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Guide for Adventure Journal in Tree of Savior

The Adventure Journal is a player character's progress log in Tree of Savior. It serves to have the player know how much of the game's content that he/she has unlocked on a particular character. Progress logs are rather rare features in video games in general and having one in an MMORPG. In tree of savior, adventure journal contains all information about your character’s progress, such as items, monster, crafting, maps. Expanding your adventure journal which can help you get more different rewards. Now, I will show a guide below. 


F4 is the default hotkey to access the Adventure Journal. On the Adventure Journal window, players can track how well they're doing overall in the game. Clicking on each tab will reveal how long they are in collecting loot, killing monsters, crafting items, traversing the world, and the current content.


At RIA Adventure Journal is saver user interface that tracks the progress of a player. In the game, when entering the adventure journal, you and the rest mode of the game update a survey of all the progress and achievement that player has completed. In this UI, players can also look at five other progressive achievements that are ranked in the server individually, such as Matt exploration item discovery, monster discovery crafting manual and quest completions. 

adventure journal in tree of savior

To expand on the list for the items when a new item added inventory completely. You will gain one point for a different item ten times and refined Star Plus points for the equipment. From this, you can also see what monsters items drop from and then add to your journal for the monster tab after you hit a new monster at last. It will be in added to your adventure journal, as for now there are few known bugs in this tab. However, you can still see what the highest damage you've made and how many monsters killed or even detailed information about the monsters. Especially for the killed damage ranking of specific monster. By having the image of the crafting tab whenever you get a recipe for an item. It will be added to your journal by crafting a new item. You'll gain your points score while moving across the zones. In addition, you can also find information on NPCs number.


Finally, explore the map 100%. Don't leave out a gray area, you'll boost your adventure journal, and it really doesn't take time out of your grinding. Kill every mob as well as they give the most amount of points for your adventure journal.


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