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WOW Gold Trade in game Could Be Legit in the Following 2015

John Ryan Date: 2014-12-19 Views: 972 wow goldwowblackrock foundryworld of warcraftmmogah


World of Warcraft has restored to its former glory since the version 6.1, Warlord of Dreanor. Highmaul Dungeon, The Butcher,  Imperator Mar’gok are still hot going on, the second team Dungeon, The BlackRock Foundry is coming soon in February 2015.

Blizzard will update WOW to version 6.1 in the following year 2015, we can catch a glimpse at some of the long-term projects in the following.

  • Feeling LegendaryEnjoy the Legendary quest line with Khadgar

  • Pepe’s Favorite New Feature: With the ability to send out Tweets—including screenshots—directly from within WOW

  • Flight Master Competency: Flight masters to provide more-direct routes to your destination

  • Collecting Your Heirlooms: Bring the whole Heirloom system into a single account-wide collection UI and provide a clear purchase/upgrade path for all items

Except what I say above, there are also something others, however, what attract me most is the trade of wow gold.

WOW Gold

As we all know, players are forbidden from buying or selling wow gold in game, but in wow version 6.1, Blizzard considers introduce a legit channel for players to buy and sell gold, if you have heard about it?

It means that you can sell or buy wow gold in exchange for game subscription time, allowing you use your surplus gold to cover some subscription cost. On the one hand, players who spend much time online could save subscription time cost by selling gold, however, those who might have less play time could have an option for acquiring gold from other players via a legit in-game system.

This makes me remembered APEX in ArcheAge Game, APEX is an item in game for exchanging Patron, if you use ArcheAge Gold to exchange APEX, you can also save your real money, you can see the details in this article Get a 30-day ArcheAge Patron Status in a Better Way.

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wow goldwowblackrock foundryworld of warcraftmmogah

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