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Analysis of Gold Market in Tree of Savior

John Ryan June 27th, 2016 TOS    TOS Silver   

Recently, the gold market in Tree of Savior is not so active, and most of the players and gold sellers want to know the reason. After analysis and consulting from specialists, I think there are several reasons below:


The Analysis of Tree of Savior Silver Market


First Reason

The following image is about accounts banned.

analysis of gold market in tos



Some players who use UI addon and bot have been banned so it influences the orders


The following two images are the announcements regarding add-on.

analysis of gold market in tos


analysis of gold market in tos



The official website released two announcements about their policy on add-ons usages. We can see from this that the official website pays attention to this add-ons issue. So the two strict policies have influenced the tos gold orders.


Second Reason

The following image is the ban list from official website.

analysis of gold market in tos



Recently players can use market report system in TOS, if certain player hangs many items which are traded much more than the real value and other players feel abnormal or weird when they see, they have right to report this immediately and freely, so most players dare not buy too much tos silver as they are afraid to be reported and got banned.


The following image is the report system.

analysis of gold market in tos

Third Reason

As the players’ level becomes higher and higher, and more and more silvers they make can meet the requirement of themselves. On the other side, the transaction fee is too high relatively, so plenty of players choose to make barter method.


Fourth Reason

Recently Tree of Savior has just been reopened for new players probably some players want to wait and see.

analysis of gold market in tos


analysis of gold market in tos



The following is the Qs from one player and I want to share it with all the players.


Q: Can this game support direct dealing in items?


A: Yes. You need to bind after dealing and it can only be used by yourself, and also your Durability will reduce after dealing, and meanwhile it will influence your intensity in the future.


To sum up, I think the report system in TOS is the main reason of the depressed gold market, so choosing a reliable gold seller is the most important issue for all the players, and I would like to recommend a trustworthy gold seller website which is Mmogah, as they have 100% handwork tos gold and it is the safest gold seller relatively. We will find the safest delivery method and try our best to guarantee transaction security. If you have requirement, Mmogah has safe and fast delivery tos silver and also has reliable and trustworthy tos power leveling service. Meanwhile they can supply customizing service and have tos items and you can buy tos items when you need.

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