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Guide for Earth Tower Floor 1-5 in Tree of Savior

With the development of the storyline in Tree of Savior, some players talk about earth tower issue recently. In MMOG of tree of savior, the Earth Tower of endgame dungeon is a DPS (damage per second) race with waves of mobs coming at your group constantly. According to the requirement of most players, today Mmogah wants to share some information about this, and hopes it can benefit for you in your playing.

guide for earth tower floor 1-5 in tree of savior

Floor 1

First Object – You need to kill 150 monsters.

For the floor 1, a lot of things I think you should pay more attention to. Next to the stair 2 barriers will give your casters/ranged some buffer room in the back, and you need to prepare to attack on each wave for killing the mobs coordinately. The mobs here are a bit of buggy, so don't go out and taunt, it'll trigger massive mobs to go through their spell cycle. Be careful of being linked to your party members. This floor is a DPS check primarily.


Floor 2

Second Object – You need to defend the 2 Celestial Orbs.

Do the following things. You just run around with the mobs, and you don't need to kill them in a hurry. Peltasta 3 can taunt them all, so you can barrier the orbs. If you don't have a peltasta 3, take it easy, it doesn't matter really, any CC should help you, Stamina Pills are nice here. So this floor is pretty easy accordingly. Right?


Floor 3

Third Object – You need to destroy the totem (200 HP)

As the damage is launched by totem all the time, we need to destroy it, and the only person who can attack the totem is the one that can defeat the ghost mob (gain a 20s buff). Give it to your QS3 (quick shooter 3), or give it to an elementalist w/pass to destroy the totem as quickly as you can. Any fast attacking class/multi-hit or multi-line class should be able to do it well. Around the totem staggering barriers can help your DPS power down safely.


Floor 4

Forth Object – You need to gather 200 energy.

On this floor you can gain some energy. You just need to run around and stay alive on the whole, you can see all mobs here are melee. As you know the tank can do this alone if pel 3, also pel 1 can barely manage to do it alone too. Only 2 griffin mobs will spawn later, but they are still all melee. So Stamina Pills are very nice here.


Floor 5

Fifth Object – You need to kill a boss.

Strategy – Really it is pretty easy, the biggest issue is unable to see his attacks, but sometimes he grounds to the center. So you need to seize the opportunity and try to kill the boss when it grounds, don’t miss the point and good luck to you.


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