red Gem will give +4 maximum attack and -1 minimum attack on weapons, while a level two Red Gem will give +6 maximum attack and -2 minimum. However, if you die, you'll drop all the gems in your inventory.

    gem enhancement in tree of savior

    Gems are wonderful things, but they come with two drawbacks. The first is that if you want to have a gem removed from your equipment, you’re going to have to go to the blacksmith. Not only you need to spend fee for removing a gem, but also downgrades the gem level by 1, that means removing a level 1 gem would break it. Second, gems have negative stat bonuses. However, the benefits far outweigh the drawback, and you can talk to alchemists in order to have the negative stat bonuses remove.


    Start enhancing our jets sit down and select gem enhancement. You can enhance James using either other gems or materials you find. In your travels, you can get exp either by fusing three level one jumps into the genuine sticky or using materials including your inventory to level up. We know enhance gems can lead to some precious stats gains. You can add a gem to enhance by right click. You can enhance gems using either other gems or materials you find on your travels. A level one gem requires 300 EXP to reach level two, which isn't too bad. You can get 300 EXP either by fusing three level one gems into the gem you want to keep (each level one gem gives 100 EXP) or several materials you have no use for.

    Fusing up to level two is easy as it only requires 300 EXP. Level three requires 900 EXP, and level four requires 2700 EXP. It gets progressively more and more difficult to level your gems. In fact, all precious stones attached easiest part: you want to attach the item in your inventory simply right-click on the gems, then left-click. See, your gems attached. The gym system seems convoluted at first but it is very simple process for one enhancer gems to have the black spot open sockets on your equipment at St James directly from your inventory. It's super easy as a big part of staying on top of your game when built soloing and keep to progress steady in parties.


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